“Barron’s Fine.”

“President Trump spoke on his son Barron’s positive COVID-19 test before departing the White House en route to Des Moines, IA. First Lady Melania Trump revealed Wednesday that her only son with President Trump, Barron Trump, tested positive for the novel coronavirus after the first couple was diagnosed but said he experienced no symptoms and has since tested negative.”

Clip and set-up courtesy of The Hill’s YouTube Channel • Oct 14, 2020 • 156,920 views

And that duly noted, it’s now my turn to weigh in.

Fortunately, “all’s well that ends well”, doth sum up the first family’s encounter with the sickening, oft deadly Corona-V.

Even so, we need to further consider our video vignette. The Hill’s wordless, visual op-ed doth speak volumes. Indeed, candidate Trump’s silence drowns out both the madding crowd’s mindless, “U – S – A” chants and Marine One’s / Air Force One’s idling engines.

If nothing else, the clip’s creator has showcased daddy Donny’s dispassionate demeanor. Throughout the entire two minute run time, I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat, fully expecting the president (in title only) to flesh out his “Barron’s Fine” cursory remark.

Perhaps after the cutaway from the White House to the tarmac scene? Yes? No?

Regrettably, but not unexpectedly, No was the outcome.

My God, for a politician (in every negative sense of that word) who’s never at a loss for words, to not offer up a bit more parental concern? Maybe toss in a few of his trade mark superlatives? Perhaps brag about the Trump Klan’s genetic superiority?

This comment left on the YouTube site could very well sum it up best:

“Poor Baron [sic]. All the money in the world can’t make up for what he has to endure.”

YouTuber Briarrose29

In closing, Barron is not only fortunate enough to be afforded the best medical care anywhere on the planet, but is also damned lucky to, at least, have a mother who cares about his well-being.

Stay well wishes to mother and son.

Get well wishes, too, to the inattentive (in title only) father.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!


Out of Bounds? Out on a Limb?

Is it out of bounds to post unflattering content re narcissist Donald J. Trump; especially in the wake of his brief, COVID-19 scrape with death?

Is it going out on a limb to assume that nearly everyone, who’s caught a fleeting glimpse of the Grim Reaper, would view their survival a humbling, oh wow moment; so much so, that they’d do their damnedest to avoid similar encounters in the future? Would even attempt to spare others such a harrowing experience?

Let’s compare and contrast.

Following my November 9, 1973 spin-out on an icy freeway overpass, where I narrowly averted smashing head-on into an eighteen-wheeler tractor-trailer, I became a changed man. My surviving what could’ve easily been a fatal traffic accident, in my book, had been miraculous.

How else could you and I assess an outcome where ALL the motorists left that wintry scene with nary a scratch to our bodies and vehicles’ bodies?

During subsequent winter storms, I did not feel an instantaneous, overwhelming compulsion to turn the key in the ignition, rev up the ol’ engine, kick ‘er into high gear and speed off at 145 k.p.h. ISO of the most dangerous “skating rink” highways, imaginable.

Neither did I become an on-the-spot advocate for foolhardy behavior; e.g., by attempting to convince family and friends that reckless winter driving is the “only way to go”; by going out of my freakin’ way to instruct everyone on the “proper techniques” for precipitating carnage / perpetrating vehicular manslaughter.

Had I conducted myself in such an incomprehensible, reprehensible, irresponsible manner, that would’ve branded me any permutation / combination of inane, insane and amoral.

Such characterizations now afford us the perfect segue into a discussion re Donny.

In one breath, we witness Trump cockily shuffling away from his own COVID-19 survival miracle and in the very next (still labored) breath, becoming the advocate of reckless behavior; GOING OUT OF HIS FREAKIN’ WAY to tell everyone all across America / all over the globe:

“Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

October 5, 2020 Tweet @realDonaldTrump

To conduct himself in such an incomprehensible, reprehensible, irresponsible manner, brands him any permutation / combination of inane, insane and amoral.

