Deal or No Deal?


CAVEAT: The following post employs conjecture to build upon a recent, factual, international incident. The disturbing quotation, below, was never, actually, uttered by anyone… and hopefully never will be.

When it comes down to foreign relations, Donald Trump’s negotiating tactics have always been more about feathering his own nest, rather than working towards making our world a better place for everyone to live in.

Hmm… that doth raise the question…

What sort of peace treaty will Donny be hammering out with the Taliban’s negotiator Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai?

Naturally, Stanikzai knows all about Trump’s obsession with digging up dirt on Joe Biden (and Sonny) and how… via that now infamous, corrupt quid pro quo / “Perfect Phone Call”… the ne’er-do-well, fake prez had attempted to coerce Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky into doing his dirty work for him.

Hmm… that doth raise a followup question…

WHAT IF, during the Trump / Taliban talks, Stanikzai proposes his own, self-serving, quid pro quo? Check this out…

Mr. Trump, I’ve got dirt on Joe Biden and the other major Democratic POTUS wannabes. All of this intel can be yours but… I would like you to do us a favor though. We demand [1] All American and allied troops must leave Afghanistan within three months (never to return), [2] $10 Billion in U.S. aid, annually, for the next 30 years, [3] 75 percent of your nuclear warheads and [4] Zero criticism over the brutal human rights violations we fully intend to inflict on the Afghani.

Hmm… that doth seem to raise (at least) one more question…

Would Trump sell out Afghanistan and America… indeed… the entire free world… just to reinstall his mangy carcass in the Oval Office for another 4 to 28 years?







The Other “N” Word

Nepotism. Be it connected to the Trump or Biden family, it’s flat-out WRONG!

I’m not saying it’s always corrupt. But DAMN IT, it does give that impression to nearly every ethical outsider looking in. That (then) VP Biden could not impress upon his own son, Hunter, that he should’ve steered clear of employment that might’ve overlapped with Obama admin foreign policy… at the very least… well… let’s illustrate this, thusly…

Let’s say Biden winds up on the debate stage with Trump. How could he ever call out the shady shenanigans of the Trump klan… sans looking like a hypocrite?

If I had POTUS wannabe, Joe Biden’s ear, I’d advise him to immediately end his race for the White House. Considering the oodles of his rival liberal / progressive colleagues, it’s not like he’s the Democrats’ only hope for defeating despot Donny.

Even were Joe to stay in the race and wind up dumping Trump in 2020, realistically, just how long could he expect the taste of victory to remain sweet? I mean, unless he also manages to snag Democratic U.S. House and Senate majorities, seething with vengeance, sour, dour Republicans WILL accuse Joe / his family of impropriety… and summarily impeach / oust POTUS #46 Biden… within mere weeks after Inauguration Day.

Biden quitting now could even be viewed as the PERFECT punishment for Trump.

Think about it. Donny winds up getting impeached for strong arming Volodymyr Zelensky / attempting to force that Ukrainian President into digging up nonexistent dirt on Biden… the man who never ran against him.







I would like you to do us a favor, though (Take 2)

One of the problems with Donald J. Trump’s trying to shake down Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, is this issue does not resonate well with average Americans… i.e., it does not “hit home” close enough.

Seeing how Robert Mueller left it up to Congress to punish Trump for hobnobbing with Russians, and how Donny assumed (correctly) that nobody would dare to even try, he also took that to mean that he could do whatever he damned pleases. To that end… in no time flat… he was on the phone with Zelensky.

Now, seeing how he’ll likely wind up Impeached by House Democrats and Exonerated by Senate Republicans… well… he WILL Quid Pro Quo again… and Again… AND AGAIN.

And let’s say his next dirty deal (attempt at extortion) does hit home… and hit hard, the average people (like you and me). Check out this sadistic, domestic, purely HYPOTHETICAL scenario…

PREFACE: Meet the pharmaceutical pioneer, Doctor Adam Zellweger (no relation to actor Renée) who, following decades of painstaking research and clinical trials on volunteer human test subjects, has discovered the most efficacious drug ever conceived by humankind… i.e., the miracle medicine that’ll instantaneously wipe all Cancer off the face of the Earth. The FDA is mere moments away from approving this wonder drug when…

Donny, ravenous for campaign dollars (to fund the unconstitutional bid for his 2032 reelection), picks up the phone to make his congratulatory call to Zellweger.

Trump: I’m calling to applaud you Dr. Zellweger. What you’ve done is tremendous, almost as tremendous as my attracting the largest applauding Inauguration Day crowds in American History in 2017, 2021, 2025 and 2029. Now, I do know you’re still in need of FDA approval for your tremendous drug… and I do have the power to speed up that process.… but… uh… I would like you to do us a favor though.

Zellweger: And what might that be?

