Ordinary Things Mean So Much (Sunday Song Series)

Preface: To give full credit its due, the above headline abridges just one of many lyrical sentiments, which breathe life into this day’s featured musical selection. Such well chosen words emphasize the value of The Ordinary during the extraordinary times we’ve been trying to survive.

Scant days ago, Brett Eldredge, released Sunday Drive, which, in turn, now becomes our musical tour’s Week #100 stopover.

To assist our exploration within the vast realm of Sunday titled songs, composers Barry George Dean, Don Mescall and Stephen Paul Robson will guide us through Sunday Drive’s passage thru time where, ultimately, we’ll witness (for some of us re-witness) the heartwarming, inevitable, intergenerational baton hand-off in the relay race of life.

Can’t speak for everyone, but, never before, have I so strongly identified with… been so thoroughly moved by such storytelling. Our music video’s sights and sounds unexpectedly teleported me back to my own bittersweet memories of family Sunday drives through our rustic hometown… memories of the cranked down windows’ whooshing gusts almost palpable. I commend my father for doing his very best to utilize his 1953 Ford as “the vehicle” to scare off the boredom and blues, which oft travel hand in hand with a bare bones way of life.

That bygone era’s 30¢ per gallon gasoline had certainly made our bonding experiences a bargain and well worth the trip.

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Augustana in August (Sunday Song Series)

How apropos to feature San Diego, California’s Augustana, on this first weekend in August. Even though the etymological connection is hazy, at best, at least the wordplay is cool.

Much cooler, is this band of indie rockers’ mellow track, Sunday Best, composed by Daniel Layus, Jared Palomar, Josiah Rozencwajg and Justin South. This selection is a.k.a. the Week #99 stopover on our musical journey through the limitless, diverse realm of Sunday titled music.

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Welcome to Jess Ray’s World (Sunday Song Series)

The opening scene from Jess Ray’s video, finds the singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist situated out-of-doors, where she’s making her motionless, silent stand on the shoreline… riveting her far off gaze into infinity… perhaps, seeking some meaning to humankind’s recently redefined existence.

These days, it’s safe to say, most of us can empathize tout de suite.

And then…

Just like Jess, with nowhere else to go, we, too, find ourselves resuming the shelter-at-home mode which, for now, is our one best hope for saving humanity. We, who wait patiently, know that the clear, secure and permanent path back to our once-upon-a-time, semblance of normalcy will appear… someday…

Till then…

Let’s virtually invite Ms. Ray into our homes to perform Sunday Afternoon… track #11 from her February 2019 album, PARALLELS + MERIDIANS… which is a.k.a. Week #98 of our genre spanning, virtual, veritably limitless, exploration of Sunday titled songs.

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Sunday Postmeridian Post (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to Week #97 of our ongoing journey into the world of Sunday titled tracks. This week, singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Rachael Yamagata, via voice and strings, unpacks her views re her not so sunshiny, Sunday Afternoon life.

The above clip showcases her performance. However, via the linked, somewhat lengthier clip, we can all virtually share in her wilderness trek / Sunday drive out to the middle of nowhere… join her as she searches for a good place to forget the bad place, which she hopes to leave behind.

If we all manage to return, in time, to our own unenviable realities, we can meet up back here for yet another musical journey… 7 days from now…


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Sylvia’s Serenity (Sunday Song Series)

Our Week #96 Sunday Song is aptly titled Sunday (what else?). Our featured artist is Ms. Sylvia Robinson… an American singer / musician and record producer / record label executive. She’s a.k.a. the mother of hip-hop. Be sure to read more about her life and times.

It wasn’t until preparing this post that, suddenly, something subconsciously clicked. My enjoyment of Ms. Robinson’s music actually gets backdated to 1963-ish, when I first became aware of the R&B chart topper, Love is Strange, released in late 1956. At that time, she and her partner, MIckey Baker were professionally known, sans surnames, as Mickey and Sylvia… hence, my minutes ago eureka moment.

I’ve linked to their live TV performance of Love is Strange as bonus track. Considering we’ll be time warping to the pre-digital audio / video age, the tech is remarkably good. But, even better, their fresh sound and spirited stage personae are both timeless… the temporal marks of all transcendental artists.

