Witness the Donald J. Trump Impeachment Trial? NOT!

Yesterday, courtesy of YouTube, I featured Live PBS coverage of the U.S. Senate’s Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump.

Today, I UN-feature it. Why?

For starters… Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell… no big surprise… has now hit rock bottom… has been following through on his recent public promise to NOT be impartial… which… btw… flips off the oath he took to behave otherwise.

As usual, McConnell’s assessment is dead wrong. Contrast that with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s intent, which transcends mere politics. Her House of Representatives’ primary goals have been to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution… to preserve the sanctity of our ballot box… to save America from tyranny.

ULTIMATELY… Pelosi is telling Trump’s bff, Vladimir Putin, to go F himself!

Obviously McConnell and his fellow subversive Republicans do not take any of Pelosi’s concerns seriously, anymore.

Which brings us back to why I’m no longer streaming the trial…

Right from the get-go, Mitch and his entire Trumpian band of bootlickers, have been putting on a shameless, spineless, valueless exhibition that’s a monumental embarrassment to America. As such, I’d be ashamed to have any of you see it.










A Constitutional Crisis / Chaos Abetted or Averted?


This blog’s posting time marks the beginning of the historic, Impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. Americans and many others spanning the whole world… will all be watching, intently, to see if U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts are honorable men, who’ll be able to [1] elevate patriotism over partisanship, [2] preside over a trial complete with witness testimony and presented evidence AND [3] pursue the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… wherever that truth shall lead them.

While that is, precisely, what these high and mighty entities are under oath to do AND owe each and every American, alas, what We the People will likely get is quite predictable… namely…

The lurid, obscene spectacle of the Republican dominated Senate’s members, all standing at attention to salute… to lay bare… their undying, undue lust for dictator Donald J. Trump.








Thinking About King


On both of former President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Days, I felt a surge of pride… truly believed that We the People… who had finally flipped off America’s racist past… were now in the voting majority. As such, We were now destined to, forevermore, build upon the sturdy foundation of inclusiveness… best exemplified by Martin Luther King’s I’ve got a Dream Speech and Obama’s Change We Can Believe In.

Then came Inauguration Day 2017. The End.

And what will happen come Inauguration Day 2021?

Let’s consider this plausible sequence of events…

• The owned by Donald J. Trump, Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell and his right wing, underling legislators can all be counted on to never convict the impeached prez and, once bogusly exonerated and unduly emboldened. Donny will run amok and successfully run for reelection (due to his bff Vladimir Putin’s meddling and Electoral College math).

• With all 435 U.S. Representatives and 33 out of 100 U.S. Senators up for 2020 reelection, to rein in Trump, We would need to maintain a House Democratic majority AND establish a Senate super majority. But what would any of that even mean when we’ve seen how Trump already disses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and defies all her attempts to hold him accountable? Hell, he’d just as easily flip off a Democratic Senate and do whatever he damned pleases.

• Since Trump has been swamp dredging to find nominees to load up the federal judiciary (inclusive of his two suck-up, SCOTUS cronies Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh), who’d ever rule against Donny? Again, he’d do as he damned pleases.

• Even if Trump loses his bid for re-election, the question then becomes, will he accept defeat? Will his sycophantic, barbaric, armed to the teeth, revolting supporters accept his defeat?

• The 78 days between Election Day and Inauguration Day could provide too damned much time for his goons to go on a bulldoze-America-down-to-rubble rampage (with Donny ecstatically and emphatically egging and cheering them on. He’d likely hole up in the White House and continue to do as he damned pleases.

Against that Trumpian nightmare backdrop… perhaps even inclusive of a Revolutionary War battlefield… how could We ever expect Martin Luther King’s impassioned pleas to ever blossom into a wide awake, American Dream come true?








