NU : Now United = UN : United Nations ~ A Sunday Song

Our Sunday musical adventure is still going strong at Week #46. At this juncture, we’ll be giving a listen to the track, Sunday Morning, as performed by American Idol creator Simon Fuller’s Now United… a nationality-diverse pop music ensemble showcasing 15 vocalists. Since late 2017, these latter day troubadours have been wandering into our lives / homelands (especially Brazil, India and Philippines). Their mission: To raise their spirited voices in song to promote both musical and societal harmony.

That very outlook is ensconced even within their name. Acronymically speaking, NU is to Now United what UN is to the United Nations.

That’s the precise frame of mind that’s much needed (and oft lacking) within our troubled world… where musical and societal harmony (to say the least) are not always in accord.

While we must never give up on our dreams and hopes for the betterment of society, there’ll be times when we must pack up our baggage and take our minds out for a spin… i.e., crank up the feel-good music and venture forth on a figurative (maybe even literal) road trip.

There’s nothing wrong with occasional escapism on a Friday / Saturday / Sunday… provided we make that a round trip back to Monday Morning Reality… when / where we’ll get back to work… working towards a better world… a better tomorrow.

I hope you’ll return seven tomorrows from now for our next Sunday Song. Till then, have an enjoyable, productive, harmonious week!





Sunday Song Series: Another Ode To Sunday Morning

Easing us into this final Sunday of 2018 and week #16 of our Sunday Song Series is the Velvet Underground’s aptly titled tribute to Sunday Morning, which was released (as a single) fifty-two Decembers ago.

Magnificently enhancing the mellow mood established by song composers Lou Reed and John Cale will be the tranquil imagery (posted a scant seven days ago) by a YouTube videographer (screen name Midnight Classics).

Short and sweet best describes this song… so short that… well… let’s also give a listen to a cover version… courtesy of the accomplished acoustic guitar strumming and impeccable harmonizing of June & Lula…

For more Sunday songs, meet me back here seven days from now.

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Secular Reverence For Sunday Mornin’

Sunday Mornin’, performed by William Oliver Swofford [b. Feb 22, 1945 – d. Feb 12, 2000]… professionally known as Oliver… reached #35 on the charts way back in December 1969… but… had I had any say in the matter… it’d have been a chart topper.

In a world gone utterly mad, it is so reassuring to hear such a powerful voice accompanied by soothing instrumentation and stunning visuals, which showcase the hushed urban scenes and… far more significantly… all the love in the air and Mother Nature sporting her Sunday Best.