Not Catching that Bug and Buzz


Here in Michigan, it’s Primary Election Day. It’s also the first time I won’t be showing up at the polls… i.e., seeing how I had already hand delivered my absentee ballot to City Hall this past Friday.

While I am relieved that I won’t have to show up at my precinct’s… YIKES! NO MASKS REQUIRED!… polling place during a global pandemic… where I’d risk catching that nasty COVID-19 bug…

Nonetheless, I will be missing the physicality of it all… the process of signing in… standing in the fast moving line… being seated at the partitioned voting table… catching that national community buzz.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






One Helluva Message


Yesterday, my need to turn in my absentee ballot and post a utility bill payment required my reluctantly emerging from my pandemic cocoon, revving up my 21-year-old vehicle and tooling around town.

Under normal circumstances, on such a balmy, bright, midsummer afternoon, I would’ve found myself happily hoofing it to City Hall and the P.O., but…

Ever since science denier Donny allowed Corona-V to go on its sickening, deadly rampage, I’ve been witnessing this dramatic upsurge in pedestrian traffic… unmasked traffic. True, “they” claim the Trumpian Flu’s out-of-doors transmission is rare, but…

Seeing how “they” may not always be telling us the truth… in part… because nobody yet knows Corona’s whole truth… in part… because my homeland’s “leader” is utterly incapable of ever telling the truth…

This means the weight of pandemic management now rests squarely on each individual’s shoulders. Since I now own THAT, it means I make the damned rules!

And my Rule #1 is to hope for the best, yet, plan for the worst. If that necessitates driving when I’d much rather be walking, so be it.

It might interest Delinquent Donny to know that the more he dumps his non-delegatable work on us, the more we realize, WE DO NOT NEED HIM AT ALL!

For someone, who’s lusting so ferociously for reelection, that’s one helluva crazy message to be conveying to the electorate!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!





Fortune Cookie Blog (Aches and Pains)


Prior to voting, Google search, assiduously, to carry out painstaking
background checks re all candidates, who are aching to get elected!
Do make damned sure that bygone schoolmates never voted them:
“Most likely to be sit on their asses, pain in our asses, dumb-asses!!!”


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!