When disunity, duplicity, incivility, irresponsibility overrule
Society falls into disrepair along these disappointing lines

Ugly voter suppression (f)laws enforce minority rule status
Empowers the power junkies who help themselves to more

Testy tyrants hose down their puny plots with testosterone
Sociopathic chickenhawks trigger no-end and no-win wars

Bullet blasting (not ballot casting) executes régime change
Perpetrated, perpetuated Big Lie lays waste to Democracy

Boneheaded, cultish, sycophantic insurrectionists run amok
Try, in 1 scant afternoon, to slay a 2½ century old Republic

Gun nuts shoot up school houses and houses of worship
Badged man’s bigotry / brutality targets people of color

Class warfare fattens the fat cats; flattens the proletariat
Welfare secured for the wealthy screws over truly needy

Non-living wage, no benefits, sweatshops harvest the poor
Human Resources Dept “Cafeterias” serve (up) hired hands

Nutritional and intellectual starvation drain body and mind
Every negative “ism” sows seeds of suspicion and hatred

Runaway greenhouse gasses render our Earth uninhabitable
A deadly, unbridled virus sucks all the air outta the “room”




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Fanfare for the Common (________ please fill in the blank)


Headline Options: male, female, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, and all, none or a combination of these.


Throughout the United States and Canada, today is Labor Day. Spanning our world, we find a similar holiday… International Workers’ Day… which folks, typically, celebrate each May 1st.

Regardless of when / if we celebrate… Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man is appropriate music for this post.

Why a song about the common man?

Well… seeing how the wealthy get unduly mollycoddled, yearlong, that’s why I felt it vital to counteract this with a selection that’s working poor / middle class specific on Labor Day.

But, is not that song title simply, too damned sexist?

Yep, yer damned tootin’ it is! But, Copland did compose his masterpiece way back in the far more sexist days of 1942. I mean, what more could we expect… WELL… uh… other than his having scored (scored with) an empowering / rallying of the human spirit anthem. Hmm… all in all… not a bad trade off, right?

Anyway, this is why I now dedicate two versions of Fanfare… the symphonic blog topper AND rocked up blog ender… to the world of industrious, uncommon commoners. And let’s make no mistake about it… we are UNCOMMON in every positive connotation of that word. Be our status active worker, semiretired or retired… the vast majority of us know fully well what it’s like to toil away at low paying, bereft of benefits jobs… and far worse yet… oft while tirelessly offering our loyalty to unappreciative, tyrannical bosses.

GRANTED… the well heeled, high financiers do clutch (too tightly) at the purse-strings linked to commerce / job creation.

HOWEVER… were it not for the workers of the world, who REALLY DO MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN… the big biz high and mighty would, literally, be chowing down on their figurative dough… bread… LETTUCE!

On this Labor Day… be they our past or present bosses… to suitably honor the suits / remind ourselves of OUR importance… let’s offer up a rather nontraditional toast.

Before digging into our picnic / dining room table salad bowls, let’s hoist our salad dressing bottles / cruets skyward.








A Down in the Dumps Labor Day – (1 Quick Limerick #093)


What’s there to “celebrate” on Labor Day?
When union busting denies us our say,
When mucked up workplace backdrops,
Involve slave-driven sweatshops,
NO contracts / pensions, NO living-wage pay.