Better Read Than Dead


My stint as a cub reporter lasted one scant college semester. As such, I soon learnt the value of the follow-up question. As such, I cannot help but wonder if today’s professional journalists ever learnt that, too?

In particular, I’m referring to the oft, soft-ball lobbing reporters, who comprise the Trumpian White House Press Corps. Do they realize that each subsequent query need not be more complex than…

Mister T, why did you, just now, avoid answering my colleague’s question?

More specifically, on multiple occasions, whenever these “newshawks” have asked Donny if he’d accept an Election Day defeat, the big baby has, typically, maintained that the elections will ONLY be fair if he wins. Hell, were it any worse, he’d double down on such hubris by throwing an epic, undignified, Trumper Tantrum. But let’s not digress.

So far, to the best of my knowledge, no reporter has ever taken the dive into the deep end of Donny’s disturbed mind by asking this key follow up…

Don’t you deem it plausible that the voters would unseat a president who, on his watch, knowingly and needlessly let 204,000+ Americans die of COVID-19?

Of course, at that juncture, mucked up Donny would either tuck tail and run or summon his palace guards to escort that “baddie” reporter off the premises… perhaps even ban all such genuine article journalists from his future political rallies… uh… excuse me… my bad… his future “press conferences”.

As for what would happen next?

Well, that’d depend on whether or not Dictator Donny had learnt anything from hobnobbing with his like-minded, psychopathic, autocratic pals… you know… the ilk who literally butchered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Hmm… perhaps the 4th Estate professionals know best, after all?

Better (to be) read than dead!



Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Trumpian Temper Tantrum ~ Vid of the Day (Monday)

I’ve just returned from viewing YouTube’s CNN channel. Our above clip trots out a textbook example of fake prez Donald J. Trump’s all too real racism and sexism, which oft taint his “beefing” sessions.

NO… I did not mean to say “briefing”. YES… the one who was beefing is none other than that very entity who… considering his allowing the Coronavirus to [1] rampage all across America and [2] prematurely end the lives of (so far) 81,378 Americans… has absolutely no legitimate reason to be angry at anyone… well… other than himself.

To better set up this clip’s particulars, I now yield my virtual dais to CNN’s webmaster…

“President Trump told CBS reporter Weijia Jiang to ‘ask China’ in response to her question at a White House press conference and refused to answer questions from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.”

I also yield to the following YouTuber Virtuous Women, a 4th grader, who posted this comment…

“How rude talking to a reporter like that; the president knows it was spreading and he did nothing and now 80,000 people are dead because of his lies and money.”

My brief op-ed…

How astute of an Elementary School student to spot-on assess the POTUS… the non-world leader who should be… yet, never has been… nor shall ever be… her / our intellectual superior. With clearheaded, refreshing voices, such as hers, humanity, indeed, does have a chance for a bright future.

It’s high time that the White House Press Corps expands upon today’s show of professional solidarity. The very next time Donny gets on his high horse, THEY should be the ones to walk out on him… shut him down… saddle up and ride out of “Dodge.” Hell, it’s not like the news consuming public would be missing out on anything of value he has to say… mainly because…

Donald J. Trump has (nearly) never had anything of intrinsic value to say about anything to anyone!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy







OutFOXing the Free Press? (One Quick Limerick #025)


Kellyanne Conway spins yarns, tells HUGE fable,

The fact-based Free Press, she strives to disable,

Demands the press corps, concise,

Should all be FORCED to be nice,

Help her spread fake news the “prez” is smart/stable!


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