Green (Sun)Day (Sunday Song Series)

Thanks to Green Day’s contribution / tossing their aptly titled track, Church On Sunday, into the collection plate (as it were), the weekly total of our Sunday titled songs has now grown to 72.

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Lucinda’s Blue Sundays

Welcome to our ongoing Sunday Song Series… Week #71… where Ms. Lucinda Williams will perform her aptly titled composition, Sundays.

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Luluc has got ‘er covered (Sunday Song Series)

Our Sunday Song Series, Week #70 installment features an Australian Indie Folk Duo… Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett… collectively known as Luluc. On this occasion, they’ll be performing their cover of Sir Doug Sahm’s (50-year-young) composition Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day.

I say, “Sir Doug” because, from 1964 — 1973, he was the Sir Douglas Quintet’s frontman. As for my above usage of “young”, that’s due to his song sounding as fresh as if it had been liberated from the recording studio mere minutes ago. We’re also linked to Sahm’s Original Recording.

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The Spinanes take us out for a Sunday Spin

Portland, Oregon indie rockers, the Spinanes… the dynamic duo featuring singer / songwriter / guitarist Rebecca Gates and drummer Scott Plouf… perform Sunday, our Week #69 Sunday titled song.

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Ester Peony’s Side to the Story (Sunday Song Series)

It’s the final Sunday of 2019 and also Week #68 of our musical adventure into the diverse world of Sunday titled songs. On this occasion, Romanian Ester Peony will be singing her heart out… her broken heart… to lyrically relate her side to the story of a failed relationship… courtesy of her song, On a Sunday… all enhanced by a videographer generated surreal, borderline nightmarish backdrop. Yet another example of performance art at its finest.

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90s Rap Samples 60s Pop (Sunday Song Series)

Our exploration of the vast world of Sunday titled songs now stands at Week #67. On this occasion, we’ll be checking out the Mexican American hip hop duo, A Lighter Shade of Brown, as they perform their 1990 hit single, On A Sunday Afternoon… as they rap / sample their way through a couple of 1960s era pop hit singles… namely… the Young Rascal’s Groovin’ as well as Tommy James and the Shondells’ Crystal Blue Persuasion.

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Chill Out on Winterplay (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to Week #66 of our ongoing adventure into the world of Sunday titled songs. This time, South Korean musical ensemble, Winterplay, performs their selection On Sunday. Considering how this track’s jazz, pop, Latin and lounge influences all interact so well to create a mellow mood, what a wonderful way to wend through a weekend morn… for that matter… any other time of day.

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