Were he a private citizen, the legal authorities would have already charged him, at the very least, with public endangerment.

Trump’s narcissism, literally pumped up on doctor prescribed steroids, is now raging out of control. Could he actually be getting off on the, so far, 219,000 (known) deaths, which his DIY pandemic has caused? Were matters to become any worse, would mortuaries’ hidden surveillance cameras catch that ghoul “grabbing” / taking indecent liberties with the corpses, too?

Look, I don’t know what netherworld Trump has been holed up in, these past 9 months, but he’s obviously oblivious to the fact that the rest of us are engaged in a fight for humanity’s very survival.

If he cannot do anything helpful, at the very least, can he not simply shut the F up? You know, park his Fascist fanny and veg out in front of his TV; scarf down junk food and pig out on his propaganda ministers’ served up, undeserved accolades; all designed to stoke and stroke his ferocious ego.

Most assuredly, Corona-V does not need an ally. Yet, it has found one. That being the one and (thank God) only Donald J. Trump!

When pitted against a global pandemic’s glaring, glum backdrop, it’s never, ever out of bounds and going out on a limb to call him out / tell it like it is!

Stay Publicly Masked!
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A Not So Perfect Phone Call

My phone rang yesterday. Who was calling? A Man. As in THE MAN!

By the by, he had asked for me, by name. Uh-oh! His mission? Fundraising, on behalf of some police association, which I had never even heard of.

As part of his spiel, he made a point of emphasizing cops’ mounting concerns; specifically, how they oppose all legislation, which de-funds and demilitarizes their police departments. In the short time it took to ask if he could count on my donation, I felt it necessary to ask…

“Would you mind if we take a few moments for a philosophical discussion?”

My totally unanticipated question had EITHER unnerved him (upset his indoctrinated fund raising routine) OR struck a raw nerve within him. So much so that he asked me to re-ask my Q.

“Would you mind if we take a few moments for a philosophical discussion?”

Upon his warily allowing that, I offered up this follow up…

“Would it not be better for the police to devote their time to the policing, while relying on the social workers…”

He immediately, and rather curtly, cut me off and then opted to cut and run.

The very fact that Mr. Fundraiser was expecting everyone to support cops, unconditionally, to say the least, was (still is) excessively presumptuous; especially against today’s backdrop of worldwide racial / social unrest.

Had he allowed me to continue, I’d have mentioned how society needs police department social workers / psychologists, who gingerly “open” troubled minds, not cops who crack open skulls with clubs.

Alas, Mr. Show-Me-Da-Money’s mind was not open to my brand of business. And that certainly struck a raw nerve within me.

Look, don’t get me wrong. Some good cops, who favor brains over brawn, still do exist. Some may even harbor natural instincts, which make them fairly decent shrinks.

But, what of the bad cops; the bigots, who deem it their duty to go ape-shit crazy, each and every opportunity they get to tackle their work assignments; i.e., when they literally tackle suspects.

And God help said suspects when they’re not Christian Caucasians.

Typically, for a person of color, a phrase such as “they all lived happily ever after” is not how their story ends. Tragically, the suspect is running away only out of his justifiable fear that the racist cop, in hot pursuit, fully intends to gun him down; all the way down; as in six feet down. More often than not, he’ll realize his fears had been well founded; as he gasps his final breath.

Society must fully accept and implement the changes Black Lives Matter adherents are demanding; i.e., the end of police brutality and profiling. Doing so would concurrently halt the trampling of 1st Amendment protections (e.g. freedom of speech / freedom to protest).

And looking further down the road, America does not need and must never respect storm trooper cops who’d [1] snappily salute and bleat out “Yes Sir” to Fascist Donald J. Trump and [2] mindlessly follow his marching orders to complete his overthrow of America.

Considering today’s sickening political climate, whether or not there can be a favorable resolution to all that ails us / the U.S. will depend on who will be seated behind the Oval Office desk at high noon on Inauguration Day 2021.

