What’ll Happen Tonight @ 23:59:59?


How apropos that, Stateside, our Halloween and Election Day are mere days apart.

What could be scarier than our electorate’s spooky entities, who don’t know what the real America stands for; namely, equality, liberty and justice for all. In their state of abject ignorance these hobgoblins and hooligans are sure to vote accordingly; so much so, that they’re hell-bent on re-empowering one Donald J. Trump, their, in title only, president; their zero hero from Hell.

These cultists cannot even begin to see him as the existential threat to Democracy that he is.

Truth is, science denier Trump has, SO FAR, willfully permitted Corona-V to go on a nine month (too) long, nationwide rampage. SO FAR, that psychopath has sickened 9.6 million Americans. SO FAR, that ghoul has the blood of the 237,000 COVID-19 dead on his hands. As for any of us who may, somehow, manage to survive the needless pandemic (of his own making), we will, eventually, face down a climate changed, uninhabitable world.

On Trump’s watch, he has flat-out refused to accept and articulate the three words, “Black Lives Matter”; has emboldened militant, racist cops, who gleefully crack open the heads of BLM protestors and BLM sympathizers; has ordered the teargassing and pepper spraying of these peaceable protestors, in flagrant violation of their 1st Amendment Rights; has figuratively danced in his blood splattered streets; has sadistically reveled in all the pain and suffering he’s wrought, up and down Main Street U.S.A.

Trump has done his damnedest to provoke Civil War-II, by winding up his toy soldiers; namely, his seething with preexisting hatred, domestic terrorists, a.k.a. Nazis, Klansmen, Proud Boys, Wolverine Watchmen, etc.; that last on the list faction recently FBI busted for plotting to abduct, torture and assassinate Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer; i.e., to punish her for her righteous, courageous, slow the spread of COVID-19, life saving, statewide lock-down and mask-up decrees.

Pre-pandemic Trump has kidnapped, traumatized, abused and caged asylum seekers’ infants and children; has flipped off a court order to reunite these families; has declared enemies of the people, the genuine article journalists, who’ve been justifiably critical of his deplorable words and deeds; has called for the devoid of due process, imprisonment of his (guilty of no crimes) political opponents. WTF will be next, coliseums where his bloodthirsty, mask-less, packed in, shoulder-to-shoulder devotees will gather to cheer on public stonings and executions?

Trump, Commander-In-Chief, no less, has badmouthed his own troops; called these selfless soldiers “losers” and “suckers”; has undermined their valiant efforts to rid the world of oppression; allowed autocrat Vladimir Putin to place bounties on their heads.

For his own political gain, Trump has accepted dictatorial régimes’ meddling and mucking up of what used to be our fair, free elections; he has sabotaged the United States Postal Service to slow down the processing of sent and returned absentee ballots; has refused to accept any voting outcome other than the one that will re-install him; has flat out refused to accept a potential Biden / Harris victory; has not committed to honor an American tradition that, up to 2016, has always resulted in the peaceful, orderly transition of power.

Seeing how all the above is far scarier than Halloween, America might as well move up Election Day to October 31st. However, factoring in how there will never, again, be another Election Day if Trump screws over the voters; if long before all the legitimate ballots have all been counted, opts to prematurely / wrongfully declare his victory at 23:59:59 tonight, WTF would be the point? Right?


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





Lock Them Up!


By hook or by crook, USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will be doing his damnedest to get his pal, crooked Donald J. Trump, reelected.

Donny will be needing all the help he can get, too, since his DIY pandemic is still sickening Americans physically and fiscally… thereby leaving him no meaningful accomplishments to brag about. Ergo, to snag a second term, these two creeps have been colluding to muck up free elections. And stunningly, dumb luck likely accounts for Donny covering all his bases.

For starters, the fake prez has his ally, Corona-V, which disproportionately sickens to death people of color… the very people who usually vote for Democratic candidates. Beyond that, that godforsaken pathogen has been spooking voters, of all demographics… making us fearful of in-person voting, which, in turn, means the absentee ballot will become our best bet.

Alas, all bets may be off, seeing how DeJoy has been ordering the removal and destruction of mail sorting machines, which, in turn, can only delay / prevent completed ballots’ timely arrival back at City Halls, nationwide, by Election Day.

Hmm… let’s consider this…

During my working years, had I ever deliberately destroyed workplace property, bare minimum, I’d have been fired. More than likely I’d have also been handcuffed, arrested, arraigned, tried, convicted and sentenced to serve some prison time.

Hmm… let’s consider this, too…

The time is ripe for DeJoy to “enjoy” his speedy trial and, if justice still exists, to do some time behind bars, too.

And since the cops’ paddy wagon has got to be big enough to accommodate two, why not make a second stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave N.W. to slap the handcuffs on Trump, too?

However, a bit of a heads up to the arresting officer(s)…

Donny’s hands are soooooo dainty…
How dainty are they?
His little paws could easily slip out of the cuffs and let him escape!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!