Let’s Ring in 2020 with Benson’s 20/20 (Vid of the Holiday)

To play Auld Lang Syne at the zero hour / stroke of midnight? Yawn! Too predictable.

To invite George Benson to party us into the New Year. Now that’d be WAY COOL!

Granted… 20 / 20 is not, precisely, about (w)ringing out 2019 and ringing in 2020… but hey… his upbeat song can serve as an indirect, friendly reminder to make it our New Year’s Resolution to draw upon and rely on 20 / 20 foresight to see us / our world through to better days.

To all who’ve stopped by to enjoy the above clip… maybe even to read this post…

I wish you all a healthful, peaceful, thoughtful, insightful, hopeful, cheerful, joyful, successful and bountiful New Year!





Capitol Steps (w)ring out the Old Year (Vid of the Holiday)

The best way to set up our Vid of the Holiday, is to quote my 07/24/18 Vid of the Day’s lead paragraph…

“The Major-General’s Song from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan… already a catchy tune in itself… does truly lend itself to the parodies of most sharp-witted songsmiths.”

This early a.m., courtesy of my local NPR FM affiliate, I heard the political parodists extraordinaire… The Capitol Steps… turn in a primo, oft LOL, hour long presentation… best described as their (Way) Off Broadway Musical… a.k.a. their last round-up of 2019’s DC Scene… one “handcrafted” to (w)ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year / Decade in humorous style. And all things considered, who, among us does not need a good belly laugh at this juncture, huh?

Our above clip is just one of the approximately one dozen sendups, which I heard today. I highly recommend to anyone within earshot of an AM / FM receiver and/or with an Interwebs connection, to access NPR to earwitness the rest of their show. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, btw, you can consider this post a kinda / sorta Part Two to my earlier, similarly themed post which you can access by clicking onto NSFW BLOG (And be forewarned… although the content only involves anatomically correct clinical terminology, bosses still must maintain a G-Rated workplace).

To all who read and follow this blog, I wish you the Happiest New Year / New Decade imaginable. Party hearty but do play safe… the phrase that pays… Designated Driver.







Chrissie Hynde’s Key Question (Vid of the Day)

Were we to emulate Pollyanna, it might be possible to pretend that the state of DC is OK. Alas, it actually takes a Doubting Thomas state of mind to, correctly, call into question any member of the trumpeting, marching in lockstep conservative band. Hell, for all we know, this bloc of blockhead righties may’ve even sold their souls to the devil (and that would not, necessarily, be referring to Satan).

Members of the White House Press Corps do know, first hand, just how tough it is to cover a regime that’s tragically, typically and toxically Anti-First Amendment. How toxic? Well, let’s just say that had the fake prez been present, he would’ve been cheering on, egging on and getting off on being an eyewitness to the thugs who were sadistically, (literally) hacking journalist Jamal Khashoggi to death.

Indeed, only a dare devil journalist would risk getting a Sharpie™ squiggled in strategic, final “e” added to her/his Press Corps title… i.e., retribution for asking whomever is standing behind the White House’s Press Briefing Room dais, this Key Question:

“How much did you get for your soul?”

Which, btw, is Pretender Chrissie Hynde’s lyrical hook to and title of our Vid of the Day’s featured song.

Her composition could easily become any left leaning, political parodist’s dream come true, too.

Yet, even AS IS the Pretenders are not pretending when they turn in a live performance that’s totally enjoyable.









A Clip To Help De-Ice Our World (Vid of the Day)

Today’s video features the lively Woodstock 1999 appearance of Los Lobos… a band renown for their genre spanning diversity of rock and roll, Tex-Mex, country, zydeco, folk, R&B, blues, brown-eyed soul, and traditional music.

Their translated into English lyrics…

For my mother I am Mexican. By destiny I am American. I am from the golden race. I am Mexican American. I understand you English. I also speak to you in Spanish. I am from the golden race. Zacatecas to Minnesota. From Tijuana to New York. Two countries are my land. I defend them with honor. Two languages ​​and two countries. I have two cultures. In my luck I have pride. Because that’s how God commands it.







Ode To Joy To The World (Vid of the Holiday)

While auditioning blogworthy clips at YouTube in the waning days of December ’17, I suddenly wondered if any recording artist had ever considered a mash up of Ode to Joy and Joy to the World. No sooner had I keyed in those search parameters when i discovered, indeed, The Piano Guys had posted such a performance… one that is so… so… so…

Well… let’s just say words don’t do justice to what we’re about to view. This being my third posting of this video, it has now, officially, become my blog site’s Christmas tradition. What better way to say, “Merry Christmas” to all celebrants who are paying me a visit? Even if you’re not into Christianity, I know you’ll still find Ode to Joy to the World totally enjoyable!







Love and Letterman (Vid of the Holiday)

Darlene Love’s performance of Christmas, Baby Please Come Home became talk show host David Letterman’s holiday tradition (In the beginning, on his NBC Late Night and, later on, on his CBS Late Show). All in all, that tallied out at 28 out of his combined shows’ 33 year run… Watch Related Clip

Our above clip showcases Love’s grand finale on the Letterman stage… occurring mere days prior to Christmas 2014… mere months before Dave’s May 2015 retirement.

To have experienced this performance art… year in / year out… always afforded us a sense of continuity within our world gone nuts. It’s when we factor in how, year in / year out, humanity is still doing its damnedest to build boondoggle walls rather than blessed bridges between peoples… alas…

At the very least, this lack of progress oft elicits our long, exasperated group sigh.

Granted, we may not be able to, magically, put an end, overnight, to our global magnitude insanity / disunity… but… for the next 4:17, Love will be doing her best to be our guide… to get us to believe that there’s reason for hope.

And so… after a five year absence from the TV airwaves… if for no other reason than our catching that feel good buzz… it’s high time to revive and relive this Love / Letterman tradition…

To click that playback button will be tantamount to our virtually shouting from the Everest mountaintop…

Hey Darlene… Hey David… Encore! Encore! Encore!







Dedicated to Kids From 1 To 92+ (Vid of the Holiday)

To quote from our featured Internet phenom’s bio…

“Shane’s dream is to heal and uplift people through her music…”

Once you play back our above clip, I’m confident you’ll readily agree with me that Ms. Shane Ericks’ cover of the Mel Tormé / Robert Wells, 1945, holiday classic, Christmas Song, serves as testimonial to the fact that she is living her dream.

While the depth to her talent is obviously and uniquely her own, for keen eared folks who are familiar with the late Karen Carpenter’s vocal quality and delivery style, it’ll be impossible not to make favorable comparisons. For a brief moment I had even wondered if some YouTube technical glitch was, somehow offering up some vintage Carpenter audio.

I could go on and on, but Shane’s music does speak for itself. Besides, your reason for clicking here is to hear her… not me.

And so, on this early Christmas Eve, to wrap up Ms. Ericks’ and my gift to you, I’ll wrap up this post by echoing our featured song’s concluding lyrical sentiments…

“Although it’s been said many times…
many ways… Merry Christmas to you!”



Oh btw, stay tuned… I’m planning to add at least two more holiday themed videos between now and day’s end tomorrow.