In the meantime, the people who did cough up their money to Mr. Fundraiser, today, could even wind up buying the tear gas, which protestors will wind up coughing up from their lungs, tomorrow.

Stay Publicly Masked!
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Stay Healthy!

Donny’s Donnybrook: The Day After


I’ve heard that Donald J. Trump didn’t prepare much for his first debate with Joe Biden.

Then again, why would he even need to?

Not when he’s got a lifetime of bullying experience to draw on. Hell, bullying is likely a dominant gene that gets backdated to the toxic Trump family’s earliest knuckle-dragging caveman epoch. You know, when his militant, mutant ancestors were swimming in the gene pool’s shallow end; sloshing around in the spoiled, stale, leftover primordial soup. But let’s not digress excessively.

Since the know-nothing / do nothing worthwhile / good-for-nothing Trump has been running roughshod over America, right from the onset of his odious admin, why would anyone expect him to treat Biden any differently?

Seeing how Donny could not even begin to wrap his warped mind around the relevant to voters issues; could not tackle such problems, instead, he opted to tackle Joe.

Consider Biden’s Catch-22 options last night…

• If Joe allowed his opponent to monopolize the debate, Trump campaign ads would portray Biden as beta male or worse; e.g., feebleminded, timid and unable / unprepared to lead.

• If Joe walked off the stage, early on, opportunistic, deceitful Donny would’ve spent the remaining time mutating his abysmal job performance and lack of leadership into an asset; a free of charge, campaign ad. And the Trump campaign ads to follow would portray Biden as cowardly; (once again) unable and unprepared to lead.

• And seeing how Joe DID fight back; even told Donny to “shut up”, Trump campaign ads WILL portray him, at the very least, as argumentative and disrespectful.

Looking back, my being a “survivor” of grade school bullying, I do know, from first hand experience, what I’m talking about.

Looking ahead, I don’t believe there’s much to be gained from Joe debating Donny a second and third time.

Even so, Biden must show up anyway. Must never give Trump, the bastard bully, the satisfaction of bogusly and smugly declaring himself the debate stage “conquering hero”!

In spite of the fact that all wise, rational critical thinkers already know otherwise.


Stay Publicly Masked!
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Is the Trumpster in the Dumpster?


Recent revelations re Donald J. Trump’s mucked up, income tax situation now beg a few questions…

• What if the fake prez is not only morally bankrupt but also financially bankrupt?

• What if he’s seeking reelection to continue mooching off American taxpayers; to stay holed up in the White House another four years?

• What if he’s trying to avoid a city dump forwarding address, living in a cardboard box, cooking rats over a campfire, experiencing rainy bad hair days AND shitting into a bucket?

• How far would he go to avoid that?

• Would he start placing “perfect” phone calls, worldwide, to his despotic heroes; for the express purpose of selling them stolen military property / armaments / nukes and even revealing sensitive government intellectual property / secrets?

• At that point, he’d be sacrificing U.S. security / endangering us. But seeing how he intentionally allowed Corona-V to go on a rampage; seeing how he is fully responsible for the (so far) 210,000 COVID-19 fatalities, would it even faze him if he buried all 328 million of us?


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Fly on the Wall Fake News?


Were we able to hot mic a manure eating housefly and release it within the Oval Office, what might we learn?

Two things are certain to make such an endeavor successful. With all the shit going on in that pigpen, there’d be little chance of our “bug” ever going hungry or even wanting to leave!

The benefits?

We could, in real time, finally eavesdrop on all the evil crap that’s actually being discussed, perhaps, even inclusive of this “perfect” phone call to the Food and Drug Administration?

