The Obama Book Reading Sketch

Ciip courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Channel
November 20, 2020 • 515,165 views

President Barack Obama, at present, is promoting his new book, A Promised Land. His interview, last night, with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmell serves as a refreshing reminder of what it’s like to actually have a well-informed, open-minded, good-intentioned, law-abiding, self-effacing, down-to-Earth human being residing within and governing from the White House.

My above portrayal pretty much sums up why, to this very day, I’ve preserved Mr. Obama’s personally delivered, 2008 get-out-the-vote message on my landline’s answering machine; why I did my part to elect and re-elect him; why the election of his VP, Joe Biden, shows much promise. After eight years of working as a team, President-Elect Biden will have a wealth of experience to draw on. And, should additional advice ever be needed, he / we can rest assured that Mr. Obama will always be but a phone call away.

To set up our above clip, cued up to start at 21:49 (if all goes well), we’ll be viewing what I’ve titled “The Obama Book Reading Sketch”. Mr. Kimmel will further explain his novel idea to set the fun in motion.

Obviously, for any of you who’d like to view this positively enlightening and enjoyable interview, in its entirety, its but a rewind away.


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From: Alex / To: Us All

Alex Trebek’s 36-year-long reign, as Jeopardy! host, came to an end, yesterday, when pancreatic cancer claimed his life. He was 80-years-young. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Even though his symptoms had tried to drag him down, he would not allow that. He managed to continue taping episodes up till the very end of October. Ergo, his LAST Jeopardy! is slated to air on December 25, 2020. And whether one is devout or agnostic, I know we’d readily agree that Alex could not have given us a more thoughtful, precious holiday present!

As for Alex’s FIRST Jeopardy!, that gets backdated to September 10, 1984. Seeing how I had been working lots of nights back then, I never got the chance to watch his debut; did not become a regular viewer for the first couple of seasons.

And that’s precisely what made YouTuber Allan Di Real McCoy’s upload of that very first program extra special. In a heartbeat, I knew I had to SHARE IT with you, too!

And I found myself really getting into the spirit of the moment, too; so much so I played along with contestants Frank Selevan, Lois Feinstein and Greg Hopkins; even opted to keep my score on a legal pad. Going into Final Jeopardy! I had amassed $8,300 and with some gutsy wagering and, of course, coming up with the correct answer (in the form of a question), I kinda / sorta wound up the first Jeopardy! champion.

Of course, the qualifying words, “kinda / sorta” must be in play, here. After all, the ONLY way I could’ve ever “won” my $16,300 virtual grand prize was if my reflexes had allowed me to always be the first contestant to buzz in.

Perhaps, you, too, would like to match wits with Jeopardy’s first trio of competitors? Even if you choose not to tally up the virtual bucks, you can still bank on affable Alex Trebek presiding over fun times for all.

We, the vast legions of his forever fans, shall always miss this great man and game show legend.


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Q: Who was Alex Trebek?


A: This Jeopardy host, since 1984, lost his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer on Sunday, November 8, 2020 at the age of 80.


Rest in peace Mr. Trebek. Jeopardy will never be the same without you behind the dais. We will always remember and miss your wit, wisdom and warmth; how you enriched our lives and made our troubled world a much better place to live in.

Heartfelt condolences to all, who now mourn the loss of this great man and game show legend; his family, friends and fans, alike.





4 Acts + 1 Epilog = Must-See Drama


From September 17, 1963 – August 29, 1967, TV viewers tuned in Tuesday evenings to watch an ABC network offering that, in this man’s opinion, was (still is) the best written and most captivating, crime drama ever aired.

For the first few seasons, its 10 to 11p.m. slot was way past my bedtime. But, eventually, as a teen, I got to join that vast audience; among them, my own mother, who never missed an episode. I could easily understand what inspired such loyalty. Who, among us, could not feel instant empathy for the protagonist; as introduced by the program’s narrator…

“The Fugitive, a QM Production … starring David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent victim of blind justice. Falsely convicted for the murder of his wife … reprieved by fate when a train wreck freed him en route to the death house … freed him to hide in lonely desperation … to change his identity … to toil at many jobs … freed him to search for a one-armed man he saw leave the scene of the crime … freed him to run before the relentless pursuit of the police lieutenant obsessed with his capture.”

William Conrad

Granted, series creator Roy Huggins’ premise would’ve been rapidly shot down had the program debuted, today. Indeed, the anonymity, so vital to Kimble being able to “fly” beneath Police Lieutenant Philip Gerard’s radar, would’ve been rendered virtually impossible by the speed of light Internet, 24/7 news reportage, social media and, last but not least, post 9-11’s, ubiquitous, intrusive security cams, facial recognition tech, etc.

