Mega Thanks To All @WordPress!


1 Year Anniversary Achievement

1 Year Anniversary Achievement


My heartfelt gratitude to each and every WordPress blogger and visitor who opts to click on by… spend precious time out of their busy lives to read my prose and poetry… and listen to my musical BlogCasts.

I extend extra special thanks to my followers. Over the course of this past year, via our posts and comment box chats, we’ve learned much about each other and have become the online equivalent of pen pals.

There’s also a sense of awe whenever I realize our blogged notions and emotions are reaching out… sometimes even half a world away to touch each other’s minds, hearts and souls. Reading your imaginative, informational and motivational posts… viewing your superb, oft breathtaking photography and works of art have entertained, educated, impressed and inspired me… and made me a far, Far, FAR better blogger.

As for the LIKE STARS, which you’ve been awarding my blogs… they’ve all been combining into comforting constellations, which are brilliantly lighting up the darkness that, as of late, has begun to descend upon my day-to-day life and over my once-upon-a-time, free homeland.

With YOU standing by my side… I feel a significant purpose to my existence.

Without YOU… My ideas would forever languish… remain imprisoned within the six cyberwalls of their Word Document cubicles.

Because of YOU… The WordPress Community… I’m looking forward to spending year two with YOU!



Not Bragging… Just Blogging My Thanks! (99 Word Blog #077)


1,000 Likes200 Posts


I’ve just gotten the word from WordPress re my site’s statistical milestones…

1000 Likes —-||—- 200 Posts

That’s remarkable considering how this ten-year blogging veteran (MySpace, Xanga & Blogger) has only been @WordPress for 10 months and link to no other social media to self promote.

My thanks go out to all who’ve been clicking those LIKE STARS on my prose and poetry… my fact based op-ed pieces and ventures into fiction… my political and social commentary on life’s events found in story and song (a.k.a. my musical blogcasts).

My invitation goes out to all who’ve yet to “meet” me.

Oh… To Be Multilingual! (99 Word Blog #073)

As public school first grader, I had the honor and privilege of being taught by a woman who not only spoke fluent English and Spanish but also was eager to teach both languages to everyone in her classroom.

At my highly impressionable age, my wide-open mind was soaking up her every word.

When the closed-minded, local Board of Education caught wind of this, they were outraged… said they…

“Americans only speak English and we don’t need no one [sic] confusing our students.”

Regrettably, these ignoramuses rendered me monolingual… now prevent me from enjoying WordPress bloggers posting in languages foreign-to-me.

Lean ‘n’ Mean Tweets (99 Word Blog #072)

This ten-year blogging veteran realizes short posts are more popular. Via my 99 Word Blog experiment, I’ve been striving to use the least words to say the most.

I wouldn’t dare attempt this within the constraints of 140 character Tweets.

Regrettably, Tweets are one particular demagogue’s MO.

While finding common ground with him re political, socioeconomic, scientific and ecological issues is virtually impossible… can’t we agree that Twitter is NEVER the proper forum for him to be engaging in nuclear saber rattling?

At best, Twitter is merely the venue to draw attention to one’s lengthier, more judiciously worded posts.

Mega Thanks! In Roman Numerals I’m Now @ “C” Level!

100 Follows!


Approximately two weeks ago, WordPress congratulated me because my website has attracted 100 followers. I’ve not mentioned this, up till now, for two reasons…

  1. I don’t like to brag.
  2. Quality is more important than Quantity.

Indeed, YOU really do mean far more to me than the statistics appearing in my Dashboard’s graphs and readouts… reports, which, if taken too seriously, can seem obsessively goal oriented, overly analytical and unduly dehumanizing.

However… my above concerns would never prevent me from liberally expressing my gratitude.

That’s because YOU, the residents of this wonderful WordPress Community, have been taking precious time out of your busy lives to read my blogged prose and poetry and listen to my musical Blogcasts. You’ve been clicking my “Like Stars” and posting comments, too.

When YOU make that “little red dot” appear in my screen’s upper right-hand corner and ring my email chime YOU bring joy into my life.

I’d like to wholeheartedly thank all of YOU for all that YOU do for me, each and every time we enter our shared, virtual, WordPress world!

99 Word Blog (#060) Ta Thai Ta Ta Thai


Donald Trump’s un-presidential campaign has been so depressing I wound up going offline for four days. While I’ve since returned to blog about the third Clinton-Trump debate… the best I can say is…

The Good News… there’ll be no fourth debate!

The Bad News… Trump depressed me… AGAIN!

But… rather than retreating offline… AGAIN… I read Shefali’s blog titled:

“BharataNatyam – Classical Indian Dance”

…where she relates how, at an early age, her mother taught her the fancy choreography. Since Shefali, sharing a portion of her life’s story, helped cheer me up… and could help you, too… Follow This Link!

99 Word Blog (#042) BBB’s Inspirational Blog


I’ve just read an inspirational blog, Lessons from a 93 Year Old posted by BeautyBeyondBones.

Her story’s gist…

While attending mass, a latecomer sat beside her and she lived her religion.

Since her login process is complicated, I post my comment below…

Our youth obsessed culture creates a problem. As years add up, they oft subtract from one’s popularity, multiply sad feelings and divide generations. You are a true Christian. It’s heartwarming how you have proved to God, the other churchgoers and yourself that you do put into practice all that’s been preached. If we don’t… sermons become meaningless.