Alimentary, my dear Watson! (1 Quick Limerick #078)


Don’s drastic dictates make harmful impact!
He’s got NO wisdom! NO kindness! NO tact!
He can’t trust his own gut!
Yet, pulls “thoughts” out his butt!
From the “end zone”, alimentary tract!



Feeling Blue? ~ 1 Quick Limerick #077


The fake prezzy Trump, dwells in DC’s cesspool,
He’s a capricious, cantankerous tool,
He’s narcissistic, unstable,
And brings no brains to the table,
The twenty-four seven, lifelong, April Fool!




Seeing Red? ~ 1 Quick Limerick #076


President Trump is God’s gift to gene pool,
Scholarly, praiseworthy, selfless and cool,
That shrewd genius stable,
Just exists in verse fable!
This is my limerick prank… APRIL FOOL!




The Trampled Moral High Ground ~ 1 Quick Limerick #067

To prince who kills, the fake prez remains true,
The moral high ground, he’ll always eschew,
His dark, depraved, fucked-up feelings,
Doth plunge beneath big-bucked dealings,
That is because he hates reporters, too!


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