Five Points of No Return?

PREFACE: It’s not just mindless flag waving when my words stress the significance of America’s role on the world stage. I merely mention it because the collapse of any Democracy can only destabilize, perhaps even destroy, said world.


The commonly held belief is that we humans tend to obsess over worst case scenarios that rarely, if ever, actually reach the absolute point of no return. Let’s keep a good thought that such wisdom is fully applicable to the following (worst of the worst) situations. In a sense, these could all, someday soon, easily, wind up as news headlines…

  • Failure to promptly curb climate change to hasten humanity’s extinction
  • Russia’s backfired Ukraine occupation triggers nuclear WW-III escalation
  • Coronavirus whack-a-mole variants flat-out defy containment/eradication
  • Americans’ incivility/hyperpartisanship spurs Civil War-II factionalization
  • Fascism/Theocracy trumps Democracy/Liberty; spawns U.S.A. obliteration

Regarding that last on the list item… I’d like to point out that, in the weeks prior to Donald J. Trump’s January 6th, barked out, storm the U.S. Capitol command to his MAGA maniacs, it’d been the most unlikely person within Trump’s entire retrograde / renegade régime, one Vice President Mike Pence, who, for a fleeting moment, had managed to un-sell his soul. Indeed, when push had come to shove, for perhaps the very first time in that Republican miscreant’s entire deplorable political career, he had opted to do the honorable thing; i.e., certify then President-Elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory; i.e., gallantly come to Lady Liberty’s rescue.

Alas (Part 1): Seeing how the still seething with fury, vengeance seeking, big lie promoter, little snowflake Trump has yet to get his 14th Amendment stipulated comeuppance, and in all likelihood NEVER will, it’s still totally legal for him to seek reelection as early as 2024.

And, win or lose, that insurrectionist bastard could still do his damnedest to suffocate American freedom / burn down Democracy. He still has his entire entourage of low friends in high places (U.S. “legislators” / SCOTUS “justices”) and low friends in low places (his sycophantic Klansmen / Nazis / Proud Boys / media propagandists et al), who ALL have his six.

SIDEBAR: To flesh out the 14th Amendment, in essence, any elected official found guilty of fomenting insurrection against the United States of America shall forever be banned from ever, again, seeking high elective office.

Alas (Part 2): Seeing how Trump has already totally nixed the notion of Pence ever, again, being his running mate, his next VP choice will, little doubt, be someone certifiable / bat crap crazy; the sort of creature who’d slither out from under his/her rock and, no questions asked, hiss out “YESSIR!” and or rattle out, “ON IT!” to whatever that orange, fascistic freak commanded.

Let’s keep a good thought… that there’s still a goodly amount of good people, who can be counted on to know when they must say NO to malefactors (especially of the Trumpian variety).

Before it’s too late… humankind must conquer all five of those above bullet pointed issues; before such woes conquer us all.




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









The Hot Tub: A Microcosm Of Planet Earth


When it comes down to the new DC régime’s pecking order, Mike Pence is Number 2.

Shortly after his boss had withdrawn America from the Paris Agreement, Mr. P publicly commented on issues of the environment. And one almost felt sorry for the li’l guy because he seemed to be genuinely mystified when he said…

“For some reason or another, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world. It’s long been a goal of the liberal left in this country to advance a climate change agenda.”

Now Mr. P, there really is a reason and it is… or should be… nonpartisan. But let’s ease into this slowly. We lefties do realize that righties feel flummoxed by science. Nonetheless, you guys simply need to open up your minds… maybe just a tad? Meet us at least half way? OK?

Perhaps you’d gain a better understanding were this environmental stuff to hit home a bit more? And here’s where being a wallowing in wealth type of guy could actually come in handy. I mean, somewhere within your posh mansion, we would find a family sized hot tub, right?

Now let’s say you’ve worked up a profuse sweat from gutting government of all ethics and laying waste to our economy and ecology. Come the weekend would you not want to kick back and relax… to take a dip into all that warm bubbling water?

Perhaps, from time to time, even your wife Karen and your three kids, Audrey, Charlotte and Michael Jr. all hop in to join you?

Now let’s say on one particular weekend, you suddenly come down with a really nasty case of diarrhea… and by that I mean you’re, literally, unable to contain yourself. Under those circumstances, would you hop into the hot tub anyway? Expect your family to smile, say nothing and even remain soaking in the no longer clean water with you?

Of course not! You’re too refined to expect that, right?

Don’t you get it, Mr. P.? In this make-believe scenario, your hot tub is a microcosm of our climate change, warmed up planet… the fouled water analogous to our contaminated seven seas. You represent all of the world’s polluters who your admin enables… your family is akin to the family of man… all seven plus billion of us.

The obvious difference, here, is your spouse and offspring can easily make their escape.

However… on the grander scale, where in our vast universe would seven+ billion people run to?

Mr. P, are you beginning to see the big picture, now?

Decent, considerate folks… and yes you’re right… we’re mostly on the left… do understand that planet Earth is the only home we have. If we render our world utterly uninhabitable… shoot (oo = i) all over the place, as it were… there’s no other known, nearby, earthlike planet, within our vast universe, where humankind can seek refuge.