Additionally, had rail travel been in decline, as it is today, the freight trains would not have been Kimble’s oft chosen mode of travel / means of flight. Indeed, the very train wreck that had granted him a new lease on life, would’ve never happened, in the first place. As for today’s commercial airlines? Forget it! He would’ve never even dared to cross paths with uncompromising TSA personnel.

Beyond that, I must credit The Fugitive’s, innocent-man-sentenced-to-death theme for playing a significant role in establishing my staunch, anti-capital punishment sentiments.

Scant hours ago, the MeTV network aired an episode featuring a classic Kimble / Gerard interaction; one that was so clever, my first reaction was to find it on YouTube and offer you the link.

Considering how most of us are still idled / social isolating, anyway, this clip will provide some welcome relief from the monotony. Once you get wrapped up in Richard Kimble’s world, the 52 minute playback time will fly by. However, there’s a much better reason to watch.

I believe you’ll find the subplots uplifting. They showcase Kimble’s worldliness, which makes it second nature for him to befriend his Apache coworkers. And, in the end, it’ll be these Native Americans’ bilingualism; the utilization of their native tongue that’ll provide an unexpected twist to the storyline.

Also, the good doctor’s compassionate nature, will prove invaluable as he performs some figurative surgery. In the end, he’ll heal a thick-skinned, mean-spirited, tightfisted U.S. Congresswoman; help her reclaim her own heart.

Without further ado, I’ll now bid you, “Adieu” and invite you to click over to YouTube to watch an intriguing installment of The Fugitive, the episode titled: The Iron Maiden.


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TrumPence-20: The Real Disease!


Subtitle: Is There a Dr. Fauci in the House?

Am I the only one who notices the striking resemblance to two diseased, notorious villains?

Cast of Characters

John Doe ~ Congested Mr. Hubby
Jane Doe ~ Lifesaver Dr. Wife
Donny ~ (sickly orange) Nasal Sweller
Mikey ~ (washed out green) BoogerMan



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On this day 09/13/1999…

From 1975-77, Silvia and Gerry Anderson’s big budget, Space: 1999 was the place for TV viewers… I among them… to witness episodic Sci-Fi adventure, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since Gene Roddenberry’s 1966-69 Star Trek got photon torpedoed by the non-visionary NBC execs, who could not see beyond their network’s bottom line.

Not familiar with the Anderson’s drama? You MIGHT opt to read all about it by clicking SPOILER ALERT.

I’ve titled the link in this manner to benefit the people, who might opt to view Space: 1999’s debut episode, below. Hey, while many of us are still hunkering down in our homes to avoid COVID-19, this is not a bad way to while away the next 51 minutes.

For me, this series’ draw… beyond the Sci-Fi adventure… was to, once again, see its three big-name stars back in action, namely, Mission Impossible’s Martin Landau and Barbara Bain and The Fugitive’s Barry Morse.

To briefly set up this clip… sans giving away away too much… a catastrophic event occurs at a lunar nuclear waste dump which adversely affects the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha… on that September 13, 1999, ill-fated day…

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy! Live long and prosper, too!

So, let’s now don our virtual space suits and fasten our seat belts as we launch Space: 1999 from where it all began…









“Kinda weird isn’t it? Sorta like I’m human?”

Expounding on that headline, any self-deprecating words exiting Donald J.Trump’s mouth is more than sorta weird.

True, there he stands, larger than life, filming his Drew Carey Show cameo (circa mid-1997), playacting none other than HIMSELF and querying disparagingly. Hell, he’s even sporting his (even then) almost touching his crotch red tie!

Yep, that above paragraph’s Trumpian rundown is easy to buy into. Hell, “it is what it is.”

However, what is weirdly out of character is how he speaks onward to express lukewarm, sorta human sincerity and then extend generosity towards the everywoman / everyman working class. What a crying shame it’s ONLY Hollywood acting.

Hell, the Trump we know would ONLY behave in that manner, in real life, if such momentary largesse would buy him votes AND could simultaneously be written off as a charitable contribution… i.e., one that could be promptly and neatly itemized on his income tax Form 1040, Schedule A (which he’d never, ever release to the public like many past presidents have).

Seeing how Trump is not renown for ever poking fun at himself, his motivation for stepping before that bygone TV camera’s lens was none other than stroking his mindless ego… so much so, that he was likely oblivious to how he had, inadvertently, for a fleeting moment, behaved modestly and sorta human.

Just as he’s totally incapable of laughing at himself, he never laughs with the people he meets… only at them.

Hell, “it is what it is.”


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Sánchez Synopsizes / Segues Trekian Tunes

To quote their YouTube posted sentiments…

“Davor Jelacic & Rebeca ‘Becky’ Sánchez are VioDance, a duo of DJ/producer and a classically trained violinist, also multi-instrumentalist. In Spain, where we reside, we record violin covers in our home studio, and shoot music videos to share them on YouTube.” [Read Related Article]

Thanks to Sánchez and Jelacic one of their cover projects has now become our Vid of the Day.

