Checking Mercy at the Front Door?


Here, on the www, my a.k.a.s, past and present, have, more or less, relied on wordplay; e.g., Cussin’ Itt, Wholly Moses, TrueBlueBloggerTom and CommonSenseTom.

Back in the real world, matters have proven more utilitarian e.g., Tommy, Tomaso and Thomas; or if I somehow managed to PO somebody, Tom-Ass.

Yet, at no point during my stint on Earth has human biology ever required any of the generic monikers: dada, daddy, dad, pop, pa, papa and my old man.

Briefly stated, opting out of parenthood stems from my lifelong contention that, from an ideological, environmental and financial standpoint, our world has rarely, if ever, been family friendly. And current events have only served to intensify such sentiments.

Do stay with me, there really is a point to this post.

During today’s airing of the public radio discussion program, 1A, (an abbreviated nod to the First Amendment which, in part, grants us free speech and press rights) the first hour’s topic was titled:

What’s Happening To Migrant Children At The Southern Border

As host Jenn White and her guests Dulce Garcia, Leah Chavla and Caitlin Dickerson delved deeply into the major issues, an incidental point surfaced, namely, that the staffs of Border Protection Facilities are not sufficiently trained to deal with the influx of migrant children; i.e., meet their basic needs.


You mean to tell me that these government hired hands find it utterly impossible to draw on what one would expect to be DNA hardwired into us; namely, compassion, humaneness, kindness, consideration, understanding, sympathy, tolerance; leniency, mercy, pity, tenderness; benevolence, charity, goodness, magnanimity?

Or worse yet, these dudes and dudettes check such human / humane attributes upon front door ingress to the workplace? Or worse yet, once they “punch in”, these kids become their punching bags?

My God, even during my limited experiences with temporary fatherhood (e.g. once becoming the designated babysitteer during an impromptu family reunion and once yelling out, “WATCH OUT” to attract the attention of a distant, distracted mother, whose youngster was about to dart into traffic), I found parenting to be second nature.

What might that say about the Border Facility workers, who cannot tap into what is (or should be) instinctive behavior? All of this does beg the follow up question: How do they treat their own children?

Jenn White must explore this story much further (and likely will). Perhaps the working title should be:

Are Border Protection Facilities Still Checking Mercy at the Front Door?


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