Lazy Sunday (yawwwnnn) ~ Sunday Song Series


Would it be lazy for me just to say?

• I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m feeling lazy this Sunday…

Would it be lazy for me just to say?

• !t’s now Week #53 of our Sunday Song Series…

Would it be lazy for me just to say?

• Check out the Small Faces performing Lazy Sunday…

Would it be lazy for me just to say?

• See ya back here 7 days from now for our next Sunday Song!

YEP! Till then, I’ll be working on waking up my normally great work ethic!







WOW! Has it really been 1 FULL year?

Here’s today’s 4 – 1 – 1…

Program: Sunday Song Series
Installment: Week #52!
Recording Artists: Diego Roots
Selection Title: Sunday Morning
Sunday Songs Archive: found @Home Page
Categories Menu “1-SundaySongSeries”
Parting Words:

Hard to believe 365 (technically 364) days have elapsed since we all set forth upon our musical journey together. Back in September ’18, the prospect of discovering 52 Sunday titled songs wasn’t even remotely on my mind. As far as encoring today’s feat between now and September ’20? Well… this might require relaxing my rules a bit… our possible new options…

• Our featured artists would be performing stellar covers of Sunday Songs we’ve already listened to.

• We’d no longer be limited to Sunday titles, exclusively. To e.g. that… the Commodores recorded “Easy” featuring the lyrical hook, “I’m easy like Sunday morning.”

• Another possibility would be to present selections that have absolutely no lyrical references to Sunday at all.

In any event… I can still muster a few more Sunday Song titles and for us to give ‘em a listen will require you and me meeting back here… seven days from now. See ya then?





Bob Marley & The Wailers Pay Us A Sunday Morning Visit


The 4-1-1

Program: Sunday Song Series
Installment: Week #51
Recording Artists: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Selection Title: Sunday Morning
Original Release Year: 1966
Genre: Reggae
Impressive Discography: Click Here
Historical Account: Click Here
Trivia: This is this Series’ 10th Sunday a.m. song title
My Recommendation: Mellow Out

Acknowledgment: My gratitude and props to audio engineer Tom
Moulton for his soncially dynamic, stereo remix and videographer
and researcher Steven Bogarat for his smartly edited pictorial band
history. All in all… an ear pleasing and eye catching job well done!

Sunday Songs Archive: @Home Page Categories Menu “1-SundaySongSeries”
Parting Words: You’re invited back for our next Sunday Song… 7 days from now…



Parmalee’s Performance: Par Excellence! (Sunday Song)

Fast Facts:

Program: Sunday Song Series
Episode: Week #50
Recording Artists: Parmalee
Selection Title: Sunday Morning
Genre: Country
Trivia: This is this Series’ 9th Sunday a.m. song title
Recommendation: Playback and unwind
Sunday Songs Archive: access @ site category “1-SundaySongSeries”
Invitation: Please return for another Sunday Song… seven days from now…



A DIY Lyrical Matter ~ Sunday Song Series

Being at a loss for words is not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, it shortens awkward conversations, prevents literary works that were never meant to be… AND… to inject a bit of self-deprecating humor… it can even shut up this far too frequently, long-winded blogger… insert Oxygen seeking gasp to catch my breath…

And then there’s the case of lyric-less songs.

Naturally, it’s not my intent to either imply writer’s block was at fault or to impugn the oft limitless musicianship / talents of most composers.

Normally, going word-free is “merely” a matter of a recording artist / composer being fully aware of the inherent beauty of the instrumental… namely… of how this liberates listeners to concentrate more intently on the melody / instrumentation itself… to maybe even zone out, sufficiently, to craft our own, personal story-lines to conform to the musical mood at hand… and then, ultimately, to allow such imagery to play out in the theater of the mind.

Such is the case with our Sunday Song Series, Week #49 musical adventure…

Recording Artist: Nick Drake
Selection Title: Sunday
Genre: EZ listening
Poignant Backstory: Click Here
My Recommendation: Click onto that video PB button and chill out
My Invitation: Please return for another Sunday Song… seven days from now…

Geeze… considering this post’s word count… which now stands at 260… inclusive of the content beyond that tallying point… and minus state sales taxes, licensing / registration fees and dealer prep charges… j/k… my verbosity remains unchecked.

Hmm… looks like I just blew my original blog premise… insert Oxygen seeking gasp to catch my breath…




Sunday And Me ~ Sunday Song Series


For week #48 of our Sunday Song Series, we’ll be checking out Sunday and Me… composed by Neil Diamond and recorded by Jay and the Americans. This selection is a.k.a. the track that launched Diamond’s uber-successful, half century spanning, songwriting career.

