Dubya Owns the Afghanistan Debacle


My bygone, middle school’s Social Studies instructor, H.M., taught me how critical thinking, in part, depends upon one’s ability to accurately sift thru the cause and effect aspects, of the situation at hand.

As of late, the media analysts / would-be strategists (of all political stripes) have been rehashing Afghanistan’s downfall. Considering these talking heads’ inconclusive hand wringing and worthless finger pointing, it’s my conclusion that their difficulties, in part, are based upon their inability to grasp how cause and effect actually interact. Let’s dig deeper.

Twenty Augusts ago, on the 6th, (then president) George W. Bush, (purportedly) took a gander at his Presidential Daily Briefing; that PDB ominously titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US”; that very document even envisioning commercial jet hijackings!

As everything eventually panned out, the recently installed prez had been granted / gifted an ample five week long heads up; i.e., to prepare in a prompt, proactive manner; to protect and defend the United States of America; to, ultimately, prevent needless human suffering and death.

Did W even lift a pinky finger to do so? NOPE! By the time 9/11 had rolled around, W’s leadership vacuum had managed to suck 19 of Osama bin Laden’s box cutter wielding terrorists into America’s airports and comfortably seat them aboard 4 jetliners. If things had been any worse, he probably would’ve served ’em breakfast, too.

Ergo, ObL’s predicted attacks wound up catching W with his Commander-In-Chief pants down, all of which horrified his handlers. However, it was not the attacks, themselves, which had formed worry lines on their mugs. What actually sent them reeling in panic mode boiled down to the Q:

How will we ever be able to cover our boss’s sorry ass; firm up his politically flaccid image?

Their eventual, concocted M.O. amounted to a diversionary scam. They’d instruct bush-leaguer W to, FIRST, fearmonger the gullible, non-critical thinking public and, NEXT, dupe these sheeple into blind acceptance of his vengeance seeking, “smoke out” Osama bin Laden (dead or alive), willy-nilly, batshit crazy crusade.

One wonders if they had ever considered flying a more brains over brawn approach up the flagpole; i.e., something akin to Operation Neptune Spear, which President Barack Obama would eventually approve (come 2011); the meticulously orchestrated, regimented operation, where U.S. Navy SEALS were able to finally track down and obliterate bin Laden (not that his death did much of anything to win W’s no-win War on Terror/make our world a safer place).

Anyway, seeing how W’s “smoke out” plan was never anything more than a CYA smokescreen, he had never actually intended to bring 9/11’s architect to justice. All his wranglers did manage to accomplish was snagging their boy his coveted second term. And, as is true with most other cookie cutter Republicans, clutching to power (and amassing obscene wealth) is all that ever really matters to them.

Alas, throughout W’s eight year reign of terror, he exploited the Afghans as his political pawns; used them as his punching bag; even waterboarded / tortured suspected enemies of his own making; while trying to cover it all up with his euphemistic catchphrase, “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

Abroad: W was, still is, guilty of [1] needlessly slaughtering 241,000 people, 71,000 of them civilians [read it and weep article located here], [2] stifling / snuffing out that nation’s culture, and [3] blasting the real estate / infrastructure to smithereens.

Domestically: To this very day, W’s fear generated, U.S. Patriot Act still bulldozes and buries our once-upon-a-time Constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms and has pissed away TWO TRILLION FREAKIN’ DOLLARS; revenue that would’ve been far better spent on domestic programs to vastly improve Americans’ quality of life.

As bad as all of that already sounds, the repackaging and rebranding techniques, which served to refurbish W’s image, long ago, became canon within the Republican Party’s mucked up, political playbook.

You see, what those wranglers / spin doctors learnt during W’s Era, is that IF they could so readily groom an asshat, such as the ne’er-do-well George W. Bush; morph that imbecile into a pseudo conquering superhero, THEN such a coat of whitewash can also be easily slapped onto any subsequent, political wannabe stumblebum.

Case in point, in preparation for the 2024 Presidential Elections, image makeover (con) artists will be able to easily groom elitist Donald J. Trump; morph that insurrectionist fascist freak into a fake founding father figure.

Bottom lining it, George “Dubya” Bush’s negligence was, still is, and shall forever brand him the CAUSE of the EFFECT; better known as the War in Afghanistan! Dubya flat out owns that godforsaken debacle!

Had Dumbass Dubya properly and promptly reacted to his PDB’s dire warning and thwarted the 9/11 attacks, his pre-existing leadership vacuum would’ve never been strong enough to suck America into that two decades too long, no-win war! Hell, that war would’ve never even existed!

