A Friday the 13th “Reinstatement”?


As of my posting time, it’s now Friday the 13th all across America. Not being one who’s particularly superstitious, I’d normally be feeling blasé re this numerology. However, owing to very little qualifying as normal, these days, I’m feeling unnerved, instead. And with good reason, too.

It all boils down to the MAGA maniacs, who’ve been perpetrating and perpetuating The Big Lie; namely, that Donald J. Trump (not Joe Biden) won the 2020 election (yadda yadda yadda, YAWN). Little doubt, they’ve taken out their orange crayons to circle August 13th on their calendars; designated this very Friday as “The Day” where they expect all nine of the United States Supreme Court Justices (even the three liberals; YIKES!) to be ruling in favor of illegally disenfranchising legitimate, qualified voters; unlawfully overturning said election for the express purpose of “reinstating” Trump. And, once that crap goes down, what’s supposed to happen next?

Well, the X-prez’s hardcore supporters also expect President Biden, VP Kamala Harris, the whole kit and kaboodle of Biden Administration cabinet members and other staffers to do what?

Shrug? En masse, wave good-bye? Obediently march, single file, out of the White House, off the grounds and out onto Pennsylvania Avenue? And after that?

Well, to hazard a guess, that’s when Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts would supposedly head for the U.S. Capitol steps to meet up with his boy Trump; to swear him into office a second time? Uh, on second thought, why would Roberts even bother? I mean, the Trumpster never has / never will take such an oath, seriously.

Of course, it’s utterly absurd to even discuss any of this; seeing how there’s absolutely no Constitutional stipulation or legal precedent to reinstate a former, one termer president; well, other than for him to run again and emerge the victor.

And, therein is the hidden danger. Donny’s delusional supporters actually believe that precise scenario will be playing out, today; just as strongly as they believe The Big Lie, itself. So, how will they react when reality comes crashing down around them? When absolutely none of that above scenario comes true?

Trump’s January 6th attempt to overthrow Democracy did provide us a valuable clue. That very seditious act amply demonstrates how his subversive supporters can and will march in lockstep with him. Indeed, at the mere drop of a red MAGA hat, they can and will re-attack America. And just knowing that such on-cue malevolence is brewing… alas… long sigh… it is possible that this Friday the 13th could prove to be bad luck for America.

And, while I hadn’t been planning on venturing forth into our Covid / Delta Variant diseased world, anyway, that Trumpers might be plotting, yet, another destructive, deadly coup d’état (in protest of Biden remaining our President)? Well, that’ll certainly keep me hunkered down at home; not only today but far beyond this entire weekend, too.

We can only hope that we, the genuine Americans, who still wholeheartedly believe in honest even-handed, liberty-based governance and voter rights / the sanctity of the ballot, will outclass and outnumber traitorous, tyrant Trump and his treacherous, MAGA minions.

The very survival of my / our homeland depends on the former political species prevailing.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!




Premonition? Reality?

Just prior to high noon, come January 20, 2021, we eyewitness the desperately clinging to power, Donald J. Trump, in the midst of, yet, another of his ferocious, rampaging, psychotic episodes. He’s pumped up on both Rx’d and ill-gotten, industrial strength narcotics, too. That harmful drug interaction’s side effects include split personality, superhuman strength and anal leakage.

In that incapacity, international terrorist Donald bin Laden, has crapped his pants while repurposing the resolute desk, furniture, assorted statuary, bric-a-brac, etc. to barricade all ingress to the Oval Office. He’s now taken to Twitter to Tweet out his odious terms and threat:

“If Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts does not administer the Oath of Office to ME, instead of Joe Biden; if the hugest Inauguration Day audience, ever, is not raucously chanting ‘Twenty-Four More Years’ and Sieg Heil’, I’ll launch the nukes and mushroom cloud the entire freakin’ world.”

At that horrific juncture, the Secret Service tacticians will be convening an emergency staff meeting to weigh their options. Little doubt, at the very least, there’ll be two game plans on the table.

PLAN A: Sever all of Donny’s links to the outside world, break out the battering ram, storm into the Oval Office and bark out the ultimatum:

“Listen up scum wad! EITHER we’ll drag you out kicking and screaming OR you can salvage what little is left of your self-respect and permit us to promptly frogmarch you off the premises and into the dumpster of history.”