For anyone who’s been a regular listener, here, you’ll likely recall that Diamond, himself, became our Week #22 featured recording artist by turning in his performance of Hey Sunday Sun.

For anyone interested in playing or replaying that particular selection… or any of our other past Sunday Songs… you’ll find this entire, nearly yearlong, genre-generous mix neatly filed under the brand new to this site category…


Thanks for clicking by. Our musical adventure will continue… seven days from now…



An Unfinished 47 Movement Sunday Symphony


This post is to shamelessly promote a musical adventure, which began way back on Sunday, September 16, 2018. As a tour guide, of sorts, my premise has been straightforward. To present Sunday titled / themed songs each and every Sunday… music which [1] taps into the vast multitude of human emotions / moods, [2] knows few, if any, boundaries re genres and eras, [3] embraces cultural diversity, and [4] presents both secularism and an occasional, non-preachy religious perspective.

At the outset, I had expected our journey… at best… to last a couple of months. Well… that was 11 months ago. Since a long run had not been my intent, I hadn’t foreseen the possibility of accessibility issues arising.

Ergo, to make locating the Movements to our Sunday Symphony more user friendly, this early Sunday a.m., I decided to take on the tedious tech task of sorting through nearly 700 of my past posts to create an entirely new site category, which I’ve titled:


BTW, my added “1” designation was just to ensure this new category would top off the Categories menu located off to the right side of my homepage.

To all who click onto 1-SundaySongSeries… while scrolling down, you’ll find (in reverse chronological order) a smorgasbord of musically tasty treats to choose from. As of 08/04/2019, here’s a list of each post’s featured recording artist / song selection…

47. David Bowie ~ Sunday
46. Now United ~ Sunday Morning
45. Cosmonauts ~ Party At Sunday
44. Blur ~ Sunday Sunday
43. Harry Roy Orchestra / Marjorie Kingsley ~ Sunday, Monday or Always
42. Ralph Vaughan Williams ~ Seventeen Come Sunday
41. Raconteurs ~ Sunday Driver
40. VALNTN & Naliya ~ Sunday Love
39. Sonic Youth ~ Sunday
38. Vern Gosdin ~ A Month of Sundays
37. Don Henley ~ A Month of Sundays
36. Mannheim Steamroller ~ Sunday Morning Breeze
35. Joni Mitchell ~ Sunny Sunday
34. Jessica Simpson ~ You’re My Sunday
33. Edward Meeker ~ Every Day Will Be Sunday When the Town Goes Dry
32. Dorothy Love Coates ~ Every Day Will Be Sunday
31. Doors ~ Blue Sunday
30. Oasis ~ Sunday Morning Call
29. Foo Fighters ~ Sunday Rain
28. U-2 ~ Sunday Bloody Sunday
27. Kris Kristofferson / Johnny Cash ~ Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
26. Sia (Kate Isobelle Furler) ~ Sunday
25. Peter (Halsten Thorkelson) Tork ~ Pleasant Valley Sunday
24. Doobie Brothers ~ Another Park, Another Sunday
23. Joe Jackson ~ Sunday Papers
22. Neil Diamond ~ Sunday Sun
21. Duke Ellington / Mahalia Jackson ~ Come Sunday
20. Denise Van Outen ~ Tell Me on a Sunday
19. Morrissey ~ Everyday Is Like Sunday.
18. Craig Morgan ~ That’s What I Love About Sunday
17. No Doubt ~ Sunday Morning
16. Velvet Underground ~ Sunday Morning
15. Yppah (Jose Luis Corrales Jr) ~ Never Mess With Sunday
14. Stone Temple Pilots ~ Naked Sunday
13. Blondie ~ Sunday Girl
12. Bat For Lashes ~ Sunday Love
11. Queen ~ Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
10. Maroon 5 ~ Sunday Morning
09. Laura Nyro / Patti Labelle ~ I Met Him on a Sunday
08. Etta James ~ A Sunday Kind Of Love
07. Peter (Asher) & Gordon (Waller) ~ Sunday For Tea
06. Natalie Cole / Nat King Cole ~ That Sunday, That Summer
05. Cashman, Pistilli & West / Spanky & Our Gang ~ Sunday Will Never Be The Same
04. Daniel Boone ~ Beautiful Sunday
03. Peppermint Rainbow ~ Will You Be Staying After Sunday
02. Oliver (William Oliver Swofford) ~ Sunday Morning
01. Carole King ~ Pleasant Valley Sunday