Naw! Nyet!


With America’s midterm elections looming (less than nine months off), hardcore rightie, legislative foes, in stonewalling a newbie, centrist president’s pro-proletariat agenda, have already, successfully portrayed him as politically impotent.

Such an orchestrated characterization, in turn, has caused many a centrist / leftist legislator’s job approval rating to plummet, too; has alienated the very voters, who had empowered this whole kit and kaboodle, in the first place.

Now, that’s not to suggest that the understandably, disaffected electorate is about to jump ship / join the ranks of rank Trumpers. However, their failure to vote, come November, will net the same deleterious effect.

Soooooo… is this all as hopeless as it seems? Maybe not???

Seeing how no top billing, ballot player can ever attain / retain such power, sans having at least one top advisor on retainer; one who’s superbly adept in mass media communication; is an extraordinary manipulator of politics, press and public, perhaps Mr. President may have turned this entire, mucked up mess over to his fixer-upper; who in turn, ultimately, opportunistically, has already tapped into a preexisting, potential World War III?

Has this puppet master pulled on the strings of a has-been foreign leader; one who’s desperately ISO an image makeover of his very own; a public relations kick in the ass that could aid and abet this pathetic little dick-tator’s ongoing, pathetic little plot to restore his flaccid, floundering nation to its bygone, storybook, superpower status?

Hmm, one, who, in turn, has been bluffing a looming attack; oh, say, by deploying 100,000 troops in the vicinity of a third hapless, leader-player’s bordering nation?

The End?


By now, you, my perceptive, critical thinking readers, have begun to connect my dots; conclude that our chains are getting yanked. True, appearances can be deceiving, but, it’d appear that a particular screenplay’s fictional plot has been afoot; has stepped right off the silver screen and into the real world.

For anyone who may still be in need of a dot, one of that flick’s lines should do the trick…

“We’re not gonna have a war, we’re gonna have the appearance of a war.”

Actor Robert De Niro / Character Conrad Brean [More Wag the Dog Quotes HERE]

Soooooo… could such infantile hamming it up / posturing (in actuality dangerous brinksmanship) do an image makeover; bolster the egos, job performance / poll numbers and national / international standings of both questionable leaders, in question?

Naw and Nyet!

This won’t likely even apply a dull shine to Messrs. Joe Biden’s and Vladimir Putin’s scuffed up IQs.




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A Fake Prez’s UnFake War? (Vid of the Day)

As average citizens, not having access to the same intelligence reports afforded a sitting POTUS, we can never really know, for sure, whether or not Donald J. Trump’s choice to bump off Iranian General Qasem Soleimani went down for any justifiable reason(s). Of course, the secondary issue here…

When it comes down to Donny, would
intelligence ever even enter the picture?

And speaking of pictures… YouTuber Sky News did title our featured clip thusly…

“Is the US attack a ‘Wag the Dog’ scenario?”

To flesh that out…

Will a “Don’s” Hit on the General act as a Major Distraction?

Read more about Wag the Dog and/or view the 2:33 Theatrical Trailer

Trump could easily sucker in the unwitting media to aid and abet his deflection of the voters’ attention away from his impending impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate (perhaps even causing a significant delay in such proceedings).

The Bad News…

Unlike film fiction, America going to war with Iran will not be akin to character Stanley Motss’ produced, fake war.

Trump will wind up spilling oceans of red blood and pissing away red ink “just” to help him stain the Electoral Map blood red.








Who Put the Bug Up Tweety’s… uh… Tower?

#45 is at it again. Via his Tweeting, he’s making what appears to be a wild allegation. Sans mentioning sources or citing any corroborating evidence, he claims that during his 2016 campaign, President Barack Obama resorted to using Tricky Dicky’s Watergate tactics… for the express purpose of wiretapping Tweety’s Tower.

Hmmm… if true… to what end? Hell, none of that helped elect Hillary Clinton. I mean he does realize he’s #45, doesn’t he?

OK… let’s give Tweety the benefit of the doubt and say he’s not reporting “fake news”.

Yes, I do get it… it’s only natural for us to feel violated when we’re spied on. But what Tweety seems to have forgotten is that, in our post 9/11 world, there is no such thing as privacy anymore. The NSA, Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Patriot Act have pretty much liberated everybody of our liberty.

Hell… whenever anyone… be it you, me or #45… complains about invasion of our privacy, our objections will head-on collide with this deadpanned catchphrase…

“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.”

Anyway, what’s Tweety worried about? I mean… he’s got nothing to hide, right?

Or maybe he does?

True, Obama has denied any wrongdoing in this matter, mainly because he could not legally order a wiretap. But what if zero wrongdoing was involved? Might there have been a legitimate reason for the proper authorities ordering such a wiretap? Oh… say… Tweety always fawning over Vladimir Putin?

Of course we cannot dismiss the possibility that this “bug” could even belong to Vladimir Putin, himself! Does #45 actually believe that Putin’s cyberattacking / meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections (which helped install him into the Oval Office) comes without any price tag at all?

#45 needs to realize that control freak Putin is still calling all the shots, which necessitates keeping close tabs on his puppet. Worse yet, since Tweety’s congressional cronies don’t seem to be concerned, in the least, there’s not one damned thing anyone can do to stop such Russian interference.

Ironically, while #45 is constantly obsessing about building walls around America there seems to be little talk of any plans to fortify the firewalls around U.S. cyberspace.

Of course we cannot dismiss the possibility that Tweety’s Tweets could be akin to “Wag the Dog” tactics… his feeble attempt to distract investigative journalists… prevent them from expeditiously exposing what’s really going on between Putin and #45.

Of course we cannot dismiss the possibility that #45’s Tweets are to either make him appear mentally disturbed… or he actually is so afflicted. Either way, it would provide a powerful defense whenever anyone attempts to hold Tweety accountable for his deplorable (perhaps even treasonous) conduct.