Vote For Tim Kaine


One week from today, Americans heading for the polls will be facing down the twin, regrettable realities that Barack Obama’s presidency will soon be in the history books AND his potential successors, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both flawed.

Nonetheless… somebody will still need to show up at the Oval Office next January 20th.

Let’s assess just a few of Donald Trump’s flaws… From atop the stump he has proven himself to be a hardcore Klansman, who might as well don a white-sheeted hoodie and robe. Also, while aboard the Billy Bush bus, he once fessed up to being a sexual predator, who serially violates women.

Let’s assess just a few of Mike Pence’s flaws… Most notably, Trump’s running mate idolizes the sociopathic, sadistic torturer and war criminal, XVP Dick Cheney, who has avoided getting his ass hauled before the Hague to be tried, convicted and imprisoned for his blatant, unrepentant, multiple crimes against humanity inflicted upon Iraq and Afghanistan… many of which he’s publicly and brazenly fessed up to.

That both Trump and Pence are assessing all their flaws as assets is bad enough. Far worse is how their supporters are still swarming all around them… not unlike how flies are drawn to a pile of festering, fetid feces.

SIDEBAR… It’d certainly be an indictment of America… proof of our nation’s vanishing values… were these two political profligates to still amass the 270 electoral votes required for them to take out the White House.

To credit Donald Trump a bit… he’s a fashionably dressed empty suit.

Worst Case Scenario… President Trump would be a temperamental, tweeting tyrant, who’d inflict such massive economic, ecologic, societal and Constitutional damage, he could easily blow the USA right off the map… perhaps even take out the entire world with it.

Let’s assess just a few of Hillary Clinton’s flaws… She used a national security compromising, private email server during her stint as Secretary of State AND then allowed her blind political ambition and CYA attitude to cloud her better judgment… thereby complicating, maybe even obstructing an FBI investigation. She’s since publicly admitted her errors and that’s a good sign… i.e., she’s taken the first step towards self-correcting. Unlike Trump, whose died-in-the-wool racism and misogyny make him beyond redemption, there’s still good reason to believe Clinton is salvageable.

To credit Clinton a bit… she’d bring to the job her staunch belief in America’s core values, which champion inclusiveness regardless of one’s national origin, ethnicity, spirituality, gender identity / sexual orientation… her hopes to end the heartless class warfare where the haves ruthlessly shakedown the have-nots … her vision and commitment to protect and save Earth’s fragile environment … her considerable expertise and experience revolving around the complexities of international affairs.

Worst Case Scenario… it’s a virtual certainty that President Clinton would be relentlessly investigated by both the FBI and Congress… to the point where the latter faction would ensure she’d never get anything of significance accomplished towards the betterment of our American and global society. There’d also be a distinct possibility she’d be impeached and kicked out of office… at which point the presidential line of succession would kick in… thereby making VP Tim Kaine the next POTUS.

Conclusion… By now it should be abundantly clear to all thinkers that electing America’s first female president is, by far, the lesser of two evils… that in our limited, two party system, the ONE AND ONLY way to ensure that evil incarnate, Donald Trump, does not emerge victorious next Tuesday is to elect Hillary Clinton.

For anyone who still has a problem with that… don’t vote for her… instead… think of it as voting for Tim Kaine.


99 Word Blog (#052) What Happened To Debating Decorum?

The lack of debating decorum during this presidential election year has been appalling. We the voters are entitled to something more than each accusation being “refuted” by simplistic, kneejerk NUH-UHs.

Regurgitated talking points are not enough. Without sounding wonky or whacky each candidate should be able to coherently articulate his/her political platform.

Candidates should respond to questions, uninterrupted, within the allotted time, while opponents take notes. At that point, opponents then have equal time to refute… again uninterrupted.

Oh, btw… groaning, sighing, rolling one’s eyes is infantile… as is the notion that whoever can shout the loudest is correct.

99 Word Blog (#051) Critiquing The Vice Presidential Debate


During the VP Debate, the evasive Mike Pence and hyper Tim Kaine were far too intent on robotically delivering talking points… and obnoxiously interrupting each other… to pay full attention to moderator Elaine Quijano’s questions. My kudos to her for tactfully telling these combative little boys to grow up… more than once.

Shockingly, Kaine’s Trump-like interruptions didn’t exclude Quijano… and certainly did not win any points with feminists.

While Kaine is not beyond redemption, the same cannot be said for either Trump or Pence. If elected, their GOP, hardcore misogyny could bomb Women’s Liberation back to the Stone Age.