Happy New Year… If You Want It


There’s an especially soul-searching song, which gets frequently aired and streamed during each year-ending holiday season; aptly titled Happy Xmas.

In the time it takes for a scant, human inhalation and exhalation, John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the teamed Harlem Community / Children’s Choirs present the problem and offer up the (conditional) solution; all neatly, lyrically summed up within these scant seven words:

“War is over if you want it.” [full lyrics here]

John Lennon / Yoko Ono • c1971

As we know, all too well… wars, are not necessarily of the literal “rockets red glare”, “bombs bursting in air”, shoot ‘em out variety.

In words and deeds, such confrontations wind up “duking it out” as shouting matches taking place on metaphorical battlefields, alas, regrettably of human-UN-kind’s own making.

Let’s briefly flush and flesh them out…

  • Microbially: Humanity v. Corona-V
  • Ideologically: Progressives v. MAGA Maniacs
  • Environmentally: Cool Ecologists v. Hot Headed Deniers
  • Socioeconomically: Dirt Poor Impoverished v. Obscenely Wealthy
  • Racially/Culturally: People of Color v. White Supremacysts (not a typo)

This distills down to… whether or not humanity gets conquered. Without a concerted cooperative spirit, We WILL lose that war; what few “survivors” that may still exist becoming an endangered species, heading towards extinction. However, the dismal doomsday scenario need not play out IF:

  • Microbially: We stop fighting each other; let science referee us.
  • Ideologically: We tell Trumpers to shove Fascism up their asses.
  • Environmentally: We all concur it’s high time to clean up our act.
  • Socioeconomically: We finally put an end to class war / casteism.
  • Racially/Culturally: We evaluate others only as being good or bad

If that’s not a sufficiently convincing presentation… doubters must ask themselves:

  • Microbially: Do you really want to be conquered by a mindless microbe?
  • Ideologically: Does a Fascist’s asphyxiating choke hold really turn you on?
  • Environmentally: Do you really wanna get blown away by freakish storms?
  • Socioeconomically: Who are you to deny any human being a decent life?
  • Racially/Culturally: Can you not grasp how, deep down, we’re all the same?

You may have noticed the liberal usage of the word We. That’s because We is Key to establishing the very cooperative spirit necessary to motivate people.

To encourage humanity to take that first baby step upon the high road to a grown-up, civil society.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Holiday Music That Could End the War of Notions / Nations

To view this clip… adorned with dazzling human diversity… to listen to Choir! Choir! Choir!’s full-bodied voices raised in pitch perfect, joyous harmony… can make believers of us all.

To say the least, with messengers such as these fine folks… and all who are destined to travel upon their same path… John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over) message of hope will continue reverberating planet-wide… on and on and on… into eternity.

Be you a December holiday celebrant or not, may Lennon and Ono’s dream for a better world and better tomorrows be yours.






When Will Dreamers’ Dreams Come True? (Vid of the Day)

Imagine has got to be one of the most powerful and empowering pleas for world peace and unity since Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. Our above clip helps visualize Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s message… King’s too!

On a more musical note, Lennon’s rationale for recording Imagine in the C-Major key signature, had to have been intentional. What better way to make it more player friendly for cover musicians?* After all, the more performers, the better the odds at spreading a message that’s so instrumental to humanity’s survival.

So easy to play… so easy to sing… so easy to comprehend sentiments!

What’s not so easy is getting all seven plus billion Earthly souls to wake up and team up… to make Ono / Lennon’s lyrical and King’s oratorical dreams come true.



* TESTIMONIAL: As a keyboard novice, I managed to master Imagine quite quickly… with nary a glimpse at any sheet music.




A Lennon-esque Sunday Rain (Sunday Song Series)

Week #29 of our Sunday Song Series features Paul McCartney sitting in with Foo Fighters… performing as their guest drummer on Sunday Rain… a track from FF’s 9th album, Concrete and Gold (released on 9/15/17).

Methinks Sir Paul may’ve contributed a wee bit more… perhaps “wee” being an understatement? But…. more about that in a sec or two…

Naturally… my still being a mere mortal… I’m not entirely sure how any of this would all “work out”… or even if it would “work out” at all… BUT

Had John Lennon been peering Earthward during Sunday Rain’s recording session(s), would he be resting in peace or feeling PO’d? This song certainly does resemble his own, Imagine album era composition, How Do You Sleep.

Originally, that very song title had done double duty as [1] the opening lyrical salvo for Lennon’s ongoing feud with McCartney and [2] as a wake up call / critique re songwriter Paul’s pop hits (which oft featured subject matter lacking substance / hard hitting social commentary). HOWEVER, if Paul had wound up borrowing from How Do You Sleep to influence Sunday Rain, How Do You Sleep could also refer to [3] How Do You Sleep having ripped off How Do You Sleep? Having just exhausted myself typing How Do You Sleep so excessively, my own sleep should be instantaneous the very next time my head hits the pillow.

Just to be clear, here… who really knows whether McCartney OR the Foo Fighters are responsible? OR both? OR… had this been totally unintentional… neither?

But, whatever the case may be… one does wonder how John’s widow, Yoko Ono, who still relentlessly guards over her former husband’s intellectual property, is feeling? How Does she Sleep knowing that either inadvertent or intentional copyright infringement has occurred? Or does she know at all?

My cursory web searches, which assign songwriting credits of Sunday Rain to David Grohl, Nathan Mendel, Pat Smear, Rami Jaffee, Oliver Hawkins, Christopher Shiflett… with nary a mention of John Lennon… do suggest that answer is NOPE.

So… will our Sunday Song Series continue? My answer is YEP!

Let’s all meet back here in seven days…



The New “Ballad” of John and Yoko… Imagine That!



Over the course of the past four plus decades, we’ve been hearing how the musical output from John Lennon and Paul McCartney, inarguably one of songwriting history’s most prolific teams, did not always involve 50/50 contributions to each and every finished composition.

Over the course of the past several days, we’re now finding out how the late Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, had made significant contributions to the classic rock song, Imagine… that she’s finally getting credit where credit is due… where credit has been long overdue. Oh, btw, that’s the way John had eventually realized it should be.

Their story has inspired my tribute to both of them… as follows…



The New “Ballad” of John and Yoko



So long, long ago; many scores, many years

John and Yoko, united, explored new frontiers

Noteworthy notions sprung forth from these two balladeers

The world they imagined spanned all hemispheres


In our world bankrupt of ethics; in deep, deep arrears

Ono, Lennon, faced down the facades and veneers

Confronted flawed biases, unfounded fears

Their sequenced bass, treble dots still, indeed, please our ears


Ideas beautiful, brainy, fleshed out their careers

Ideals heartfelt and heady, meshed like cogs of two gears

They transcended space/time, it strongly appears

Their shared vision enlightens, endures and endears


Yoko Ono, John Lennon, can be called pioneers

Imagine, their song, evokes tears, on two tiers

Their apt message and melody sure perseveres

To REALLY listen to them, could, too, make them two seers