Trump: Initially, you are to donate a $100 million lump sum to my campaign, so I can run for a tremendous fifth term as your tremendous president. And then, once you get FDA approval, once the billions of bucks start rolling in, I’ll start siphoning off your profits. Now, as your tremendous president and benefactor, I believe my tremendous services to you… my yuge influence in this matter… is worthy of a split of the profits… oh… say… 90/10.

Zellweger: So, let me get this straight. No FDA approval till I agree to your terms? I’ll bet that 90% will be your cut, too, huh?

Trump: Take it or leave it Doctor Z.

Zellweger: Do you realize that your causing the FDA to drag its heels will subject millions of cancer patients to needless agony and death?

Trump: Hey, that’d be all your fault, not mine. To save their lives, all you need do is do us that favor.

Well, my readers, what if Dr. Z opts not to knuckle under to Trump’s pressure? And what if, someday, it will be you, me or one of our loved ones lying, crying and dying in that hospice bed?

Today’s hypothetical scenario could easily become tomorrow’s life or death, reality show.

Such a story amply demonstrates why a House Impeachment and a Senate Conviction / Ouster is in order… and long overdue.








Nadler’s / America’s Last Stand? (Vid of the Day)

A true patriot / champion of freedom will feel pride when viewing our Vid of the Day... namely… U.S. House Representative Jerry Nadler’s gutsy, take no crap from anybody approach to reining in the reign of terror of one Donald J. Trump.

Nadler is courageously presiding over an orderly presentation of compelling evidence… thoughtfully building up his case to substantiate an unprecedented, unpresidential power grab that, left unchecked, could easily blur the Founding Fathers’ vision of America… correction… could certainly blind America into the absolute, irreversible darkness of depravity and tyranny.

While , normally, I’d agree that “innocent until proven guilty” certainly would and should apply, what, pray tell, is normal about a situation where a (so-called) sitting president releases his own damning, self-incriminating, written account of his infamous, July 25, 2019 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky…

• a.k.a. a perfect example of a quid-pro-quo, which any reasonable person would deem Not in America’s Best Interests

• a.k.a. Trump’s thuggish, shakedown and attempted corruption of a foreign leader… all for the express purpose of digging up dirt on potential political rival Joe Biden…

• a.k.a. Trump’s attempt to subvert America’s free elections…

• a.k.a. Trump’s attempt to rip out and stomp on the very heart of Democracy!

While Trump’s whiny, wind-up Republican tools and toadies are ceaselessly blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the impeachment proceedings going “too fast”, what they fail to grasp is how the very person, who has sped up this process, is none other than Donald J. Trump!

What the hell else could his yes-men expect? Trump has already pleaded guilty to the damn crime!

Ms. Pelosi has exercised extreme judiciousness and forbearance in keeping open a totally open-and-shut case; a case where she had all the votes needed to have already impeached Trump.


ADDENDUM [12/06/19 09:09 AM]: Except for a minor revision of my blog headline and lead paragraph, the remainder of this post is identical to what I posted yesterday. I’ve done so to correct a lapse of good taste / good judgment.




The Fireside Chat’s Soot


So… what the hell is Donald J. Trump up to now? Well, looky here, he’s plotting to re-purpose the concept of FDR’s folksy, fatherly Fireside Chats. Yep, via a live TV broadcast, he intends to prove his innocence by reading, aloud, from that now infamous White House generated, “MEMORANDUM OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATION“.

How astoundingly ironic! This is the very document, which affords us the juicy details to the fake prez’s perfectly wrong “perfect phone call”… a.k.a. Donny’s quid pro quo, 07/25/2019, shake down of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

One would think that, by now, the Trumpster’s brain trust and/or wranglers would’ve reminded him that, strictly from the Fascist’s perspective, such fireplace flames are only suitable for one thing… burning up the body of truth (soon followed by the burying of the cremains).

Yet, here we find the fake prez actually believing he can chat himself out of trouble? True, he just might succeed if, in actuality, this is all leading up to his plea of insanity.

Beyond the ideological and legal aspects, let’s factor in the aesthetics… namely… Donny simply is not the fatherly, folksy type. Hell, had he been my father, I’d have run away from home as soon as I had learned to walk. Come to think of it, to escape such a toxic parental unit, I’d have even crawled as fast as my hands and knees could go.

Anyway, it’s way above the Trumpster’s pay-grade to even attempt to reassure and comfort us. No amount of his thick, dense, politically expedient, fireplace soot can ever hide his corruption and culpability.

Beyond that? A Fireside Chat does no good when it could only showcase Trump’s insufferable, undignified, unprofessional  whimpering and whining… his droning on and on and on… about his perfectly wrong, perfectly self-incriminating, perfectly worthy of impeachment “perfect phone call”.