Try Making Heads or Tails of This!

Just take a gander at the yuge, ear to ear spanning, shit eating grin on the fake prez’s smug mug!

WARNING: There’s an ick factor in play, here; the tendency to throw up a little in our mouths, when Donny reminds us of his larger than life hind end; his grotesque, butt ugly booty; his flattened by sloth and fattened by Fascism fanny!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Unreachable and Unteachable

Bad enough… the idiosyncrasies of language… English in particular… will all but assure that, at some point in our lives, we’ll mispronounce a word or two. I’ll own up to that.

Worse yet… there are further complications. According to my Google search…

“English is a delectable, slow-cooked language of languages. As lexicographer Kory Stamper explains, ‘English has been borrowing words from other languages since its infancy.’ As many as 350 other languages are represented and their linguistic contributions actually make up about 80% of English!”

Worst of all… is how a guy like Donald J. Trump, who regularly assaults the King’s English, also suffers from a superiority complex and lack of intellectual curiosity… thereby rendering his mind unreachable and unteachable. Is it any wonder comedians deem him a butthead and make him the butt of their jokes?

Long sigh…

Let’s get serious. It’d be much more productive to rescue, not ridicule, the fake prez. However, since legislators and judges… hell, even his own advisors… can’t keep him in check, they merely wave the flag of surrender and watch him run amok. Even average Jane and Joe citizens could never expect to dingdong the White House doorbell, gain admittance and perform our intervention and/or exorcism.

So, what are we, the powerless pacifists, to do? Normally, our cast ballots could oust someone so ungovernable, but, seeing how he’s hellbent on mucking up America’s free elections, that ship may have already sailed.

So, WTF is left? It’s possible that we may be down to our last two options… namely… either weep ourselves into a dysfunctional funk or poke fun at Donald J. Trump.

While I cannot speak on behalf of everybody, I sure as hell would rather be laughing than crying.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!