Nadler’s / America’s Last Stand? (Vid of the Day)

A true patriot / champion of freedom will feel pride when viewing our Vid of the Day... namely… U.S. House Representative Jerry Nadler’s gutsy, take no crap from anybody approach to reining in the reign of terror of one Donald J. Trump.

Nadler is courageously presiding over an orderly presentation of compelling evidence… thoughtfully building up his case to substantiate an unprecedented, unpresidential power grab that, left unchecked, could easily blur the Founding Fathers’ vision of America… correction… could certainly blind America into the absolute, irreversible darkness of depravity and tyranny.

While , normally, I’d agree that “innocent until proven guilty” certainly would and should apply, what, pray tell, is normal about a situation where a (so-called) sitting president releases his own damning, self-incriminating, written account of his infamous, July 25, 2019 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky…

• a.k.a. a perfect example of a quid-pro-quo, which any reasonable person would deem Not in America’s Best Interests

• a.k.a. Trump’s thuggish, shakedown and attempted corruption of a foreign leader… all for the express purpose of digging up dirt on potential political rival Joe Biden…

• a.k.a. Trump’s attempt to subvert America’s free elections…

• a.k.a. Trump’s attempt to rip out and stomp on the very heart of Democracy!

While Trump’s whiny, wind-up Republican tools and toadies are ceaselessly blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the impeachment proceedings going “too fast”, what they fail to grasp is how the very person, who has sped up this process, is none other than Donald J. Trump!

What the hell else could his yes-men expect? Trump has already pleaded guilty to the damn crime!

Ms. Pelosi has exercised extreme judiciousness and forbearance in keeping open a totally open-and-shut case; a case where she had all the votes needed to have already impeached Trump.


ADDENDUM [12/06/19 09:09 AM]: Except for a minor revision of my blog headline and lead paragraph, the remainder of this post is identical to what I posted yesterday. I’ve done so to correct a lapse of good taste / good judgment.




At the Heart of the Matter (Vid of the Day)

This clip’s featured conversation between two, true blue Americans… Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt. should give freedom lovers, worldwide, reason to feel proud. Their frank discussion not only succinctly summarizes why Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky needs American aid, but why it was also so egregiously wrong for the self-serving, opportunistic, power junkie, control freak Donald J. Trump to thuggishly threaten to withhold such assistance.

Even if the outcome of the U.S. House Impeachment Inquiry proceedings does not result in Dickering Donny’s much needed, long overdue Constitutional ouster, We the People… who harbor a genuine appreciation for what America’s Founding Fathers had had in mind… have all felt our collective mood elevated. And we owe our undying gratitude to authentic patriots Vindman and Welch for affording us what could easily qualify as a uniquely American moment in recorded history.

This clip’s five minute PB will be time well spent… but… if you’d like to cut to the chase… FF to the 4:03 mark.







Fortune Cookie Blog (40 ConWords)


Consider a confounding conundrum; the conduct of an inconsiderate, con-
ceited, condescending, bereft of conscience & contrition, archconservative
Conman. Consumed by ego, he’s perpetually ISO unconditional love/loyalty
from his confused constituents. Besieged by contorted & convoluted con-
victions, namely his hardcore contempt for the Constitution, he’s driven to
consort, consult & conspire with contemptible confederates & confidantes.
A confirmed control freak, he’ll post Tweetstorm conniptions & constantly
connive to conquer all who attempt to contravene. Consequently, it’s each
Congressperson’s sworn duty to condemn his misconduct; douse the ideo-
logical conflagration and, upon conviction, oust him from his oval confines.






Just sayin’…


Donny maintains that a sitting president is entitled to legal privilege not afforded a private citizen and, as such, the legal authorities are not free to investigate him the same way they would a private citizen. Yet, he feels entitled to a private citizen’s legal protections when the U.S. House of Representatives attempts to legally investigate him as a sitting president.

Hmm… would not such protections instantaneously morph him into a private citizen, who could then be duly arrested, charged, arraigned, tried, convicted, sentenced and jailed?

Just sayin’…