As for my WordPress posted sentiments…

When the best days of one’s homeland can be best seen within life’s rear view mirror and, in the here and now, the views appear both harrowing and hopeless, beaming up to the Star Trek Universe can clear the short-term path to escapism; may even afford one a more enduring sense of deliverance.

Whether or not I’ve aptly described your own homeland’s situation, Ms. Sánchez’s violin driven symphonic score… which synopsizes / segues seven of Star Trek’s small screen theme songs… will restore or reaffirm one’s hope for a stellar future.

As Spock would add: Live long and prosper!

About all I can add is: Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!








Sheriff Taylor’s Community Building Pays Off!

No big secret, the horrifying militarization of our state and local police forces is what has been mutating municipalities into war zones, where police brutality rules and the accused… be they totally innocent bystanders, guilty of non-violent crimes or anyone in between and beyond… have been needlessly winding up six feet under.

To compare and contrast that ugly scene to its diametric opposite, let’s view a couple of scenes from The Andy Griffith Show.

Granted, real life is not a TV sitcom. But, let’s consider, anyway, the late actor, Andy Griffith, who, from October 3, 1960 to April 1, 1968, portrayed the small screen’s, small town Mayberry Sheriff, Andy Taylor (the antithesis of the stereotypical, deep south, bigoted lawman).

True, benign Andy’s bygone, no guns approach probably would not translate well into society today… seeing how bad guys’ are now armed to the teeth with militarized WMD. Nevertheless, there are still valuable insights found within the episode ending clip, below, which exemplify the good sheriff’s countrified, no shots fired approach to fighting crime, which real life police departments’ top brass could draw on… hopefully not with drawn guns.

BTW, I recently had the pleasure of viewing the MeTV network aired, entire episode. To flesh out the missing details…

Taylor and Barney Fife, his somewhat inept but always good intentioned Deputy, team up with visiting big city cops to chase down a dangerous on the lam crook. In the process, the bad guy hoodwinks, disarms and ropes up the gullible Fife. Soon after, Andy shows up, frees up his deputy and then plays out a hunch. After uncounted years of community building, he knows an elderly woman, who they’ve both befriended, lives in a nearby cabin. When she answers the door appearing uncharacteristically flustered and even fails to complain about her ailments (the way she normally does), Andy immediately suspects she’s been taken hostage. Ergo, for the “benefit” of the unseen, behind the door felon, he casually mentions how he’d been fishing earlier and had left his boat / raft tied up, nearby. Falling hook, line and sinker for the sheriff’s “helpful hint”, the bad guy makes use of the lake for what he believes to be the perfect escape route.

I’ll let YouTuber Major Evan’s comment tell what happens to the crook next…

“For those who haven’t seen the show, or this episode, Andy actually tricked him into taking that particular raft because it was full of holes and would inevitably sink. It forced the convict to swim back to shore where the police were waiting for him.”

Ergo, the trigger happy, big city cops, who’d been hellbent on mutating Mayberry into a war zone, stand down, feeling simultaneously wowed and a newfound respect for Sheriff Taylor’s small town, no shots fired tactics. Yep, everyone (with the possible exception of the arrested bad guy) winds up whistling a happy tune… this happy tune…









Got 1 hr. and 3 min. to Fill while in Quarantine?

Courtesy of Mr. Sci-Fi’s YouTube channel, we’ve all been cordially invited to watch the pilot of a Star Trek TOS spin-off, featuring George Takei reprising his role as the hyper-dimensionally aged (30 years older) Hikaru Sulu.

I’ve cued up this clip at 24:46, the start time of the Star Trek New Voyages’ episode… World Enough And Time. Obviously, if you’d prefer to view the clip in its entirety, rewinding it to 0:00 will then include Star Trek and Deep Space Nine writer Marc Scott Zicree’s previously “untold story of why you never got to see that series — despite its Hugo and Nebula Award nominations!”

To put this into Mr. Spock’s parlance, we’ll all find this to be “Fascinating!”

My brief review of this pilot’s plot…

World Enough in Time is a tragedy with a tearjerker ending featuring actors recast in the roles of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, (young) Sulu, Chekhov, etc. I believe you’ll find the storyline as emotion-packed as the TOS’ season 1 episode 28, City on the Edge of Forever (original air date 04/06/1967). BTW, there actually is a brief reference to that “Forever” story, when the name “Edith” as in Edith Keeler gets mentioned.

As for my “tricorder’s” precise readout re this video:

1:27:55 Total Clip Run Time
– 24:46 Episode Begins
1:03:09 Episode Run Time

To quote Spock once more… “Live long and prosper.”

And the best way to do so is…

Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy!