Ho-Hum Fact Based Fake News with a Humdinger Ending


Seeing how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was under Executive Orders to [1] thumb his nose at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Articles of Impeachment and [2] flat-out flip off his sworn Constitutional and moral duty to convict and oust the guilty / ugly as sin fake prez, the net effect has lavished absolutely corrupt, absolute power upon one Donald J. Trump.

Ever since then, the undeservedly acquitted, unchecked King Donald I has been going on a full-blown rampage… inclusive of his [1] vindictive ousters of anyone who has ever flat-out refused to kiss his fat Fascist fanny and [2] the further excessive expansion / abuse of his power.

Seeing how Zero Rules now exist to rein in his reign of terror, that means all 7.7 Billion Earthly souls could very well be facing down a disaster of apocalyptic proportions. With the extinction of humanity now looming, the big Q becomes…

Might we, somehow, be able to distract King Donald I? What would it take? Well, generally speaking, we’d first need to install a covert, Oval Office operative… someone to con the conman by tapping into the plethora of his perversions and psychoses.

Stage One: That individual would need to flatter the narcissist bastard… tell him the hordes of his loyal fans desperately need him to indulge his wildest Fascist fantasies before their very eyes. To that end, he must produce and star in a brand spanking new Sunday night, Prime Time Realty TV Show. Were he to ask, “Why Sunday?” The reply would be, “You are a God are you not?”

Stage Two: Have him sales pitch his show to a room full of cable network TV suits… and the toadier the better.

Show Concept: The viewer hook would center around King Donald I showcasing his considerable hero worship for all thugs autocratic. Each improvisational, episodic story-line would tell the salacious, tawdry tale of His Majesty’s “top secret”, behind closed doors, kinky encounters with a fellow despot… handpicked from a select, star studded gaggle of studs. Seeing how such ruling class idiocy runs rampant worldwide, there’d be no shortage of… uh… “talent”.

Pool of Special Guest Stars: Base upon King Donald’s preexisting, mutual admiration society, the following personnel would be instant shoo-ins.

• Vladimir Putin (Russia)
• Xi Jinping (China)
• Kim Jong Un (North Korea)
• Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi (Egypt),
• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey)
• Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines)

The Big Show’s Working Title: Donny Duz Despots & Vice Versa

While there is, indeed, much more to tell, it’s out of my sense of decorum, coupled by the demands of a strict nondisclosure agreement and my being under a 5-Star General’s direct orders to preserve national security, which will necessitate my ending this post here and now.







A PERFECT Call-To-Action Song (NSFW Vid of the Day)

It makes PERFECT sense. A Not Safe For World, FAR FROM PERFECT, obscene, fake prez inspires PERFECT, genuine, American patriots / balladeers (“stage name” The Founding Fathers), to compose The Day Democracy Died… a NSFW, mildly profane, PERFECT parody of the Don McLean folk/rock classic… American Pie.

The Founding Fathers… in the order of their appearance… are George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Their warning to the American electorate…

Failure to take their lyrical sentiments seriously and vote, accordingly, on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, WILL result in Despot Donald J. Trump’s second term and, indeed, make 2020’s Election Day, The Day Democracy Died.







It’s Gonna Be a LONG 9 Months…


Right from the get go, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Articles of Impeachment were destined to fall on deaf ears… fail to pry open hopelessly, chronically closed minds. Any realistic person already knew the outcome… namely… that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s throng of totally corrupt, Trumpian suck-ups would totally, corruptly exonerate the totally corrupt fake prez.

In essence, We the People have nobody else to blame but the spineless, feckless, reckless McConnell, who has now granted Trump absolute power… crowned the Fascist bastard King Donald I.

And as John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton warned us long ago…

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

As we’ve already seen, right on cue, the Trumpster has been wallowing in his ill-gotten victory like a squealing pig in a puddle of mud and feces. He’s surging with unlimited, unchecked power, that, for the next nine months, will send him rampaging up and down the campaign trail, spreading his corrupt, disingenuous, mucked up message to the starstruck, overly impressionable, gullible, low-information masses.