Regarding Bush’s dreadful character faults and deplorable deeds, be these mentioned above or not, on behalf of America, my heartfelt apology to all Afghans. I know what I’m about to type will be of no consolation to either you or me, but say it I must:

I never voted for him!



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









The 9/11 Prez’s Stench Rendered Naïve Voters Nose Blind


Let’s rehash George W. Bush… the 9/11 “prez”. For starters, his very rise to power hinged upon his mouthpieces and handlers successfully corrupting 5 of the 9 SCOTUS judges… coercing them into denying his opponent, Al Gore, what should’ve been the mandatory, statewide recount of the disputed Florida ballots.

In the end, W wound up stealing the 2000 elections… cheating his way into the Oval Office. The glaring irony… he had never actually wanted the presidency. He had amply demonstrated his disinterest by turning a blind eye to his 08/06/2001 Presidential Daily Briefing’s figurative, flashing red lights… a deaf ear to the accompanying, figurative, high decibel klaxons. What part of that PDB’s headline “Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US” did he not comprehend?

That spot-on, invaluable intel had forewarned W of the imminent hijackings five full weeks before they went down. Why the hell… at the very least… had he not beefed up airport security?

OK… in all fairness… it’s totally possible such an effort would’ve proven insufficient to prevent 9/11. Nonetheless, he should’ve tried. But, instead, W went on vacation… and after a mere seven months into his first term.

And so, his slacking off allowed the jets to crash into the twin towers, five sided architecture and rural real estate… caused nearly 3,000 needless deaths. And so, he was caught with his commander in chief trousers down… staring into the cameras… caught in their unforgiving glare like the proverbial, dazed deer caught in the headlights.

At that point, his in a tizzy spin doctors and image consultants went into damage control mode to beef / stiffen up his flaccid, unpresidential image. Yep, they were already thinking way ahead towards his ’04 reelection campaign. To that end, they’d begun to mutate their little boy W into “The Boy Wonder”… the “blood and guts”, “rampaging”, “superhero” persona he never had and never would. He’d order US troops to pointlessly rampage into Afghanistan and Iraq… to bomb the crap out of them… to commit crimes against humanity such as the waterboarding / torturing of their captured POWs… to permit Osama bin Laden to flee.

And, as if that weren’t bad enough, already, W collaborated with US Congressmen to bulldoze and bury the US Constitution… to gut that once hallowed, Founding Father penned document of any promises that’d “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”

W’s legacy… He became an un-convicted war criminal and bank robber. He needlessly rolled out the tanks and tanked out the economy. He militarily splattered the red blood and monetarily splattered the red ink.

To keep it real… statistically, W blew away one million humans and blew one trillion bucks fighting his no-win, never-win war on terror.

All that had actually accomplished was to set the Republican, presidential expectations bar low. In other words… if the majority of American voters could put up with the stench of George W. Bush, they could easily go nose blind to the far worse stench of Donald J. Trump.

The End!


Your Choice… Hillary’s Haven or Donald’s Dystopia

Folks, if you claim Donald Trump would make America “great”… it’s high time you say, “OH YUCK”, spit out that ORANGE Kool-Aid™, AND elect Hillary Clinton. But, if you’re still swallowing all the lies he’s been feeding you, before you try to elect him tomorrow… pay heed to these 13 ways Trump’s hardcore rightwing BS could adversely affect nearly every aspect of civilized society… for countless generations to come.

