The tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free…


America’s Border Patrol… eager to fully please their “prez”… has been brutally enforcing his zero tolerance, immigration policy along the U.S. / Mexico border… rounding up and arresting emigre families (some of them asylum seekers) AND literally, barbarically wresting “beautiful babies”, youngsters and teens from their loving parents’ embracing arms… such cruel and unusual punishment all too frequently accompanied by detainees’ horrified wails and endless rivers of tears.

btw… the “prez” had uttered that phrase “beautiful babies” in the spring of 2017, while correctly condemning Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for his chemical weapons attacks, which had targeted, sickened and slaughtered innocent civilian families. If sincere, my kudos to the prez for that hint of lucidity and empathy. Of course, it’s still likely above his pay grade to discern how chemical and psychological warfare… i.e., physical and emotional assaults… are two sides of the same coin. What a shame he cannot extend compassion to emigres attempting to enter America.

One wonders if the “prez” even has the slightest clue as to what America is supposed to stand for? Perhaps he’s never read Emma Lazarus’ 1883, Statue of Liberty poem… her welcoming message to immigrants which, in part, proclaims:

”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Can he even begin to understand that America is supposed to greet oppressed peoples with open arms and a handshake… NOT put them into a Full Nelson and KO them with clenched, pummeling fists.

Doesn’t he see how his policy of tearing families asunder is akin to child abuse?

Damn it… a strong leader needn’t be a hackles up, bared fangs, barking, snarling, pit bull. Not that we should deem what now follows as a tenable alternative… but… just for the sake of discussing less wretched options… even if such a leader found it impossible to mend his hardliner ways, one would think he’d could still compromise at least a bit… e.g., settle for “merely” deporting his detainees.

Nevertheless… the key question remains: Why can’t virtuous emigres remain in America… especially the asylum seekers?

Let’s now try to see this through the eyes of the detainee children. To do so, all most of us need do is draw on our own experiences. To e.g. a couple of mine…

As a four-year-old I had needed surgery. Even though my folks had tried their very best to emotionally prepare me for my upcoming operation / hospitalization, on the day of my admission, those white uniformed strangers had so frightened me… so worried me that their plans included FOREVER taking me away from my parents that… en route to my assigned room… I actually threw up in the corridor.

As a six-year-old, I can recall how a long distance phone call had totally turned my little world upside-down. My maternal grandma had died and… there being insufficient funds to buy all four of us tickets… Mom would be attending the funeral service alone. While Dad, Sis and I waved our bus station good-byes, my heart sank and tears flowed. No amount of my father’s repeated, daylong assurances could convince me that I’d ever see my Mom again. Even though Dad… in his new role as head chef… had prepared us a tasty supper and I hadn’t eaten a morsel since Mom had served breakfast… with my stomach tied in emotional knots… I didn’t eat much.

Folks… that I still can so vividly recall my past, wide-awake nightmares emphasizes why parent/child separations, wherever / whenever avoidable, must never occur. And what could be more avoidable than the “prez” so viciously and so needlessly tearing emigre families asunder?