This will be tantamount to Donny whipping out his Sharpie™ to deface the U.S. Constitution with his scrawled filthy, Fascist “amendments”! He could easily take out what little might remain of our Founding Fathers’ Vision for America.

Now, come Election Day 2020, it TRULY IS up to Americans to use our ballots to convict and oust Trump… for Kentuckians to deny McConnell his seventh term, too!

Right from the get-go, we already know Trump will be doing his damnedest to corrupt America’s free elections… to do whatever it takes to re-install himself into the Blight House for a second term… to, perhaps, even establish a nasty dynasty.

As we know, it is elections that result in “too close to call” vote tallies, which invite / involve the most corruption. So it is up to all of us decent Americans to stage such a massive surge in voter turn-out, that Trumpian fraud will become impossible.

Looking further down the road to the White House / the path back to sweet Freedom…

If we do manage to take back America, it’d be advisable for the “housekeeper” techies to rapidly change the nuclear launch codes and conveniently forget to tell Donny about it. And it wouldn’t hurt to roll out the tanks over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… uh… just to remind the Trumpster, “HEY, DON’T BE A SORE LOSER!” Who knows? That little boy / chickenhawk, who feels perverse rapture at the mere sight of military might, might even get off on taking a gander at such war machines?

Hell, if we present all of this to Trump correctly… really hit him with the hard sell… oh… say… employ language that’d refer to him as “stately, noble, courtly, majestic, distinguished, proud, august, lofty, exalted, regal, lordly, imposing, impressive, grand; solemn, serious, grave, formal, proper, ceremonious, decorous, reserved, composed and sedate”, he might feel good enough about himself to buy into vacating the presidential palace sans a fight.







To Applaud or Not to Applaud?

This evening, shortly after 9 o’clock EST, Trump is slated to deliver his State of the Union Speech to a joint session of Congress… more to the point… to the Republican Party dominated Senate and Democratic Party dominated House of Representatives. Normally, a president can expect a bipartisan standing ovation.

Seeing how the Republicans are inordinately beholden to Trump… are always doing his bidding (no questions asked)… that gang of goons should have no problem with bleating like animals and applauding louder that 50,000 trained seals.


Seeing how the Democrats have impeached Trump, the question becomes, just how should they receive the fake prez? Applause would be totally inappropriate. After all, their own Impeachment Inquiry… as well as Trump’s own self-incriminating, public tirades… have all amply proven Donny to be guilty as hell.

Normally, the Constitutional concept of “innocent until proven guilty”, would suggest that Dems should applaud, anyway. HOWEVER, how do we even know if innocence is actually in play, here? Let’s never forget how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has presided over a sham trial… has slapped on thick coats of White House white wash. That has ensured no new, relevant witnesses will ever testify and no new, damning evidence will ever be ruled admissible.

Worse yet, as early as tomorrow, McConnell and the rest of his shameless, permanently puckered up Trump ass kissers, are all scheduled to cast their votes… bleating out their collective, “Nuh-Uh!” to both of the U.S. House’s Articles of Impeachment. And that will sweep megatons of Donny’s Dirt under the rug… will lavish fake innocence upon the fake prez.

Beyond that…

Seeing how any applause Trump receives is undeserved, and worse yet, can only serve to stroke his already massive ego, stoke his flaming Fascism and egg on even more of his treasonous and thuggish conduct, it’d be best that, when Trump makes his entrance on this very night…

The Democrats should rise to show their respect for the Concept of the Oval Office but offer ZERO applause. That’d be the perfect way to demonstrate ZERO respect for Donald J. Trump, who demonstrates ZERO respect for the Oval Office, ZERO respect for the U.S. Constitution, ZERO respect for planet Earth and ZERO respect for Humanity.







Mitch’s Witch Hunt? Pelosi’s PlayHouse?


Folks who party with Democrats, would LOVE to roll out a badass derrick that’d kerplunk Donald Trump’s Fat Fascist Fanny into a U.S. Senate witness chair… i.e., to hear how he’d “sing” at his Impeachment Trial.

Folks who party with Republicans, would LOVE to haul in Joe Biden’s ass to hear how he’d “sing”, too.

