Handing Out H2O is a Misdemeanor


It’s bad enough to become an eyewitness to the despotic tactics of one Donald J. Trump; that fascistic, narcissistic, moronic, lunatic psychotic who, in a pathetic attempt to save face, tweeted and bleated flat out lies; i.e., made lame excuses to downplay his undeniable ballot box loss to Joe Biden.

Nope, there was no way in hell that he’d ever admit the truth, namely, that We the People, the voters of sound mind and body, absolutely would NEVER reward him for his monumental incompetence. To literally flesh out just one aspect of his ineptitude, it had been his do nothing approach to pandemic mitigation, which has, to date, resulted in nearly 539,000 needless stateside deaths; and still counting.

Even worse, post 2020 Election Day, just to further his lies, both he and his revolving door, gaggle of goons (alleged attorneys, all) had become guilty of perpetrating the very fraud they were attempting to prove; could never prove, simply because it had always been non-existent.

Indeed, no matter how hard they had attempted to turn the (figurative?) thumbscrews, no state level Secretaries of State / election officials; not even Trump’s very own, supposedly owned and operated crony adjudicators (all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court) would ever stoop so low as to collude with that absolute loser.

Worst of all, that tyrant still flat out refused to concede; going so far as to foment insurrection; deploy his private army of domestic terrorists to the U.S. Capitol; bark out his orders to go on a deadly and destructive rampage.

And so, here we find ourselves a mere four months later, post war zone Washington DC now a gated community; being routinely patrolled and protected by the National Guard. Present and now ex elected officials, inclusive of Trump’s own Vice President Mike Pence, all living in fear of further violence; perhaps facing down their own vigilante meted out death sentences?

As to be expected, none of this has actually, fully, blown over yet.

In order to respond… no strike that… in order to overreact to non-existent voter fraud, we now eyewitness rabid conservative, state level legislators, nationwide, authoring draconian voter suppression strategies for the express purpose of making it totally impossible for liberal and progressive candidates to ever, again, win an election.

Hell, they might as well just cut to the chase; ram thru one party rule; namely, declare it absolutely illegal to be anything other than a fascistic, narcissistic, moronic, lunatic, psychotic Republican.

Am I overreacting? I think not. Not when down in the state of Georgia, we become eyewitness to how voting is destined to become even more difficult, if not totally out of the question; particularly within communities of color.

The devil is in the details.

“Georgia House Bill 531, which passed in the Georgia General Assembly on Monday, would add a voter ID requirement for absentee ballots, limit the number and locations of early voting drop-off boxes, and reduce early voting days during the weekends prior to an election — including allowing just one Sunday to vote early. If passed into law, individuals could be charged with misdemeanor crime if they hand out food or drinks to voters standing in line on election days.” [read more here]

Truthout Journalist Chris Walker • March 4, 2021

I’ll now end with my own commentary, just as I did several blogs ago.

“Upon factoring in all the above societal and political concerns, I’m not sure I even want to slog thru any of this shit anymore.”

Long sigh. Methinks my blogging days will soon be over. Hence, I’ll simply cut to the chase. If any of my readers now wish to un-follow / visitors opt to vamoose, I’ll understand. I, too, feel like running and never looking back; as fast and as far away as is humanly possible; were there any actual haven to run to. Hmm, might heaven await?


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Fortune Cookie Blog (I Voted?)


The slots of the paper shredder and ballot box electronic tabulator
present quite the uncanny resemblance. Pity people, who dwell in
nations where Fascism trumps and tramples Freedom. When auto-
crats machinate, there’s absolutely no diff between these machines!



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Hope for the best / Plan for the worst

For nearly four years, Donald J. Trump has successfully thwarted all Democrats’ and Independent Investigators’ best efforts to rein in his ongoing reign of terror.

As of late, he’s been [1] mucking up free, fair elections, [2] lawyering up to burn up the U.S. Constitution, [3] loading up his Supreme / Federal Court benches with suck-ups and [4] waking up his armed to the teeth, trigger-happy, domestic terrorist sleeper cells.

On numerous occasions, he has even declared that he won’t accept any Election Day outcome, other than one where he emerges victorious.

With all that in mind, I’m not the only one who is worried that, before November 2020 is even half over, Trump’s dual plot to overthrow our government and provoke Civil War could easily burn America down to the ground.

Folk’s (long sigh), there’s a whole new learning curve that I’ve yet to fully consider, let alone, master.

But, what I do suspect / expect, is that the America, that my compatriots and I have come to know and love, will soon wind up dead and buried.

Donny can and will solidify his choke-hold on power, by mucking up all modes of mass communication; Internet, radio / TV stations, cell phones and landlines. Hell, he could even sledgehammer the printing presses and crash the power grid, too.

And, sans the Net, my blogging days will be over.

With that in mind; I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for having shared your amazing, amusing and insightful content with me. I’d like to thank you, too, for your readership.

While I do intend to keep on posting for as long as I can, at this juncture, such a prospect is getting iffier by the second.

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Fat Shaming a Fascist Bastard


Fat shaming is wrong. But, might there be an exception to that rule? What about when extraordinary events rear their ugly head? Consider these truths that are self-evident.

• Science denier Donald J. Trump’s abject failure to contain Corona-V, early on, has not only sickened, SO FAR, over 6 Million people residing in the U.S.… sickened to death 187,000 of those 6 million… but has also devastated Barack Obama’s once upon a time, relatively decent economy. America is now facing down massive joblessness, looming homelessness and, eventually, could also witness another Wall Street Crash.

• Ever since Despot Donny’s owned Republican Senators flat-out refused to do their (legal and moral) duty to boot his impeached butt out of office, that narcissistic psychopath has been on an ideological nationwide / worldwide rampage which, considering his access to the nuclear launch codes, could, conceivably, wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.

