Dumb Donald’s Miranda Rights (Vid of the Day)

“Eons” prior to the Real Donald’s downward escalator ride and America’s corresponding, downward plunge, Match Game writers had created their Dumb Donald character and concocted oodles of situations for him to contend with. Seeing how whatever he touched would instantaneously, consistently and completely get mucked up, it’s almost as if they’d been able to foresee the Real Donald.

Game show host Gene Rayburn now presents one of his staff’s scenarios to his contestant, Genevieve…

“Dumb Donald was so dumb, when the police arrested
him, he used his one telephone call to call ________.”

ASIDE: The Real Donald would have virtually no one he could
contact. After all, most of his attorney cronies are incompetent
and incomprehensible… some of them are even incarcerated.
As for his estranged wife and strange kids, need we say more?

Anyhow, let’s PB the above clip to hear Genevieve’s response and find out how many celebs she’ll match.







Dumb Donald Gets Into Shoe Biz (Vid of the Day)

Long before the Real Donald crammed his butt into the DC throne, clever, clairvoyant(?) Match Game writers were creating a slew of silly situations for their fake character, Dumb Donald, to cope with… for instance…

On 18 September 1978, game show emcee Gene Rayburn presented the following scenario to contestant Tina…

“Dumb Donald is so dumb, once he buried his
shoe because he wanted to grow a __________.”

While the celebs began writing down their answers, the ever clever, consummate, entertainer Rayburn hammed it up as an on-the-fly, fly swat wielding exterminator and… to say the very least… he excelled in that role, too.

Well now, it’s just about time for us to take a gander at our clip to hear Tina’s response and see how many celebs she’ll match…

But… before we do so… let’s first check out how all the above ties into the Real Donald’s world. And believe me, no Match Game writer could ever concoct and match… let alone trump… the cockamamie-ness of what went down in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 4 October 2018 / 4:51 PM CDT.

That’s the where and when to how Trump got into some really big-time, shoe business of his very own. While ascending the stairs to board Air Force One, some sort of paper product (perhaps TP?) had gotten stuck to his left shoe.

Assuming that shoe “adhesive” had been some sort of doo-doo…

• Descendants of Rayburn’s fly were likely buzzing about his Boeing 747-200B jet cabin, too.

• While doo-doo does make growing vegetables much easier, the only things growing within veggie Trump’s fallow noggin would’ve been his [1] humiliation over being perceived as vulnerable as the rest of us and [2] annoyance that he’d soon be the butt of every late night comedian’s joke.

• While it’s a given that the Real Donald has never worked his butt off doing much of anything, it’s easy to see how he would’ve buried his shoe… just like his Match Game namesake, Dumb Donald. Or in lieu of that… delegated that disgusting task to some unfortunate underling.








Dumb Donald Goes for the Gold? (Vid of the Day)

Nearly fifty years prior to the Real Donald becoming the fake prez, clever, clairvoyant(?) Match Game writers created slice of life scenarios for their fake character, Dumb Donald, to contend with. When we compare yesterday’s Donald to today’s, we find they do share certain traits in common… in this instance… their lust for gold… and inability to thoughtfully manage their acquisition of it.

In our above clip, game show emcee Gene Rayburn asks contestant Jessica to fill in this blank…

“Dumb Donald is so dumb, when he went to the
Olympics and won a gold medal, he had it _____.”

Hmm… come to think of it…

For the Real Donald… a chronic couch potato… to ever wind up winning any Olympic gold, the National Olympic Committee would need to come up with several brand spanking new, custom-made (Trump specific), easy for Donny to win events… e.g….

• Most Burger King™ Whoppers™ scarfed down in 5 minutes.
• Most flat out whoppers told during a 10 minute stump speech.
• Most incoherent, 280 character Tweets™ posted in 5 minutes flat.
• Ability to yell louder than the typical Marine One helicopter.

