Who’s Calling the (Vaccine) Shots?

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To discover just how pathetic and petulant fuss-pot Donald J. Trump truly is, let’s all take a gander at this post’s companion video, either above or offsite.

Suffice to say, the fake prez is dead serious about denying New Yorkers access to the COVID-19 vaccine(s). Why?

Short answer, because they’ve wounded his fragile ego.

Somewhat longer answer, because [1] 60. 2% of them voted for Joe Biden, [2] their Governor, Andrew Cuomo, flat-out refuses to smooch Trump’s rump and [3] the good Guv also has the good sense to order his medical experts to peer review the entire COVID-19 Vaccine R ’n’ D process; i.e., just to ensure scientists, NOT politicians have been calling all the shots.

One would not need a PhD in psychiatry to conclude that, now that the nationwide, certified vote tallies, indisputably indicate Biden is America’s next President, the royally pissed off, ugly cuss Trump will exact his vengeance because 100% of us did not handsomely reward him with the very 2nd term he doth not deserve.

My gawd, did he really, Really, REALLY not anticipate a political spanking? Hell, from what Stormy D tells us, one would think he’d really, Really, REALLY get off on that sort of comeuppance. But… to get back on topic…

Were / are we supposed to be just as happy as he is, re the very COVID-19 carnage, which his abject neglect has needlessly allowed? For his being directly responsible for the needless deaths of 280,000 of our compatriots (and still counting)? Did he actually expect us to exclaim, “Thank-you Sir! Job well done!”?

Let’s all take a gander at that lame duck, who cannot stop licking his 2020 political wounds while babbling, incoherently, re non-existent, widespread voter fraud. Politically speaking, his mental illness has rendered him so impotent that he cannot (better late than never) even lift one pinky finger; utilize his dainty hands to grab the pandemic management reins.

Of course, seeing how he never was, is not now, nor shall ever be up to such a task, at the very least, he should already be handing off the pandemic management duties to President Elect Biden’s team of medical experts.

Regrettably, he’s not even capable of that bare minimum response.

Alas, the soon to be, X-prez, per usual, is befuddled by mucked up in the head, unbridled vengeance and narcissistic rage; so much so, that he fully intends to do his damnedest to let his DIY pandemic run amok; right up to and well BEYOND Inauguration Day.

Indeed, he now lives to see us all DROP DEAD!

Suffice to say, the price We the People are now paying for punishing Donald J. Trump, at the ballot box, is Donald J. Trump punishing us!

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






One Question Poly-Sci Pop Quiz


1. Who can best discipline The Tyrant; rein in his excess?

[a] The House of Reps’ oversight; the U.S. Congress
[b] The 4th Estate’s exposés; that good ol’ free press
[c] A Forbes mag spanking; from the porn star actress
[d] All of the above
[e] None of the above





A Pathogenic Dealey Plaza?


Following the (alleged), lengthy, outward-bound trail of “bread crumbs” extending from the White House to two specific boudoirs, we now know how sufficient funds proved insufficient in silencing a porn star and a Playboy bunny… i.e., could not prevent them from exposing the X-rated (alleged) prez’s (alleged) extramarital hook-ups.

1. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… one wonders how a self-proclaimed “stable genius” could ever be caught in flagrante delicto. One would think that, at the very least, he’d be aware of the fact that…

Money Can’t Buy Him Either Love or Silence!

How ironic it is, indeed, how he cannot even properly assess who’s to blame. Hell, all he would ever need to do is gaze adoringly into the nearest mirror. Now, that’s not asking too much from a narcissist… is it? Well… apparently it is.

Instead, we find that his persecution complex, paranoia and arrested development are all acting like a harmful drug interaction… i.e., one that drives him to bogusly brand finger-pointing Democrats and liberals as mudslinging disseminators of “fake news”.

At the risk of over-generalizing… must anyone remind the (alleged) prez that sex industry workers tend to be liberally minded? Such a ‘tude could certainly prove an asset for anyone who bares it all and/or boinks for bucks. Additionally, many of these folks feel the “allure” of porn wages, which far exceed the non-living, minimum wage jobs, which billionaire conservatives purportedly “create”. As such, a nude model / porn star could neither feel any loyalty to the big bucker Donny… nor could he ever expect them to cozy up to the glaring hypocrisy of his publicly, pretending to be a Bible thumper while privately fornicating.

Hmm… to help him atone, perhaps, future mistresses could spank / thump Trump’s rump with a Bible? Uh… BAD IDEA! The Secret Service would first freak out… next categorize that as an assault… and finally rush in to (hopefully secretly) offer up their protection.

2. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… one wonders how a self-proclaimed germ-o-phobe could ever overcome his fears long enought to engage in risky, condom-less conduct? BTW, the porn star did claim they had barebacked it! Imagine that… even against the backdrop of an antibiotic / antiviral drug resistant, STD raging pandemic… one that’s inclusive of potentially fatal HIV/AIDS! And, most assuredly, when considering the tenacity and adaptability of most microbes, usage of words, such as FATAL, would not be unwarranted.

3. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… this means he has not only had sex with two women but with every last, damned one of their sex partners… and with every partner those partners have had sex with… and on and on and on.

4. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… how can any medical professional ever claim (with any certainty) that nasty microbes… maybe even some that have yet to be discovered… have not been rotting away his body and (alleged) brain? Indeed, might his reckless, erotic private behavior account for much of his wildly erratic, public behavior?

5. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… what would stop an enemy from using that against him. What if that were to go beyond that (alleged) made-in-Russia pee-pee tape, which Vladimir Putin is (allegedly) using as blackmail? Bad enough… BUT… here’s where the (alleged) prez’s (alleged) promiscuity gets even dicier.

What if, someday, an ISIS type foe were to hire some bioethics barren, recombinant DNA geneticist… ask him/her to tinker with the adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C) bases… and in the process… cook up a totally new sexually transmitted disease? Let’s say that resultant microbe is fine-tune engineered to be female gender-friendly. Fleshing that diabolical scenario out further, each infected woman would become a totally unharmed carrier fully capable of spreading the disease to each of her totally vulnerable male partners… men who’d, eventually, succumb? Perhaps that pathogen should be named the BlackWidowSpider-18? Or to be more scientifically accurate call it the LatrodectusMactans-18?

6. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… one would hope that his Secret Service protectors are cognizant of the fact that any of his drop-dead-gorgeous women, in actuality, could be in possession of a deeply concealed (as in… invisible to the naked eye), drop-dead caliber weapon. In other words, the fake prez, while tooling down each partner’s “private road”… as it were… could be driving down the pathogenic equivalent of JFK’s 11/22/1963 motorcade drive through Dealey Plaza.

One would expect Secret Service training to be inclusive of such futuristic plots… i.e., so they’d know their protection should be inclusive of confronting and confining a suspected bio-assassin before she had even undone one blouse button… or if things had already gotten down and dirty… to… at the very least… rush in… just in the nick of time… to offer (latex) protection to the prez!

Yeah… I know… I know… I know…

This blog’s already icky subject matter has just gotten even ickier. But… as we all should know… both a Blogger’s and a Secret Service agent’s job can get dirty… but damn it… someone has to do it!