I’ve also included the Moby enhanced version of this post’s topper track. It never ceases to amaze how revamping a musical arrangement (inclusive of a dance club beat) can so completely change the musical mood… one which reminds me much of Dido’s Here With Me. Sorry, the DJ in me could not resist juxtaposing the comparison.

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DIY Narratives Are Encouraged (Sunday Song Series)

Our Week #95 Sunday Song, Sunday Times, is akin to an article that’s far from front page news. “Reporters” / composers Joe Dassin and R. Dassin share the by-line for their bygone, slow-news-day, relegated to the society page account.

To cite a few credentials, Joseph Ira Dassin (1938 – 1980), the American-born, French singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist, no doubt, had drawn both his artistry and inspiration from his Mother, Béatrice Launer (1913 – 1994), a New York-born violinist and Father, American film director Jules Dassin (1911 – 2008) [read more here].

But, to get to the heart of the matter, Joe vocalizes the quintessential, bittersweet tale of the just as the rainstorm ends, Sunday dawn, chance encounter at the newsstand… all leading to an initially promising, yet, way too brief relationship. As for what had happened in between and why things had not worked out?

Well, all we need do is draw on our worldliness and rely on our read between the lines skills to fill in the missing details (in our own inimitable ways). What our fertile imaginations do come up with, naturally, will determine how the Motion Picture Association of America would rate our “screenplays”… i.e. were they to ever escape the theater of the mind and hit the big screen or… perhaps…. get streamed by Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.

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A Scottish Band Called Texas! (Sunday Song Series)

We have the alternative rock / downtempo / blue-eyed soul / trip hop Scottish band, Texas, to thank for their mellow recording, Sunday Afternoon… a.k.a. our Week #94 Sunday titled selection.

This Sharleen Spiteri and Johnny McElhone composition is a.k.a. track #4 from their certified triple platinum, 5th album, The Hush, which, back in 1999, debuted at #1 in the UK.

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Spending Sunday Morning With EWF (Sunday Song Series)

Throughout Earth, Wind & Fire’s legendary recording / performing history, this band with Chicago roots, founded by Maurice White back in 1969, has managed to consistently keep their sound innovative via the unflinching exploration of a vast array of musical genres… R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop, rock, dance, Latin, and Afro pop.

Even were a DJ to cut off her/his talkover microphone to spin their songs, unannounced, it’d be this ensemble’s melodious, layered vocal arrangements and horn section’s charismatic, captivating, driving force that’d readily identify them as EWF.

The following links tell the backstory to our above clip’s selection, Sunday Morning, and the Millennium album on which it originally appeared… the Wikipedia excerpt, below affords us a small glimpse into EWF’s accomplishments…

“The band has won six Grammys from their 17 nominations and four American Music Awards out of 12 nominations. They have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, the NAACP Image Award Hall of Fame, and Hollywood’s Rockwalk, in addition to receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With sales of over 90 million records, they are one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time. The band has also received an ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Heritage Award, BET Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Soul Train Legend Award, as well as a NARAS Signature Governor’s Award, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2012 Congressional Horizon Award, and the Kennedy Center Honors in 2019.” read more here

Or, to sum up their credentials in one word… WOW!

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O’Riordan’s Star Shines On Brightly (Sunday Song Series)

The Cranberries perform, Sunday, a selection from their 1993 debut album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?… which, also, conveniently, transforms into our Week #92 Sunday Song.

A bittersweet experience to, once again, behold the Irish composer / instrumentalist / mezzo-soprano Dolores O’Riordan, whose untimely eternal rest (January ’18), cut short her stellar, two score and eight years recording and touring career… one that could’ve continued, perhaps, for two score more.

Our adventure into the vast world of genre spanning, Sunday titled songs will continue seven days from now. You’re cordially invited back!

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It’s Sunday… Again…

Week #91 of our Sunday Song Series finds us paying a visit on our Friends of Distinction… a.k.a. the recording artists who’ll be performing their sung to perfection track, It’s Sunday.

Sorry for “phoning this one in”, but, these days, I’m barely connected to the www and expect this window of posting opportunity to slam shut at any moment… with no warning.

If all goes well, I’ll meet you back here for our next Sunday Song… 7 days from now…

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