We All Know Who HE Is


HE hit the links; binge watched TV; took dumps on the can
And defiled / defied all laws of both God and man

HE alienated each ally; hugged each autocrat freak
And shred treaties to ensure, world tensions would peak

HE secured for patricians; their wildest fantasies’ wealth
And screwed over plebeians; our fiscal / physical health

HE saw to it, the working stiffs’ wages would drop
And morphed each workplace, into a wretched sweatshop

HE deep-sixed émigrés’ trudge towards the American dream
And caged families’ tykes, till they’d cry, wail and scream

HE offset boudoir shortcomings; his in the sack stall
And groused till grunts toiled; would erect his daft wall

HE embraced all Nazis and Klansmen; prone to deep psychosis
And they became voter base; his base, simp symbiosis

HE being full of himself, minus praise, HE’d feel dread
And so, yes-men lent him succor; gave him verbal head

HE rarely sat in church pews, beneath pointed steeple
And miscast naysayers / news hawks; “Enemies of the people!”

HE kicked over / cancelled out, time honored science
And showed climatologists / virologists, his flat-out defiance

HE downplayed the plague’s march, spanning our feverish globe
And got promptly outwitted, by a Mindless Microbe

HE obsessed re his ratings; more than COVID’s death toll
And wondered why grieving souls, called him an asshole

HE deemed himself undefeatable, that folks judged him God
And that his ballot box ouster, meant “widespread voter fraud”

HE ranted, demanded to keep his gold throne and fame
And never, once, re his loss: accepted HE was to blame

HE became royally pissed, tried to quash the election,
And rabble roused till HE stirred up mayhem / insurrection

HE’s been impeached, twice; his words / deeds, have earned our revulsion
Yet, it’s highly unlikely HE’ll ever face down expulsion



Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








99 Word Blog (#006) Trump’s Goons

Donald Trump wallows in filthy money like a squealing pig frolicking in feces. There’s no limit to WHAT and WHOM he can buy. Methinks he has infiltrated the Democratic Convention with his hired goon squads (a.k.a., fraudulent Bernie Sanders supporters), who bray like jackasses and incite anger, chaos and disunity amongst the genuine delegates.

Trump’s divide and conquer plot is but one of countless dirty tricks he’s got hidden up his sleeves. That’s the only way this subversive can get elected… and, subsequently, “take out” the White House… go on a rampage to overthrow America and conquer the world.