Decathlon Don Event:

• Most impressive sniffling, whining, droning, one-upmanship,
bad-mouthing, boasting, bellowing, bleating, belching and farting.


Anyway… let’s take a look at our clip to hear Jessica’s response and see how many celebs she’ll match…







NSFW (expletives) Vid of The Day

My site’s goal is to keep expletives to the bare minimum. Were I given a choice of a squeaky clean version of the above clip, I’d have used it. So… why do I feature Mathew Hahn’s parody… AS IS? Because…

• the actual obscenity, here, is less about a few dirty words and more about the dirty deeds they describe.

• we do live in a society where peppered with salty language discourse will snag far more attention.

• considering how Donald J. Trump simply couldn’t resist rubbing out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, we now find ourselves on the verge of a global, nuclear holocaust. And, what, pray tell, could be more obscene than that?

To be sure, it would take a slew of historians and psychiatrists, all specializing in Middle East cultures, to even begin to unravel all of the tightly interwoven, detrimental causes and effects, which have been tying up that region… from time immemorial.

Granted, Mr. Peabody’s narrative and Sherman’s astute conclusions… clocking out at a mere 4:18… can only address the more recent highlights… correction… let’s call these historical events America’s low-lights. Even so, these cartoon heroes (from my youth… maybe yours, too?) do point out the glaring, inescapable truth…

Multiple generations of American intruders, carrying baggage bulging with animosity and avarice driven, foreign policy, have royally mucked up the Middle East. Factoring in how the current Oval Office Occupant is building upon THAT rickety foundation…

The End








A Fake Prez’s UnFake War? (Vid of the Day)

As average citizens, not having access to the same intelligence reports afforded a sitting POTUS, we can never really know, for sure, whether or not Donald J. Trump’s choice to bump off Iranian General Qasem Soleimani went down for any justifiable reason(s). Of course, the secondary issue here…

When it comes down to Donny, would
intelligence ever even enter the picture?

And speaking of pictures… YouTuber Sky News did title our featured clip thusly…

“Is the US attack a ‘Wag the Dog’ scenario?”

To flesh that out…

Will a “Don’s” Hit on the General act as a Major Distraction?

Read more about Wag the Dog and/or view the 2:33 Theatrical Trailer

Trump could easily sucker in the unwitting media to aid and abet his deflection of the voters’ attention away from his impending impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate (perhaps even causing a significant delay in such proceedings).

The Bad News…

Unlike film fiction, America going to war with Iran will not be akin to character Stanley Motss’ produced, fake war.

Trump will wind up spilling oceans of red blood and pissing away red ink “just” to help him stain the Electoral Map blood red.








Dumb Donald the Playboy (Vid of the Day)

Decades prior to the Real Donald’s power grab and admissions of grabbing, clever, clairvoyant(?) Match Game writers concocted cockamamie scenarios for Dumb Donald, their fake character, to come to grips with. As it oft turned out, these two Donalds have much in common… in this instance… their hankering for Porn Stars and Playmates.

In today’s cllip, game show emcee Gene Rayburn poses this fill in the blank situation to contestant Janey…

“Dumb Donald was so dumb, when he went to the
Playboy Club, he brought ______ for the Bunnies.”

Let’s watch to find out how Janey responds and how many celebs she’ll manage to match…






Whistle-Blower Pooches & Political Dogs (Vid of the Day)


If it’s, indeed, true that the world is going to the dogs, let’s hope our clip’s three featured pooches are leaders of the pack.

Granted, humankind’s best friends are not always well-behaved. However, unlike some humans, when confronted, they oft display a far more refined, superior sense of right and wrong… are far more willing to fess up to their transgressions… to feel the shame they have brought upon themselves.

That’s far more than can be said about politicians… namely…

• A certain, snarling, growling, lying through his teeth, guilty as hell, blatantly blameworthy, big-name political dog, who, stunningly, insists the never-ending, ever-growing list of his dirty deeds is “perfect”.

• The pack of rabid, howling wolves, who always have his back.