Any Tree Surgeons in the House?


A reminder to any Polyanna who’d remind (words to the effect)…

“WTF is there to worry about? Victorious, sworn in Joe entered the Oval Office and sworn at, loser Donny departed, right on schedule.”

Well, good golly Miss Polly, most assuredly, there IS plenty to worry about!

Whilst Trump, for the moment, IS gone, the same cannot be said about 46.8% of the fools / the 74,222,958 cultists, who cast their 2020 ballots for him. They’ve gone absolutely nowhere and they’d vote for him, AGAIN, come 2024 (no questions allowed or asked)!

BAD ENOUGH, in their scrambled brains, they actually believe that Trump, in the capacity as the incapacitated with malignant narcissism President of the United States, had every right to order his private army of domestic terrorists to attack The United States of America, back on January 6, 2021.

WORSE YET, to this very day, in the mucked up heads of the still in power, gaggle of his Republican legislative / judicial cronies (co-conspirators, cultists and just plain idiots, all), such TREASON is no longer a punishable offense.

WORST OF ALL, they don’t even deem Trump’s TREASONOUS conduct to be TREASON!

Make no mistake about it, the totally culpable (yet non-convicted) Trump WAS, IS AND SHALL FOREVER BE A TREASONOUS BASTARD. And having gone absolutely unpunished, he easily views that sham exoneration as “our” tacit approval of his TREASON. As such Donald J. Trump shall forever feel free to run for reelection.

Were he to do so; WIN OR LOSE, that loser, once again, would become a threat to America’s very survival!

I mean, do you seriously believe he’d ever accept losing a second time to Joe Biden? Or, in lieu of him, oh, say, Kamala Harris. Keep in mind how wimp Trump has been projecting his own shortcomings onto Joe. As for Donny’s misogyny, that’d never, ever permit him to accept being defeated by a woman; especially one who (justifiably so) lives by the motto (words to the effect): I’ll never take any shit from anyone!

Sure as the bricks of used fast food shit Trump strains his sphincter to kerplunk (don’t you just love onomatopoeia?) into his solid gold “throne”, even prior to his royal ass wipers fully cleaning up his fat, fetid, Fascist fanny (TMI?), he’d, once again, command his troops, (Klansmen and Nazis all) to shit all over the United States of America.

Soooooo, what if the insurrectionists, this second time around, opt to storm the White House instead of the Capitol? What if the ill-winds of change were to prevail? That’d mean that coup d’état’s stench would suffocate the liberty, equality and justice for all, which only true Americans hold near and dear in their hearts.

That’d mean Donny would not be departing right on schedule.

Of course, it may never need come down to that, at all. As I type and you read, all across America we’re discovering state level legislators and governors (co-conspirators, cultists and just plain idiots, all) authoring and enacting the WORST OF THE WORST, seething with white supremacy / flagrantly discriminatory, voter suppression “laws” ever scrawled onto the books. All of that in response to non-existent voter fraud; i.e., just to mollify sore loser Trump.

Under such circumstances, next time out, the dainty handed, underhanded Donny could handily snag an ill-gotten victory; whiner takes all; unfair and unsquare.

Now here’s another thought that, once it festers in our psyches, is certain to fuel our worst, sweat-soaked nightmares; the type that, were our muscles not temporarily paralyzed, could easily send us all rushing off at breakneck speed; screaming into the night.

There’s also a whole kit and caboodle of lusting for power, subversives out there, WAY OUT THERE, who are just as corrupt, Anti-American and fascistic as King Rat Donny, himself.

And, regrettably, invariably, they reside on the hanging low, ripe for the voter picking, branches of the Trump Family Tree!


Any tree surgeons in the house?



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Aloof, Foolhardy and Loopy


Following Day-1 of Donald J. Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial (Round 2) the morning after reportage has been claiming that the X prez is royally pissed off re the way his defense attorneys have been presenting his (feeble) case to the senator jurors; to the citizens of America and the world.

The sooner Trump learns to live with this, the better. After all, there simply is no way to paint a smiley face on what he did on January 6, 2021. My gawd, within a nation that prides itself on fair, free elections and the orderly transfer of power, fomenting deadly insurrection was, still is and shall forever be deemed INDEFENSIBLE!

Just about the ONLY way these mouthpieces could ever honestly, accurately assess their client would be to call him out as aloof, foolhardy and loopy (or stated less charitably) distant, dense and demented.

Whatever the word choice, anyone deemed that unstable is in serious need of either lengthy incarceration or institutionalization.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






No belly flab, b.o. & toenail fungus?


Today’s posting time is a bit later than I had planned on. I was over at YouTube ISO this day’s blog topper clip and got waylaid… waterlogged by the tsunami of videos… i.e., the sort which prophesy treacherous TRUMP’S FASCIST OVERTHROW OF AMERICA. I wound up viewing so many that choosing just one… well… this could be better summed up, thusly…

One would not be enough and a thousand would be too many.

Consequently, this post will be a text only, composite to sum up the disturbing imagery / commentary I’ve just witnessed.

Good news: Donald possesses not, the requisite IQ to topple America.
Bad news: He relies on caveman era “expertise”… you know the drill…

When all that knuckle-draggers have is a big club, everything looks like a head to crack open.

My God, when I scroll up to reread my lead paragraph’s capitalized, italicized words, I’m aghast! One would think they describe a sorry state of affairs that no critical thinking, freedom loving American would ever stand for! Yet, some of them do. So, here I sit typing about it within this “Add New Post” field-of-white… on this odd… very odd… early September, Wednesday morn.