PLAN B (Phase 1): Have Donny’s best buddy, TV’s propaganda minister Sean Hannity, talk him down. With bullhorn in hand, he’ll cajole the fake prez into granting entry to a Judge Roberts doppelgänger, who’ll inform him that a chauffeur driven, armor-plated stretch limo (well-stocked with his all-time, fave fast food), is parked out front to whisk them both off to the National Mall. En route, the fake prez will pig out on Egg McMuffins, Big Macs, Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and wash it all down with a supersized, Diet Coke (spiked with a powerful animal tranquilizer).

PLAN B (Phase 2): Once groggy Donny comes to, he’ll be locked up within a maximum security, mental institution; a perfect White House replica. It’ll then be incumbent on faux Roberts to duly warn Trump that a sudden, climate change fueled tempest has rendered the windswept, rain-soaked Inaugural site an inundated disaster area. VainMan Trump, facing down the prospect of a bad hair day, little doubt, will become amenable to taking his Oath of Office right within the Oval Office; especially when reassured that the television camera will be beaming and streaming the proceedings, worldwide, to an audience numbered in the billions.

PLAN B (Phase 3): From that day onward, Trump will be fed a steady diet of fake news, e.g., [1] all the world leaders have relinquished their power to him; have pledged their undying, unconditional subservience, [2] all 7.8 billion souls, worldwide have also pledged their everlasting devotion [3] the U.S. Constitution has been stuffed into the shredder, [4] Pope Francis has declared him God and [5] owing to a gaggle of moonlighting, Operation Warp Speed, white lab coated medicos, he has attained immortality.

ALL PLANS NIXED: In reality, Donald J. Trump will establish a new platform / network from which to launch his shadow presidency; for the express purpose of exacting revenge via his sabotage of Joe Biden’s best efforts to end the pandemic, climate change, systemic racism, misogyny, homophobia, inequality, poverty, etc.

The End


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





DANGER! Trump, Ryan, McConnell & Roberts’ One Party Rule

Politically speaking, I know the difference between right and left. As the grown-up here, it’s abundantly clear to me that, on Election Day, the children on the right threw a tantrum and wrongfully elected Donald Trump as our their president.

Morally speaking, I know the difference between right and wrong. As a respectable adult, I’m fully aware that I must reject Donald Trump as our their president.

Because I’ve honored the U.S. Constitution’s stipulation calling for an orderly transition of power, I’ve done my patriotic duty… and that’s as far as I’ll go. I must draw the line somewhere! And that means I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT compromise my ethics the same way Trump and his supporters flip off theirs… that is… if they ever had any true patriotism and solid scruples to begin with.

Under normal circumstances, we, who voted for Hillary Clinton, would mourn for awhile and then shrug off her defeat by saying, “Oh well… better luck next time”… BUT… it’s not as easy as that.

How so?

Mere days ago, the voters did absolutely nothing to safeguard America (and the world) against madman Trump’s wrecking ball. And I’m not being melodramatic when I point out how Dangerous Donny made campaign promises, which will batter, objectify and subjugate women, discriminate against LGBTs, fan the flames of racial and religious intolerance and mock disabled folks… which showcased his ill-conceived plans to plunder our economy and lay waste to Earth’s fragile ecosystem.

These voters cleared away all Constitutional impediments from Dangerous Donny’s path by granting him solid Republican Legislative Branch majorities and, as soon as he fills the vacant seat on the SCOTUS bench, he’ll have a 5-4 Republican majority within the Judicial Branch, too.

Under normal circumstances, even one party rule would be tempered by checks and balances, where (in this instance) the Republican majority… both legislators and judges… would consistently prioritize their patriotism over partisanship.

In other words, IF WHEN Trump does something wrong… they’d fearlessly call him out as flat out wrong.

But, such patriotic and moral traits… such political mettle… NEITHER accurately characterize Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts NOR their sycophantic rightwing colleagues.

So, I can only counter the folly of my American compatriots, who’ve elected Donald Trump… and, worse yet, have granted him absolute power (which will corrupt absolutely) by saying…

My rock solid patriotism and moral compass guide me on the high road.

I will NEVER march in lockstep, alongside them, down their low road… down Donny’s low road, which is strewn with the craggy rocks and boulders of insanity, profanity, stupidity, bigotry, misogyny and gluttony.

Although they are oblivious to the grave reality of the situation of their own making… they have buried America.

After only four years hours of Donald Trump in the Oval Office, for average Janes and Joes (and yes, ironically, that’ll include Trump’s supporters), the American Dream will come to an end… the American Nightmare will begin. As for the phrase, “Oh well… better luck next time”…

Oh well… better luck next time.