Semantics, Anybody?


John Iadarola brilliantly presides over the progressive news / talk program known as The Damage Report. While there rarely, if ever, has been anything objectionable to his content / perspective, in this extremely rare instance, I find myself feeling a bit of discontent re his semantics.

Check out his commentary re Walmart shoppers’ spontaneous rendition of America’s National Anthem over this past Independence Day weekend.

“There are people, who are in that crowd, who have LEGITIMATELY been left behind by, you know, the abuses of corporate America and all of that. Many of them have been brainwashed into believing that that’s good, or whatever, but they have actually been victimized by America. So, if there’s a thing that brings them joy, even if it’s singing in a store, or whatever, then that’s fine. I’m not going to take that away from them. I will say, tho… an informed love seems more worthwhile than just an unthinking love that was trained into you as a kid.”

John Iadarola • The Damage Report • 07/06/2021

Now, let’s crack open our dictionaries.

legitimately |ləˈjidəmətlē|
1 in a way that conforms to the law or to rules: they can prove that the funds were acquired legitimately | a legitimately elected government.
2 in a way that can be defended with logic or justification; fairly: nobody can legitimately argue that he didn’t pay his dues | consumers could legitimately claim to have been misled.

All of which begs this key question:

Since when can victimization (e.g., being brainwashed by abusive corporate America ever be deemed LEGITIMATE? Would it not have been better for Mr. Iadarola to have said:

There are people, who are in that crowd, who have ADMITTEDLY been left behind by, you know, the abuses of corporate America and all of that. Many of them have been brainwashed into believing that that’s good or whatever, but they have actually been victimized by America.

admittedly |ədˈmididlē|
adverb [sentence adverb]
used to introduce a concession or recognition that something is true or is the case: admittedly, the salary was not wonderful, but the duties were light | this is admittedly an extreme case.

Seeing how I’ve actually, recently, heard this very misuse (involving another progressive commentator), that’s all the more reason for straightening out the semantics.

By the by (If anyone may be interested) check out my 10/24/2016 commentary re patriotism.



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One Civilian’s Salute To WW-II / D-Day Heroes


On this June 6th day… D-Day’s 75th anniversary… this civilian salutes WW-II’s heroic troops, who so decisively defeated the Nazis / Axis powers. The selflessness and sense of duty of the American / Allied forces secured globe spanning liberty for the past three score and fifteen years… and still counting.

These WW-II vets were honored earlier, today, in Normandy, France, and I cannot help but wonder how The Greatest Generation would weigh in re this day’s main speechifier Donald J. Trump? Would they rate his delivery style somber sincerity or berate him for merely deadpanning over-rehearsed lines?

I’d gravitate towards the latter, due to some self-evident truths which tend to hollow out nearly everything he’s ever said (and will ever say).

For starters… Trump owes his very rise to power to the political and economic support of White Nationalists. And little doubt, he’ll be counting on additional Nazi / Klansmen bucks and votes in order to snag himself a second term.

BTW, such hobnobbing might be acceptable were it some sort of top secret, clever ploy designed to slowly but surely reprogram / humanize them. But… truth be told… a reverse programming is the more likely eventuality… i.e., White Nationalists will cough up so much loot into Trump’s coffers, they’ll totally own him. Under such circumstances, how can they not further dehumanize him?

Beyond that… let’s rundown the following 13 key points… a reblogged, slightly revised / renumbered portion from my Memorial Day 2019 post. Hey… since it wound up mostly unread… it’ll likely be all new to you! Indeed, Trump’s inconsistent to freedom words and deeds abound. He routinely…

[1] flips off Constitutionally stipulated congressional / judicial oversight / stacks the judicial deck
[2] stifles free speech / brands journalism fake news and journalists “enemies of the people”
[3] insulates himself with Orwellian sycophants who vomit forth putrid, “alternate facts”
[4] bosses around We The People who, in reality, are his bosses
[5] demands mindless acceptance of his wretchedly unacceptable, patently offensive, avarice driven agenda
[6] alienates / pisses off longstanding, honorable allies until they all despise him / the U.S.
[7] tears up mutually beneficial international treaties so no one will ever come to our aid again
[8] meets secretly with / sucks up to sworn enemies who deem him a patsy, not a pal
[9] welcomes / encourages foreign meddling into our free elections
[10] makes war criminals his war heroes
[11] conflates patriotism with blind loyalty, as in, exclusively to him
[12] wrests infants / children from their asylum seeking parents’ embraces and interns all in concentration camps
[13] deems Nazis and Klansmen “fine people”

Now, I ask… don’t those above Trumpian excesses remind you of Nazi Germany’s? The clear and present danger, here, is how, left unchecked… well… let’s not “go there” just yet.




99 Word Blog (#045) Abusive Relationships


Scenario One… Let’s say your spouse is abusing you. Whenever you confide this to anyone they mindlessly remind…

“Marriage is for better or for worse.”

Scenario Two… Let’s say your nation’s leadership is abusing its citizenry. Whenever you point that out to anyone they mindlessly remind…

“Our country right or wrong.”

Unbending religious dogmatism and uncritical patriotism do very little to improve, respectively, hostile conditions within our home life and homeland.

We must first admit problems DO exist and next raise full awareness. Until that happens the abuse goes unabated.

San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick understands this. Do you?