FINE! I say, “Let’s Party Like It’s 2099!” But / Butt testimonials, such as these, must have ironclad, no BS rules…

• This shall be presented as a LIVE, televised / streamed (gavel to gavel) public hearing. Perhaps call it Mitch’s Witch Hunt? Or Pelosi’s PlayHouse? Hey, if the network suits can one-up either of my “working titles”, more power to ’em, right?

• Declare a one-time, National Holiday to ensure the hugest American audience possible. To further encourage viewership, each consenting 18+ viewer, shall wind up entered into a lottery… i.e., where the one drawn at random, top prize winner shall pocket ONE MILLION DOLLARS… A LUMP SUM PAYOUT… TAX FREE (federal / state / local)!

• Both men shall submit to a mandatory, pretrial, rigorous physical exam and psychological evaluation.

• Neither man shall be permitted to lawyer up during questioning and must answer while hooked up to a polygraph machine. Too damned Orwellian you say? Hell, this could’ve gone down as far, Far, FAR more Draconian! They should consider themselves damned lucky that war criminal W. Bush’s waterboarding “techniques” won’t be “in play”.

• An in-house, bipartisan team of Fact Checkers shall rate the respondents’ veracity, utilizing either the Pants On Fire or Pinocchio Scales (their rulings to appear, in-real-time, as a “crawl” across the bottom of our screens).

• Penalties for perjury, upon conviction, shall [1] automatically disqualify each guilty party from ever holding all future elective offices (all the way down to dog catcher), [2] require the immediate return of all raised campaign contributions and [3] if treason is involved, shall result in appropriate imprisonment.

• The actual inquiry will be akin to a multiple choice test… Trump’s and Biden’s six possible answers…

a. Yes
b. No
c. Won’t answer (arrogance)
d. Can’t answer (ignorance)
e. Can’t answer (national security issue)
f. I invoke 5th Amendment protections

• Whenever “e” responses arise, the respondent(s) must be re-deposed in a Closed Senate Session.

Election Year Fringe Benefit: Seeing how inordinate amounts of evasiveness, cluelessness and/or forgetfulness could prove damning for anyone auditioning for that Oval Office gig, the voters could view Mitch’s Witch Hunt or Pelosi’s PlayHouse as the ultimate means to ferret out one… perhaps even two unworthy candidates.

Hey… better to get this political bad blood out of our electoral system NOW, rather than to feel four (or four more) unbearably long year’s worth of buyers’ remorse LATER!








Witness the Donald J. Trump Impeachment Trial? NOT!

Yesterday, courtesy of YouTube, I featured Live PBS coverage of the U.S. Senate’s Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump.

Today, I UN-feature it. Why?

For starters… Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell… no big surprise… has now hit rock bottom… has been following through on his recent public promise to NOT be impartial… which… btw… flips off the oath he took to behave otherwise.

As usual, McConnell’s assessment is dead wrong. Contrast that with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s intent, which transcends mere politics. Her House of Representatives’ primary goals have been to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution… to preserve the sanctity of our ballot box… to save America from tyranny.

ULTIMATELY… Pelosi is telling Trump’s bff, Vladimir Putin, to go F himself!

Obviously McConnell and his fellow subversive Republicans do not take any of Pelosi’s concerns seriously, anymore.

Which brings us back to why I’m no longer streaming the trial…

Right from the get-go, Mitch and his entire Trumpian band of bootlickers, have been putting on a shameless, spineless, valueless exhibition that’s a monumental embarrassment to America. As such, I’d be ashamed to have any of you see it.










A Constitutional Crisis / Chaos Abetted or Averted?


This blog’s posting time marks the beginning of the historic, Impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. Americans and many others spanning the whole world… will all be watching, intently, to see if U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts are honorable men, who’ll be able to [1] elevate patriotism over partisanship, [2] preside over a trial complete with witness testimony and presented evidence AND [3] pursue the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… wherever that truth shall lead them.

While that is, precisely, what these high and mighty entities are under oath to do AND owe each and every American, alas, what We the People will likely get is quite predictable… namely…

The lurid, obscene spectacle of the Republican dominated Senate’s members, all standing at attention to salute… to lay bare… their undying, undue lust for dictator Donald J. Trump.








