99 Word Blog (#060) Ta Thai Ta Ta Thai


Donald Trump’s un-presidential campaign has been so depressing I wound up going offline for four days. While I’ve since returned to blog about the third Clinton-Trump debate… the best I can say is…

The Good News… there’ll be no fourth debate!

The Bad News… Trump depressed me… AGAIN!

But… rather than retreating offline… AGAIN… I read Shefali’s blog titled:

“BharataNatyam – Classical Indian Dance”

…where she relates how, at an early age, her mother taught her the fancy choreography. Since Shefali, sharing a portion of her life’s story, helped cheer me up… and could help you, too… Follow This Link!


My Appreciation For The Recognition!

Several days ago, I became a nominee for a Blogger Recognition Award.

Q: Why have I opted to “break the rules” to acknowledge this honor in a less customary manner?

A: I feel that if my writing can sufficiently motivate another blogger to pay me such a marvelous compliment… well… I now ask… what better recognition / award could there possibly be than writeshefali’s blog comment… itself… as follows…

“I am nominating you for Blogger Recognition Award. The first blog that I came across was of how a woman in a flight was frightened by a man doing mathematical calculations beside her, ever since then I have liked your insights and information that you spread across. I like your blogs so keep writing.”

Your encouraging words have made me aware that my blogs can and do make a difference here on the www. By your taking the time out of your busy day to say so…

You have made my day! You have rekindled my inner light! I will treasure all you said to me… till the day I die!

I thank writeshefali! I like your insightful, informative writing, too. I will continue to follow your blogs and also recommend other bloggers / readers do the same.