  1. Trump would likely get to appoint up to three (or more) U.S. Supreme Court Judges, who’d remain on the bench until the day they died. Whomever he chooses could only mirror his severe personality flaws, ergo, Trump’s time in office would extend perhaps up to three (or more) DECADES beyond his term limited eight years… and the legal precedents set by these judicial hack, Trump clones could inflict damage upon our society that’d be incalculable and irreparable.
  2. Trump would resurrect Reaganomics from the dead (FOR A SECOND TIME), crash the Stock Market (AGAIN) and wipe out every average Jane and Joe’s meager savings accounts / investments (funds, which were supposed last throughout their retirement years).
  3. Trump’s recession would result in massive double-digit unemployment. Folks, unable to pay their monthly bills, would default on their mortgages, thereby changing their forwarding street addresses to whatever freeway overpasses would become the roofs over their heads… to whatever Hoovervilles they’d wind up pitching their tents / unrolling their sleeping bags.
  4. Trump’s lust for economic green, at the expense of environmental green, would increase the smog (inclusive of greenhouse gasses, methane and CO2) AND deplete the ozone layer (all of this compromising our chances for good health). Severe climate change would also unleash unearthly arctic blasts, killer ice / snowstorms, deadly heat waves and freakishly severe hurricanes, tornados and lightning bolts. Biblical proportion deluges would plunge most of our world’s coastlines and island nations underwater. Excessive rains and droughts would, respectively, make swamplands and dustbowls out of once arable farmland… eventually making it damned near impossible for farmers and ranchers to feed America / the world… leading to mass starvation.
  5. Trump rather than intelligently trying to cure Obamacare of what ails it would ignorantly bury it… once again denying Americans the health insurance we deserve.
  6. Once Trump hunts down and deports all Hispanics and Muslims he’d need to find someone new to hate. During the next presidential election cycle, he’d train his crosshairs on any and all non-WASPS. Both Trump and his best bud, Klansman David Duke, would ensure that black lives and the lives of all other minorities don’t matter. Trump would wrongfully deem the aged, infirm and disabled to be akin to court jesters who he’d gleefully mock and laugh at.
  7. Trump’s bad behavior would become the unacceptable accepted paradigm, which municipalities’ city managers, mayors and police chiefs would employ when interviewing and hiring cops. Police forces would wind up with even more power-tripping officers who’d get off on needlessly profiling, stopping and frisking, Tasering and detaining anyone who’d stand still… and blowing away anyone who’d try to run away. Armed vigilantes would further deteriorate and irritate society by gleefully adding their psychotic behavior into this already volatile mix. Trump would be way cool with kangaroo courts… illegal proceedings sans legal defense attorneys and juries… where ugly “judges” get handsomely rewarded when they summarily convict the accused and then cram their prisoners (like sardines) into each and every one of America’s for “fun” and profit, privatized gulags.
  8. Trump would sign into law a congressionally legislated repeal of all gun control measures, creating a fifty statewide warzone… thereby ensuring that every minute of every day, bullets would be ricocheting off of every manmade structure and ripping through the flesh of every God made, hapless human being. The resultant sky-high piles of nameless corpses would get bulldozed into mass graves.
  9. Trump, the misogynist pig and pimp, would have zero qualms about forcing women into prostitution. The legions of young males, whose minds he will have corrupted and molded to conform to his own oinking image, would mutate into marauding rape gangs rendering no female, regardless of age, exempt from being sexually groped, violated and assaulted… and these malefactor males would commit these crimes with virtually 100% impunity. Women would be further objectified and dishonored… reduced to incubator status and condemned to a wretched existence where, throughout their child bearing years, they’d labor on Trump’s baby assembly lines… become the procreators of slave labor who he’d whip into submission… force into performing every disagreeable, degrading task imaginable… inclusive of fighting and dying in his never ending, no-win wars.
  10. Trump would declare wars… perhaps on a monthly basis… against a forever-growing list of his pick and choose enemies, who he’d also waterboard and torture. The only thing that’d stop him from going nuclear would be that it’d all be over way too quickly for his sadistic rapture to kick in.
  11. Trump would arrest and imprison each and every one of his newfound, 2016, political enemies… inclusive of Hillary and Bill Clinton, his victimized female accusers who outed him as a sexual predator AND the fourth estate journalists, who gave them their voice. And, owing to his “spirit of inclusiveness”, bloggers, who he hates, would likely wind up in Donny’s Dungeon, too.
  12. Trump’s propaganda ministers would dominate the broadcast and print media and systematically discredit legitimate journalists who are supposed to keep tyrants like Trump in check. Donald would also block access to any Internet site, which would refuse to stroke and stoke his already grotesquely inflated ego and threaten to expose his fascist plot to overthrow America.
  13. Trump’s gutting of the U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights would spare only the Second Amendment. Figuratively speaking, that misogynist would wind up savagely raping and mercilessly beating and battering Lady Liberty to death.

Well there you have it, my  compatriots…

If Donny’s Dystopia is your idea of what America should be, then Trump is your boy. If all the above horrifies you as much as it horrifies me… you’ll join me, tomorrow, as we head to the polls to establish Hillary’s Haven.

99 Word Blog (#046) Pence’s Man Crush


Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, recently said that, if elected, he’d be a strong VP… just like Dick Cheney.

Treasonous Cheney, the Constitution gutting, de facto president, who had morphed W Bush into a puppet and ventriloquist’s dummy.

Sociopathic Cheney, who had perpetuated flat out whoppers about WMD to justify attacking Iraq, squandered $1.1 TRILLION to wage that needless war, gleefully slaughtered THOUSANDS of U.S. troops and 1 MILLION innocent Iraqi civilians, waterboarded and tortured enemies of his own making, plundered Iraq’s oil AND spawned ISIS.

Well, Mike Pence has just proven himself strong alright… his stench is overpowering.