Even were this only a fictionalized concept, which I was pitching to a prospective, seasoned publisher / film producer, (s)he’d dismiss it as utterly preposterous and then ask…

“What mental institution did you just flee from?” Or perhaps, “WTF have you been smoking?”

Such a dystopian narrative, taken at face value, it’d be totally justifiable to question my state of mind. Hell, not even within my worst wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding, muscles parallelized, screaming freakin’ nightmares could I have ever envisioned the simultaneous breakdown of Constitutionally mandated, Legislative / Judicial Checks and Balances, Free Speech, Free Press, Freedom to protest, Free Elections and the orderly Transition of Power. Hell, even the very existence of the Post Office is now threatened.

Regrettably, America’s Founding Fathers had failed to envision this catastrophic, Constitutional collapse, too.

Consider all the human suffering and blood splattered carnage throughout history… the wars, to wipe Fascism off the face of the Earth… which courageous, selfless American soldiers and our bygone allies had fought and won!

How stunning it is that, in a scant 4 years, TRUMP’S FASCIST OVERTHROW OF AMERICA is just about to cancel out nearly 2 1/2 centuries of freedom. And along with it he’ll cancel out our troops’ heroism, too! Talk about cancel culture, huh?

Far too many of my ill-informed, apathetic compatriots have not been taking, seriously, this existential threat to Liberty… America… Humanity. Equally mindless are the folks over at YouTube, who interrupt clips of TRUMP’S FASCIST OVERTHROW OF AMERICA for a few words from our sponsors!

I suppose we should be sorta grateful for such advertisers… after all… once Donny does us in, we’ll be leaving behind our well rested corpses… minus the belly flab, body odor and toenail fungus.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Fat Shaming a Fascist Bastard


Fat shaming is wrong. But, might there be an exception to that rule? What about when extraordinary events rear their ugly head? Consider these truths that are self-evident.

• Science denier Donald J. Trump’s abject failure to contain Corona-V, early on, has not only sickened, SO FAR, over 6 Million people residing in the U.S.… sickened to death 187,000 of those 6 million… but has also devastated Barack Obama’s once upon a time, relatively decent economy. America is now facing down massive joblessness, looming homelessness and, eventually, could also witness another Wall Street Crash.

• Ever since Despot Donny’s owned Republican Senators flat-out refused to do their (legal and moral) duty to boot his impeached butt out of office, that narcissistic psychopath has been on an ideological nationwide / worldwide rampage which, considering his access to the nuclear launch codes, could, conceivably, wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.

• Autocrat Trump also has loaded the U.S. Supreme court bench with two of HIS hand-picked sycophants, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, who will, aid and abet their boss’s ongoing voter suppression plot AND at the (figurative?) drop of his trousers, fall to their knees to kiss his ass and, perhaps, even hang around long enough to gratify him in other ways. Only decorum dictates we don’t further go down that road.

• Dictator Donny… in his bid to never relinquish power… has already disenfranchised multiple millions of voters. HIS hand-picked tool, Louis DeJoy, now Postmaster General, has, single-handedly, FUBAR’ed the entire USPS, perhaps irreparably, just to ensure that pandemic and panic stricken Americans cannot mail back their cast absentee ballots. Which leaves us two alternatives… EITHER don’t vote at all OR vote, in person, and risk getting sickened / sickened to death by COVID-19.

• Tyrant Trump is also sadistically pitting justifiably pissed off, mostly peaceable, BLM demonstrators against his illegally deployed, racist stormtroopers AND his seething with bigotry, homicidal, armed to the teeth, gun nut, civilian mercenaries. Marching in lockstep, the Trump Brigade will get off on blowing people of color away… or at the very least… trampling these 1st Amendment Rights.

“Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

• Fascist Trump has been stoking up such ferocious civil unrest it could lead up to an all-out Civil War… all of which would give him the “perfect” excuse to declare Martial Law and postpone Election Day, indefinitely. To the constitutional scholars who’d point out that, sans November voting, Trump could no longer be president as of January 20, 2021, I now remind them we are talking about Trump wiping his rump / Fat Fascist Fanny with the U.S. Constitution.

• Seeing how Donald J. Trump’s overthrow of America cannot be contained by Constitutionally Mandated Legislative and Judicial Checks and Balances… and not even We the American Electorate… WTF is left… well… other than fat shaming a narcissist who might… JUST MIGHT… if we’re damned lucky… be slowed down upon his learning that We had poked fun at his larger than life hind end; his grotesque, butt ugly booty; his flattened by sloth and fattened by Fascism fanny!

Against the backdrop of such treasonous circumstances, how could anyone deem fat shaming him wrong?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Just Following Orders? (1 Quick Limerick #101)


An anti-American, treasonous cur,
Conspires to conquer protestors, astir,
If Trump’s intrigues, illegit,
Green lit a homeland nuke hit?
Would top brass respond with their “No” or “Yes sir!”?








See What Lurks Behind The Flag ~ 1 Quick Limerick #053


Wrong rightwing climate change now is in season,
Thoughts of too many, too much, defy reason,
Folks who’ve been brainwashed by FOX,
Can’t see the huge paradox,
Of a flag hugger prez hugging high TREASON! *



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* Check out this earlier version of #053…


Wrong rightwing climate change now is in season,
Thoughts of too many, too much, defy reason,
Just what could ever be stranger,
Than folks who never see danger,
Of backing a fake prez committing high TREASON!