Hear Today (and Forevermore)… Vid(s) of the Day


The invention of gun powder and inhalation of nicotine…

Imagine that!

Deadly chemical compounds aided and abetted the Grim Reaper in his undying quest to prematurely rob music lovers… spanning cultures, ideologies, generations and geopolitical boundaries… of two of the most accomplished and acclaimed singers / songwriters / instrumentalists, who ever breathed in the oxygen.

Our lead Vid of the Day features YouTuber Paola Quezada’s visual montage tribute to John Lennon and George Harrison. As most of us already know, Lennon was shot to death by a mentally disturbed “fan” in NYC 39 December 8’s ago AND Harrison likely smoked himself into a November 29, 2001 early grave. The music accompanying the pix, of course, is none other than Harrison’s tribute to John… All Those Years Ago

Bonus Vid of the Day…

No tribute to Lennon would be complete sans YouTuber Jarle’s photo montage set to Paul McCartney’s musical memorial service for John, titled: Here Today








Much Needed Heroes (Vid of the Day)

Today’s clip features a concluding scene from the TV sitcom Hogan’s Heroes… namely, the Season 2 Episode 1 installment, which is titled, Hogan Gives a Birthday Party (which just happened to air, last night, on the MeTV network). Because of the especially clever plot twists and turns, this episode, in particular, has always been a favorite of mine.

Aside: Ever since the resurgence of reprehensible Nazis, right within my own homeland, I’ve felt a renewed, heightened interest in this TV series, which originally aired on the CBS network from September 17, 1965 ~ April 4, 1971. I mean, it feels so damned good to be witnessing even fictitious characters fighting Fascists rather than watching the all too real Donald J. Trump sucking up to them.

Sitcom Concept: Our main hero, Col. Robert Hogan (Bob Crane), is in command of his rough and ready, Allied Forces special ops unit. They’ve all been captured by the Germans, however, that doesn’t mean they’re out of the action. Together, they fight WW-II right from out of a prisoner of war camp… Stalag 13… right under the noses of the narcissistic / inept Camp Commandant Col. Wilhelm Klink (Werner Klemperer) and the secretly antiwar Sgt. Hans Schultz (John Banner).

Episode Synopsis: Col Hogan kidnaps the Stalag 13 visiting, German General Biedenbender, commandeers his airplane and pilots a makeshift mission to fly over and bomb a German oil refinery. He then turns over command to the two shot down over Germany American pilots (who he’s helping escape back to London). Hogan and his men could’ve even flown back with them… to get back into the war, officially, but, instead, they return to Stalag 13 and parachute just outside the barbed wire fences. And from there, they resume their espionage and sabotage activities.

If I’ve failed to explain things, adequately, check out this Sitcom Link and Episode Link.







Karlan vs. Collins ~ Vid of the Day

Since I could not express myself more eloquently than Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan and political analyst Brian Tyler Cohen, via the above YouTube clip, I now yield my blogger’s dais to them both.






Nadler’s / America’s Last Stand? (Vid of the Day)

A true patriot / champion of freedom will feel pride when viewing our Vid of the Day... namely… U.S. House Representative Jerry Nadler’s gutsy, take no crap from anybody approach to reining in the reign of terror of one Donald J. Trump.

Nadler is courageously presiding over an orderly presentation of compelling evidence… thoughtfully building up his case to substantiate an unprecedented, unpresidential power grab that, left unchecked, could easily blur the Founding Fathers’ vision of America… correction… could certainly blind America into the absolute, irreversible darkness of depravity and tyranny.

While , normally, I’d agree that “innocent until proven guilty” certainly would and should apply, what, pray tell, is normal about a situation where a (so-called) sitting president releases his own damning, self-incriminating, written account of his infamous, July 25, 2019 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky…

• a.k.a. a perfect example of a quid-pro-quo, which any reasonable person would deem Not in America’s Best Interests

• a.k.a. Trump’s thuggish, shakedown and attempted corruption of a foreign leader… all for the express purpose of digging up dirt on potential political rival Joe Biden…

• a.k.a. Trump’s attempt to subvert America’s free elections…

• a.k.a. Trump’s attempt to rip out and stomp on the very heart of Democracy!

While Trump’s whiny, wind-up Republican tools and toadies are ceaselessly blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the impeachment proceedings going “too fast”, what they fail to grasp is how the very person, who has sped up this process, is none other than Donald J. Trump!

What the hell else could his yes-men expect? Trump has already pleaded guilty to the damn crime!

Ms. Pelosi has exercised extreme judiciousness and forbearance in keeping open a totally open-and-shut case; a case where she had all the votes needed to have already impeached Trump.


ADDENDUM [12/06/19 09:09 AM]: Except for a minor revision of my blog headline and lead paragraph, the remainder of this post is identical to what I posted yesterday. I’ve done so to correct a lapse of good taste / good judgment.




(V)idiot / Dumb Donald (Vid of the Day)

Fancy that… nowadays, we’re always hearing about the real Donald, who’s being paid handsomely to be the Fox & Friends, binge watching, couch potato. Hell… he could get far more useful information watching the _________.

Now… fancy the Seventies era Match Game clip, where we’ll discover more about the fake Dumb Donald’s viewing habits. Let’s see how contestant Linda, first, responds to emcee Gene Rayburn’s fill in the blank question and, next, how many celebs she can match.







Tuesday Afternoon (Vid of the Day)

There’ll be Tuesdays like these (and the rest of each week’s days, too), where there’ll just not be time enough to log in to blog. I simply needed to take care of some way too long neglected biz. Sure, I could now get into the boring particulars, but, who’d ever want to read about a mundane, important to me / trivial to you, non-blogworthy non-event?

However… on to the practicalities…

I would still like to live up to my Vid of the Day presentation schedule. Of course, with a goodly portion of our world now in Wednesday mode, I’m already too late. But, on a technicality, here in America (thanks to Hawaii) it’ll still be Tuesday. for approximately five more hours.

Even better… regardless of when we click our clip’s playback button, we’ll be treated to YouTuber pianist Ben’s fine cover of the Moody Blues aptly titled classic… Tuesday Afternoon.