Fortune Cookie Blog (postmortem)


Were we to dig up the dirt on the unsympathetic, opportunistic, parasitic,
stateside, politician freaks, who frequently downplay the seriousness of
their DIY pandemic, would we discover the whole kit and kaboodle to be
Stock Market invested (up to the old wazoo) in corporations specializing
in the manufacture of backhoes, cremains urns, coffins and tombstones?



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Fortune Cookie Blog (Pachyderms & Pimples)


It is tough to put much stock in the Stock Market, when skittish speculators’
cockamamie investment schemes (based upon weird events) can cause it to
CLIMB if pink elephants trumpet in a drunk-on-power, crowned head’s head;
CRASH if carbuncles crop up/erupt on a corpulent, crowned head’s caboose!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!








What’s a Grown-Up To Do?


Long sigh! How are we, the adults in the room, supposed to deal with this?

For the past (nearly) four years, we’ve become the exasperated, surrogate parents to a truculent, septuagenarian man-child, who [1] gleefully fritters away his precious time frolicking around his oval shaped playpen, [2] disgustingly marks his territory while scampering about the playground nation, and [3] vegges out in front of the TV while experiencing disgusting, drooling, perverted, pubescent-magnitude rapture for his doting FOX friends (who, in turn, are always on hand to stroke his… uh… well… let’s just call it his inflated ego and leave it at that).

We are painfully aware that [1] he is sickened by narcissism, [2] he relies on nepotism to shamelessly pick and choose the mindlessly loyal, sicko classmates he’ll play with and [3] they all live by their official class motto, “A mind is a wonderful thing to waste” (an adage awash with anti-science and anti-everything anti-intellectualism).

Considering them… as a hole… uh… as a whole… it should come as no huge surprise that they deem Coronavirus / COVID19 to be a Democratic Party hoax RATHER THAN the all too real, existential threat to humankind, which it is.

How can we expect a full of himself little man to ever act fully in the public interest? It appears way above his pay-grade to ever tackle any problem promptly, proactively and potently… and more to the point… to effectively contain and conquer COVID19 before it’s too late (becomes a pandemic). Perhaps it’s already too late?

Instead, what we get is the man-child… in the role of Dow Jones Donny… delivering his utterly unproductive, absolutely insensitive speeches and briefings.

We find the man-child worried sick over the ailing Stock Market. Is he even capable of feeling similarly about the people who’ve actually become sickened by this dread disease?

Obviously, he’s oblivious to these truths… which should be self-evident…

• The health of the Stock Market is inexorably linked to the health of the Workforce. Cure the latter and the former will take care of itself.

• Dead people and their mourning family and friends will not be in a “Let’s shop till we drop” mood. Neither will the rest of us restless folks, who are constantly worrying that even our weekly trips to the grocery store could kill us all.