A Wall-Less House of Worship ~ Sunday Song Series

We’ve now reached week #18 of our Sunday Song Series. This time, country recording artist Craig Morgan covers That’s What I Love About Sunday… a.k.a. composers Adam Dorsey / Mark Narmore’s, seen through Sunday eyes, ode to life / life’s simple pleasures. While these lyrics harbor a distinct southern perspective re this day of rest, is not such serenity also sought by souls, planet-wide?

And this need not involve Christians / Americans only. Musically inclined folks… spanning our vast globe… could easily customize this mellow melody to pen lyrics to address their own spiritual / cultural values. And lest we forget, one can even view our world through secular eyes and still cherish / yearn for the “little things in life”.

Indeed… whatever loving God we worship… or not… wherever we hail from… basically… we ARE the same.

What I love most about That’s What I Love About Sunday stems from an outgrowth of the visual aspects… namely… the videographer concept of a wall-less house of worship. To be sure, my idea of the ideal Sunday services would be meeting in an out-of-doors setting. To commune with society / nature does imply peaceful coexistence… a wide open, toll-free bridge to the rest of humanity.

As 2018’s ending, heartbreaking current events now spill over into 2019… now more than ever… such a unifying span is what’s sorely lacking and so desperately needed.

Our Sunday Song Series will continue seven days from now…


No Doubt it’s a Sonic Soap Opera (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to 2019’s first Sunday and week #17 of our Sunday Song Series… where we’ll be giving a listen to yet another track titled Sunday Morning… i.e., No Doubt’s ska punk / reggae rock influenced composition from Tragic Kingdom (their 3rd studio album released in late 1995).

Lyrically… song co-composers Gwen Stefani, (big brother) Eric Stefani and even Tony Kanal provide their insights into her romance / break-up with bandmate Kanal.

Visually… there’s the symbolism of injury / pain / tensions which culminate in a… well… if you haven’t viewed the vid yet… I won’t spoil the ending.

However… it’d not be TMI to state that once we clear away the farcical elements an allegory emerges… namely… mixing play into any workplace relationship oft goes hand-in-hand with awkwardness, heartache and heartbreak.

For anyone seeking details to this stormy, sonic soap opera and related “chapters”, Click Here.

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