A Bloc Party Sunday (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to Week #62! Today, we’ll be giving a listen to the track, Sunday, performed by the British indie rockers Bloc Party. This selection is a Russell Lissack / Gordon Moakes / Kele Okereke / Matt Tong composition, which appeared on their second studio album, A Weekend in the City.

Shortly after its 2007 release, the British daily newspaper, The Guardian, regarded this disc highly enough to include it on their list, the “1000 Albums To Hear Before You Die”. Quite the emphatic testimonial, huh?

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All Strings Attached (Sunday Song Series)

A bit of a digression… doncha just love that Statue of Liberty still shot above? Moving onward…

With our Sunday Song Series now at Week #61, for a change of pace, let’s talk classics. Why classical music? My brief bio…

My parents are to blame for introducing me to Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz as a wee preschooler. My Sixties, hippie dippy roots and, later on, EZ listening background also come into play. In fact, while typing this very blog, right next to me is a CD tower where filed under “S” there’s the epitome of diversity… e.g., recording artists such as Sting, Stooges and Strauss. Seeing how so many genres can harmoniously coexixt in my world, perhaps classical will play out well in your world, too?

As for the specifics, we’ll be giving a listen to Symphony No.3 a.k.a. The Sunday Symphony by William Grant Still… a.k.a. “The Dean” of African-American composers.

While I’m offering Movement I (The Awakening), above (for the folks with time constraints), as for the classical connoisseur (and/or folks who have time to savour their music), check out Maestro Still’s masterpiece… in its entirety… below…

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Sixty Sunday Songs and Still Going Strong

Our Sunday Song Series, Week #60 selection is the Vanessa Paradis / Lenny Kravitz / Henry J. Hirsch composition Sunday Mondays preformed by Ms. Paradis.

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Ian’s “Eons Ago” Feeling (Sunday Song Series)

Fast Facts:

Sunday Song Series Week #59
Band ~ Jethro Tull
Debut Album ~ This Was
Release Date (UK) ~ October 25, 1968
Song ~ My Sunday Feeling
Vocalist / Flautist / Composer ~ Ian Anderson

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my hopes that you’ll be back next Sunday.
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Mr Suburbia’s Existence (Sunday Song Series)

Our Sunday Song Series, week #58, featured recording artists are a band of English indie rockers, known as the Kaiser Chiefs. Today, within the context of their composition Sunday Morning, they’ll be lyrically portraying the tedious, so-called life of Mr. Suburbia. Check out this sample couplet…

What I do is not life and death
By Sunday I’ve got nothing left

Hmm… seeing how Mr. S is apparently bogged down by a going-nowhere-fast / life-is-a-drag existence, he does sound a bit like John Lennon’s lyrical Nowhere Man. Might the two song characters be genetically and/or occupationally related?

To digress briefly… it is odd (tragic, too) how “fast” and “drag” are both applicable words in describing each man’s lot.

Anyway… you can read more about our featured musicians and their music over at Wikipedia.

Thank you for stopping by for a listen. You’re all invited back for our next venture into Sunday titled songs… seven days from now. Till then, I wish you all an immensely enjoyable, full life in the week ahead… and beyond…