DJT: Listen up you white lab coated losers! Science is shit! There’s nothing, REPEAT, NOTHING more important than ME getting reelected. To make ME look good, you WILL ramrod whatever Chinavirus vaccine looks the best thru the approval process, skip every last damned testing phase and start shooting that shit directly into the arms and asses of Americans on MY TIMETABLE. That means your DO or DIE deadline for making ME The Savior, is two weeks before Election Day, November 3rd! The only reassurances I want from you are that the voters don’t start dropping dead until November 4th. GOT IT?

FDA: Yesssir!

The End


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








An Idiomatic “Where Am I” Riddle


Straight from the horse’s mouth, I feel like an interminably socially isolating, lone wolf who’s going stag to nowhere; the pandemic’s fish out of water, mad as a hornet, sitting duck; trapped like a lab rat in that weasel leader’s bereft of science, field experiment; condemned to waiting out the uncertain results while sweating like a pig; whipped up into ants in the pants magnitude agitation; succumbing to bats in the belfry mindlessness; driven to go on a homebound, till the cows come home bender where I’ll suffer a bad case of the spins, while pirouetting with pink elephants; the morning after finding me looking like something the cat has dragged in…

Where am I?

Aboard the pandemic era Noah’s Ark


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Hey… it could happen…


While fake prez Donny’s recent bullying, of the educational community, has certainly increased and intensified the K-12, in-person vs. online learning debate, no one (who I’ve heard about), has addressed the issue of disciplinary problems.

What about the students with serious emotional issues… or for that matter… even those who just happen to be having the rare bad day?

Suppose a teacher punishes a misbehaving kid who, whether sick with COVID-19 or not, reacts by whipping off his mask to snarl, “If you don’t shut up and get outta my face, I’m coming over to cough right into your face!”

Hey… it could happen…


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Daddy’s Little Girl

So… just how insensitive… slash… out of touch with reality is Daddy Donny’s little girl Ivanka?


It’d be no yuge shocker, were we to spot her frantically hoofing IN CIRCLES, while planning her daddy dearest’s next gaudy, gold-plated, tasteless dinner party… slash… shameless, reelection fundraiser. In her weak defense, she’d be pacing about in the OVAL OFFICE, so what other way would there be?

Most likely, her dual dilemma would revolve around…

What color evening gown gown to wear and whether to serve white or red wine.

Further complicating her choices… [1] it’s sooooo tough to schedule a bash against the backdrop of the COVID-19 deaths of 142,000 Americans (and still counting), who’ve needlessly suffered and died during the pandemic of her sadistic daddy’s own making and [2] within the dank recesses of his ignorance and narcissism mucked up head, he doth fancy himself a heroic leader… you know… just because his numbers… his death toll numbers… have yet to rack up a “cool” one million.

First and foremost, Ivanka knows clashing with Daddy’s dinner guests’ attire would be a YUGE NO-NO! They’re certain to be decked out in their brown shirts adorned with swastika armbands and white robes accessorized with white hoods.


Why risk pissing off Martha Stewart and the Fashion Police, Ivanka? If the latter entities are anything like your daddy’s goons, the tear gas, alone, could ruin this Republican party’s atmosphere / ambiance. Ergo… seeing how you can expect everybody in attendance to be a freakin’ racist asshat… with buckets of blood on their hands, why not stick with white attire and serve red wine?

DISCLAIMER: Via this docudrama post, this blogger is applying a liberal coat of sarcasm. First and foremost, I’d never lift a finger to help this Odd Couple… unless it were my middle finger. Seeing how they’re both lifelong sociopaths, speedy resolutions will not be forthcoming, for the foreseeable future. Perhaps we should enlist the counsel of shrink, Mary Trump, who’d be far better suited to stage interventions (exorcisms?). And she MUST start with her Uncle Donny!

BTW, check out Ms. Trump’s credentials…

“Mary earned a bachelor’s and master’s in English Literature from Tufts University and Columbia University, respectively, and then completed a master’s degree and Ph.D in clinical psychology at Adelphi University, later contributing to a 2002 book about schizophrenia.” [read more here]



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