• Autocrat Trump also has loaded the U.S. Supreme court bench with two of HIS hand-picked sycophants, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, who will, aid and abet their boss’s ongoing voter suppression plot AND at the (figurative?) drop of his trousers, fall to their knees to kiss his ass and, perhaps, even hang around long enough to gratify him in other ways. Only decorum dictates we don’t further go down that road.

• Dictator Donny… in his bid to never relinquish power… has already disenfranchised multiple millions of voters. HIS hand-picked tool, Louis DeJoy, now Postmaster General, has, single-handedly, FUBAR’ed the entire USPS, perhaps irreparably, just to ensure that pandemic and panic stricken Americans cannot mail back their cast absentee ballots. Which leaves us two alternatives… EITHER don’t vote at all OR vote, in person, and risk getting sickened / sickened to death by COVID-19.

• Tyrant Trump is also sadistically pitting justifiably pissed off, mostly peaceable, BLM demonstrators against his illegally deployed, racist stormtroopers AND his seething with bigotry, homicidal, armed to the teeth, gun nut, civilian mercenaries. Marching in lockstep, the Trump Brigade will get off on blowing people of color away… or at the very least… trampling these 1st Amendment Rights.

“Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

• Fascist Trump has been stoking up such ferocious civil unrest it could lead up to an all-out Civil War… all of which would give him the “perfect” excuse to declare Martial Law and postpone Election Day, indefinitely. To the constitutional scholars who’d point out that, sans November voting, Trump could no longer be president as of January 20, 2021, I now remind them we are talking about Trump wiping his rump / Fat Fascist Fanny with the U.S. Constitution.

• Seeing how Donald J. Trump’s overthrow of America cannot be contained by Constitutionally Mandated Legislative and Judicial Checks and Balances… and not even We the American Electorate… WTF is left… well… other than fat shaming a narcissist who might… JUST MIGHT… if we’re damned lucky… be slowed down upon his learning that We had poked fun at his larger than life hind end; his grotesque, butt ugly booty; his flattened by sloth and fattened by Fascism fanny!

Against the backdrop of such treasonous circumstances, how could anyone deem fat shaming him wrong?


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Lock Them Up!


By hook or by crook, USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will be doing his damnedest to get his pal, crooked Donald J. Trump, reelected.

Donny will be needing all the help he can get, too, since his DIY pandemic is still sickening Americans physically and fiscally… thereby leaving him no meaningful accomplishments to brag about. Ergo, to snag a second term, these two creeps have been colluding to muck up free elections. And stunningly, dumb luck likely accounts for Donny covering all his bases.

For starters, the fake prez has his ally, Corona-V, which disproportionately sickens to death people of color… the very people who usually vote for Democratic candidates. Beyond that, that godforsaken pathogen has been spooking voters, of all demographics… making us fearful of in-person voting, which, in turn, means the absentee ballot will become our best bet.

Alas, all bets may be off, seeing how DeJoy has been ordering the removal and destruction of mail sorting machines, which, in turn, can only delay / prevent completed ballots’ timely arrival back at City Halls, nationwide, by Election Day.

Hmm… let’s consider this…

During my working years, had I ever deliberately destroyed workplace property, bare minimum, I’d have been fired. More than likely I’d have also been handcuffed, arrested, arraigned, tried, convicted and sentenced to serve some prison time.

Hmm… let’s consider this, too…

The time is ripe for DeJoy to “enjoy” his speedy trial and, if justice still exists, to do some time behind bars, too.

And since the cops’ paddy wagon has got to be big enough to accommodate two, why not make a second stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave N.W. to slap the handcuffs on Trump, too?

However, a bit of a heads up to the arresting officer(s)…

Donny’s hands are soooooo dainty…
How dainty are they?
His little paws could easily slip out of the cuffs and let him escape!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Refuting a Flawed Trumpian Talking Point


Trump’s floundering attorneys at (f)law, in collusion with the ginormous gaggle of grasping at straws, tin foil hat donning Republican conspiracy theorists, oft attempt to foist off their shared, flaccid fairy tale that Democrats, by dusting off the legitimate Impeachment process, are attempting to tear up the 62,979,636 ballots cast for their boy Donny.

What these right wing, wingnuts fail to acknowledge is how [1] the Framers of America’s Constitution had conceived of this very impeachment process, just in case voters, someday, inadvertently, wind up empowering a hostile to America candidate AND [2] that that someday HAS arrived!

To tear up that Trumpian false narrative…

• Had the voters been able to correctly detect Donny’s dictatorial demeanor and corrupt MO, just how many of them would’ve still cast ballots for him?

• Chances are that Hillary Clinton’s already impressive popular vote tally… 65,844,610… would’ve even more substantially trumped Trump’s… and she’d have emerged America’s 45th POTUS.

• Republicans’ “come to the defense of the voter” stance, at its best, is hypocrisy… at its worst it’s a brazen bald-faced lie. True, they may not tear up ballots, but it’s their Fascist voter suppression tactics that prevent those ballots from ever getting cast in the first place.










Fortune Cookie Blog (turn of events)


It is no big mystery why voter turn-out has become so low. At almost every
turn, average citizens [1] get turned away by suppress the vote tactics, [2]
wind up waiting their turn in miles long lines and [3] get flat out turned off
by self-serving, reeking of ideological stench, stomach turning candidates.







How To Spell T-Y-R-A-N-T (1 Quick Limerick #065)


He lusts for parades which roll out warfare’s might,
He meets / beats the press with tirades and fierce fight,
He yanks reporter’s credentials,
He can’t grasp voting essentials,
He heils the alt-right and spurns all oversight.


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