Thinking About King


On both of former President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Days, I felt a surge of pride… truly believed that We the People… who had finally flipped off America’s racist past… were now in the voting majority. As such, We were now destined to, forevermore, build upon the sturdy foundation of inclusiveness… best exemplified by Martin Luther King’s I’ve got a Dream Speech and Obama’s Change We Can Believe In.

Then came Inauguration Day 2017. The End.

And what will happen come Inauguration Day 2021?

Let’s consider this plausible sequence of events…

• The owned by Donald J. Trump, Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell and his right wing, underling legislators can all be counted on to never convict the impeached prez and, once bogusly exonerated and unduly emboldened. Donny will run amok and successfully run for reelection (due to his bff Vladimir Putin’s meddling and Electoral College math).

• With all 435 U.S. Representatives and 33 out of 100 U.S. Senators up for 2020 reelection, to rein in Trump, We would need to maintain a House Democratic majority AND establish a Senate super majority. But what would any of that even mean when we’ve seen how Trump already disses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and defies all her attempts to hold him accountable? Hell, he’d just as easily flip off a Democratic Senate and do whatever he damned pleases.

• Since Trump has been swamp dredging to find nominees to load up the federal judiciary (inclusive of his two suck-up, SCOTUS cronies Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh), who’d ever rule against Donny? Again, he’d do as he damned pleases.

• Even if Trump loses his bid for re-election, the question then becomes, will he accept defeat? Will his sycophantic, barbaric, armed to the teeth, revolting supporters accept his defeat?

• The 78 days between Election Day and Inauguration Day could provide too damned much time for his goons to go on a bulldoze-America-down-to-rubble rampage (with Donny ecstatically and emphatically egging and cheering them on. He’d likely hole up in the White House and continue to do as he damned pleases.

Against that Trumpian nightmare backdrop… perhaps even inclusive of a Revolutionary War battlefield… how could We ever expect Martin Luther King’s impassioned pleas to ever blossom into a wide awake, American Dream come true?








Warped Wayne’s World (One Quick Limerick #040)

WARNING: Normally my limericks are not so graphic. While I apologize, in advance, to my more sensitive readers, I think we can all agree that gun violence and the flat-out refusal of the powers-that-be to end it, are the far bigger obscenities here.


Wayne LaPierre is a dickhead, dense simp,
Far less evolved than the average chimp,
Ryan, McConnell and Trump,
Suck up to him, kiss his rump,
In Warped Wayne’s World, he’s their psychotic pimp!


Cast of Disreputable Characters:

Line One: National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive VP Wayne LaPierre Jr.

Line Three: (Reading from L to R) U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (who speaks only on behalf of gun nuts), U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (who only “dances” with LaPierre… i.e., only follows Wayne’s lead) and the so-called POTUS (who, in his high capacity of being the epitome of depravity, amorality and stupidity, can only lead America down the path to flat-out, societal ruin).


Related Bonus Limerick…

It may seem odd… but… in Warped Wayne’s World, there’s a sicko symbiotic relationship. Yep, it’s entirely possible for terrorist LaPierre to act in a dual (duel?) role… i.e. be both pimp and john. In his former role his “girls” are scared to death that he’ll beat them up politically should they ever fail to follow each and every one of his barked out orders… commands designed solely to satisfy that sociopath’s insatiable bloodlust. Yet, in his latter role, Wayne is akin to the sexual addict who pisses away billions of bucks while habitually frequenting his political whores.


Meet the political whores: Don, Paul, Mitch,
Wayne LaPierre: “john” and son of a bitch,
Those working “girls” turn the trick,
Suck on the NRA dick,
Wayne unloads wads of cash, makes his “girls” rich!


Setting all verses aside for a moment…

My heartfelt condolences to all of the surviving families and friends of each and every innocent, gun violence victim… all across gun-sick America and throughout our savage, terrorized world. To all the innocent folks who’ve been wounded… wherever you now try to piece your lives back together… you have my best wishes for the speediest, most complete recovery possible.


