Ode To Joy To The World (Vid of the Holiday)

While auditioning blogworthy clips at YouTube in the waning days of December ’17, I suddenly wondered if any recording artist had ever considered a mash up of Ode to Joy and Joy to the World. No sooner had I keyed in those search parameters when i discovered, indeed, The Piano Guys had posted such a performance… one that is so… so… so…

Well… let’s just say words don’t do justice to what we’re about to view. This being my third posting of this video, it has now, officially, become my blog site’s Christmas tradition. What better way to say, “Merry Christmas” to all celebrants who are paying me a visit? Even if you’re not into Christianity, I know you’ll still find Ode to Joy to the World totally enjoyable!







A Heartwarming Random Act of Kindness (Vid of the Day)

Our extra special Vid of the Day is worthy of playing back in its entirety (and I’d encourage you to do so). Granted, with a rather lengthy 13:53 run time, you might not have that much time on your hands. That’s why… if all goes well… a custom YouTube code will land us well beyond the midway point (yes, you can still rewind to 0:00). However, if the counter does “zero out” anyway, just fast forward to 8:29, at which point The Piano Guys’ Jon Schmidt, will get everyone up to speed as he relates the heartwarming story of Kiarra Dalley… how she’s been courageously coping with and overcoming adversity.