Let Freedom Ring (Vid of the Day)

Whenever any elected representative of The People believes he is above the law… arrogantly trots out his malevolent, virulent, malignant brand of totalitarianism… harbors a closed mind, stone heart and inert soul… appears barren of even one scintilla of remorse… he only serves his own interests. More to the point, he no longer serves in the best interests of The People… and deserves a punishment by The People… at a level which is directly proportional to his offensive conduct.

This past evening’s vote within the U.S. House of Representatives, which approved the two Articles of Impeachment of one Donald J. Trump, is only Step #1 of a much needed and long overdue, corrective, Constitutional process.

However… seeing how the Senate Majority Leader… one Mitch McConnell… so arrogantly marches in lockstep with his corrupt Oval Office puppeteer… this means that Step #2… the removal of the fake prez from the office he has sullied… will not be forthcoming.

Seeing how The Impeached appears to be oblivious to the seriousness of his offenses and, consequently, is totally incapable of rehabilitation, this means that, left unchecked, we can expect him to go on a seething with vengeance rampage in the days ahead.

Ergo, this American encourages Freedom’s champions… domestic and worldwide… to savor what little is left of our sweet Liberty. After all, if America deteriorates even further into a Fascist state, that falling “domino” could trigger the tumbling of other dominoes / nations, too.

I hereby echo lyricist Samuel Francis Smith’s “Let Freedom Ring” sentiment… the foundation to his song My Country ‘Tis of Thee… as sung by Aretha Franklin at President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Day ceremony… and dedicate our Vid of the Day to the United States… to the U.S… to all of us!






Just sayin’…


Donny maintains that a sitting president is entitled to legal privilege not afforded a private citizen and, as such, the legal authorities are not free to investigate him the same way they would a private citizen. Yet, he feels entitled to a private citizen’s legal protections when the U.S. House of Representatives attempts to legally investigate him as a sitting president.

Hmm… would not such protections instantaneously morph him into a private citizen, who could then be duly arrested, charged, arraigned, tried, convicted, sentenced and jailed?

Just sayin’…





Who Is He? A Riddle!


His Dee Cee political birth was a breech
His hold on power depends on hate speech
His oratory is word salad screech
He is a political / societal leech

He flips off the textbook facts, which smart folks teach
He turns two deaf ears, to the values priests preach
His words and deeds, are an ethics code breach
His moral compass, is far beyond reach

He flips off all forms of oversight’s bleach
He defies quick-fix advice, we beseech
His witch-hunt / fake news rants are full of keech
He’s off the deep end, THE END, let’s impeach!