Dedicated to Kids From 1 To 92+ (Vid of the Holiday)

To quote from our featured Internet phenom’s bio…

“Shane’s dream is to heal and uplift people through her music…”

Once you play back our above clip, I’m confident you’ll readily agree with me that Ms. Shane Ericks’ cover of the Mel Tormé / Robert Wells, 1945, holiday classic, Christmas Song, serves as testimonial to the fact that she is living her dream.

While the depth to her talent is obviously and uniquely her own, for keen eared folks who are familiar with the late Karen Carpenter’s vocal quality and delivery style, it’ll be impossible not to make favorable comparisons. For a brief moment I had even wondered if some YouTube technical glitch was, somehow offering up some vintage Carpenter audio.

I could go on and on, but Shane’s music does speak for itself. Besides, your reason for clicking here is to hear her… not me.

And so, on this early Christmas Eve, to wrap up Ms. Ericks’ and my gift to you, I’ll wrap up this post by echoing our featured song’s concluding lyrical sentiments…

“Although it’s been said many times…
many ways… Merry Christmas to you!”



Oh btw, stay tuned… I’m planning to add at least two more holiday themed videos between now and day’s end tomorrow.





BlogCast ~ Our Pleas For Peace, Love & Understanding


So glad you’ve been able to safely and sanely survive the holiday rush and, yet, find some time to spend here for our holiday get-together.

Giving credit where credit is due, my thanks to Elvis Costello because a portion of one of his song titles inspired my blog title. My undying thanks and mega-kudos to all the YouTube recording artists, videograhphers and contributors who have cast their creative, brilliance upon my Holiday BlogCast. Obviously, my show could not glow without YOU!

Since this DJ’s philosophy is to let the music speak for itself, we’ll get to the music shortly. However, I could not resist briefly sharing with you the backstory of this program’s grand finale track.

While performing my musical reconnaissance over @ YouTube, I thought to myself…


Gee… I sure wish someone would do a mash up of Joy To The World with Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ode To Joy


Well… what did I have to lose? I typed in those search parameters and… Lo and Behold… a passing thought of mine materialized right before my very ears and eyes. The Magic of the Season! My Christmas wish came true!

May the Magic of the Season and your Christmas / Holiday wishes come true, too! And may my song selections be music to your ears.


The two sides to a long distance relationship…


The Carpenters ~ Merry Christmas Darling

Al Martino ~ I’ll Be Home For Christmas


Our heartfelt pleas for harmony, tolerance and peace…


Bryan Adams ~ Christmas Time

Josh Groban ~ Happy Xmas (War Is Over)


Our Ode To Joy / Joy To The World best wishes…


The Florin Street Band ~ My Favourite Time of Year

The Piano Guys ~ Ode To Joy To The World (With Choir & Bell Ringers)

I thank you for your listenership and cordially invite you to check out the remainder of my Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas… where I’ll be presenting select holiday classics… one-a-day… from now until we reach #1 on the 25th. I’ll be posting later today and, of course, tomorrow.

You’re also cordially invited to click back here for my regular monthly BlogCast… one that typically features anywhere from 3 to 5 songs that, when segued, transform everything into an appealing theme… this program slated to hit the www “airwaves” on Monday, January 1, 2018.

Till next time…


I wish you all the best life has to offer throughout the holidays…

and in all the years to come!


FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.

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