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The Roy Moore MO?


WARNING: Today’s content may be upsetting to some readers.

Of all the brainwashed Evangelicals and other fools who still support U.S. Senate candidate, Alabama Republican Roy Moore, it’s pretty safe to speculate that some of them are parents of female minors. What’s been so astounding is that, in spite of five women now accusing Moore of sexually assaulting and/or harassing them in the distant past (when they were in their early and mid teens) the support from Moore’s voter base remains unwavering… in some cases has even been intensifying!

The insanely defiant and inappropriately indignant Moore has been trying his damnedest to bogusly portray his accusers as liars… misrepresent himself as the victim of some unfounded, political, ideological and theological, media driven witch hunt. He’s been hemming and hawing during media interviews and ranting and raving from the campaign trail stump… as if what? High decibel leveled rampaging and roaring could ever transform anyone’s lies into truths?

Of course, it’d not be going out on a limb to call out Moore as a liar. Even U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan no longer believe him.

Much worse than Moore’s ruthless, political ambition is his intimation that he has always been sweet and considerate prior to sexually assaulting his underage victims. Check out this creepy, far from reassuring example of that pig’s hogwash…


“I don’t remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother.”


Good gawd almighty! Are we to believe that Moore has actually ding-donged the doorbell, tipped his cowboy hat and in his thick southern accent, interlaced with his lecherous laughing, drawled out to countless moms…


Roy: G’day, li’l lady! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Roy Moore and I’m running to be the next U.S. Senator to represent the great state of Alabama. I can already tell by your purdy li’l smile that you’ve heard of me! Well, to get right down to it… I could not help but admire your underage daughter when I ogled and whistled at her… tailed her ever so closely last Saturday night at the Gadsden Mall. However, since I am so gentlemanly, I’m approaching you first to let you in on all the salacious plans I have for her. You see, I plan to molest your little girl… deny her all the carefree days of her youth… traumatize and flat out ruin her entire life. And then, as soon as I tire of her, I’ll promptly dump her. Now, I do hope you’ve raised your little missy to be submissive to whatever demands I will make of her… as in… no questions asked. Indeed, I do fully expect your young’un to worship me… OR ELSE!

Mom: Uh… I dunno… maybe you had better talk to her Pa, too… he’s the man of the house and always makes the major decisions.

Roy: I thought you might hesitate. You cannot possibly view giving me permission to uh… date… your minor daughter to be a major decision. Ma’am, you’ve offended me! And I do find myself growing a bit peeved, too. So, let’s just cut to the chase! I could make life very difficult for your entire family. That’s because a high and mighty man, such as I, has many deeply rooted connections. Yes indeed, I do own dozens of good ol’ boy lawmen and… uh… well… let’s just say that since they’d be all too happy to take the law into their own hands to do my bidding, you’d be a damn fool not to fully cooperate with me here and now. To that end, I fully expect you to sign this legal waiver, which not only makes your daughter mine… all mine… but also absolves me of all legal and financial responsibility should she ever wind up… uh… well uh… let’s just say… in a family way. After all, any baby making would be all her fault… not mine. So, li’l lady, what’ll it be?”

Mom: Oh Mr. Moore, I don’t know how or why I could’ve ever doubted such a fine, upstanding big man such as you. Speaking on behalf of my husband, I know we both would be honored to have someone as famous and saintly as you violate our little girl. We’d even love to make a sizable contribution to help with your campaign. Now, where do I sign?

Roy: Right by that little ol’ X. Now you be sure to press hard so it appears clearly on all five copies. And do fetch your checkbook, too!

Mom: I know you two will have lots of fun! (turning to shout up the staircase to her daughter). Honey, a nice man named Roy… who’ll soon be our U.S. Senator… is on his way up to pay you a li’l visit! Now you be sure to do whatever this great man tells you to do… no matter what… ya hear?



I sure as hell do hope that that above conversation is nothing more than a work of fiction. For, if it is not, any mom or pop who’d ever let any sexual predator take indecent liberties with their own daughter should be reported to Child Protective Services… ASAP! Prison sentences for all the guilty parties would be in order, too!


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