5 Year Anniversary Achievement
My WordPress 5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago, the WordPress welcome mat beckoned; invited this fleeing MySpace and Xanga, homeless blogger to migrate into this global community, afforded me the unique opportunity to, free of charge, present my commentary re life and politics (far too often vice versa) and the rest is history.

More importantly, I’ve also had the good fortune to meet many of you, my well-versed, multi-talented neighbors. Right from the outset, our virtual encounters have frequently enriched my life; even more so, now that the pandemic and accompanying socioeconomic instability and governmental upheaval have so radically redefined our lives.

Just knowing that, together, we’ll persevere, helps to alleviate my ofttimes overwhelming feelings of loneliness and despair.

On this auspicious occasion I’d like to thank WordPress and all of you, both the kindhearted residents and visitors, who’ve found / continue to find my content worthy of your precious time and attention!

Most assuredly, without you, my blogs would be little more than word documents gathering virtual dust!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





500+ Follows

500 Follows!


It’s now been 2+ weeks since the WordPress Crew (likely their A-I equivalent) notified me that 500+ of you, who visit and reside within our wonderful WordPress Community, have deemed my content worthy of your precious time; this site worthy of following.

My belated thanks to all! Without you, everything I post would be little more than word documents; read by an audience of (n)one.

My belated apology for my tardiness. My excuse:

I’m neither boastful nor one who pours excessively over analytics that, if taken too seriously, do tend to dehumanize. Rest assured, I’d rather pack it all in and vamoose than to ever view you that way.

Another apology is in order, too. I’ve yet to visit your websites. My excuse:

As a stressed out political blogger I’ve been obsessing, endlessly, to the exclusion of nearly everything else in my “life”, over Donald J. Trump’s slaughtering of humanity and democracy.

His massacre of the body politic, quite literally, hits me where I live. To flesh that out a bit more…

As a sexagenarian, with lifelong respiratory issues, I stand to lose a lot. If SRO hospital ERs forced medicos to triage the gravely ill me, I’d wind up a euthanized, toe-tagged cadaver. That’s why a creepy feeling of dread overwhelms me, each and every time I mask up to go grocery shopping within Donny’s diseased America. It’s at that juncture where / when COVID-19’s 14-day incubation countdown clock gets reset, anew. It’s only after I emerge unscathed at Zero Hour, that can I, once again, breathe a sigh of relief.

And, as of my posting time, there’s a 38-Day Countdown clock, involved, too. It won’t be until January 20, 2021, at 1 minute past High Noon; i.e., once Joe Biden takes his Oath of Office, that I’ll know, for sure, that dog Donny’s bark has been far worse than his bite. Only then, will I be able to breathe freely again.

With all of that virological and ideological shit heaped onto the real America’s “plate”, I’ve been discovering a whole new psychology in play. And that’s helluva lousy way to go thru life.

I do suspect that once the available vaccines start getting administered / prove themselves safe and efficacious AND “Adolf” departs the White House, either of his own volition or dragged out kicking and screeching, that things will start returning to a reasonable level of normal; that I’ll begin reacting to life, accordingly; inclusive of my being a much better WordPress neighbor to you all.

Till then, please be patient with me!

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





Hope for the best / Plan for the worst

For nearly four years, Donald J. Trump has successfully thwarted all Democrats’ and Independent Investigators’ best efforts to rein in his ongoing reign of terror.

As of late, he’s been [1] mucking up free, fair elections, [2] lawyering up to burn up the U.S. Constitution, [3] loading up his Supreme / Federal Court benches with suck-ups and [4] waking up his armed to the teeth, trigger-happy, domestic terrorist sleeper cells.

On numerous occasions, he has even declared that he won’t accept any Election Day outcome, other than one where he emerges victorious.

With all that in mind, I’m not the only one who is worried that, before November 2020 is even half over, Trump’s dual plot to overthrow our government and provoke Civil War could easily burn America down to the ground.

Folk’s (long sigh), there’s a whole new learning curve that I’ve yet to fully consider, let alone, master.

But, what I do suspect / expect, is that the America, that my compatriots and I have come to know and love, will soon wind up dead and buried.

Donny can and will solidify his choke-hold on power, by mucking up all modes of mass communication; Internet, radio / TV stations, cell phones and landlines. Hell, he could even sledgehammer the printing presses and crash the power grid, too.

And, sans the Net, my blogging days will be over.

With that in mind; I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for having shared your amazing, amusing and insightful content with me. I’d like to thank you, too, for your readership.

While I do intend to keep on posting for as long as I can, at this juncture, such a prospect is getting iffier by the second.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!


Beyond Words?

We, who blog on this platform, have now been given little choice but to adapt to the new WordPress Editor; “courtesy” of our well-meaning “keepers”. You know the type:

They, who love to go full-blown giddy whenever the opportunity arises to reinvent the wheel.

What a shame. Things had been rolling along quite well sans such a drastic change.

Coping with this mutation presents challenges to old farts like me. You know the type:

We, who spent our formative years playing with our blocks and other toys, within our non-computerized, no Internet access playpens.

Alas, those who run / ruin this platform had not stopped to consider how, oh, say, they could’ve allowed dinosaurs, like me, to totally opt out.

I suppose what’s done is done. Having little choice in the matter:

I’ll E – V – E – N – T – U – A – L – L – Y adapt.

But, I do find playing with their “blocks” a pain in the butt. For now, my best shot at stress management is to compose, offline, within a Word Document and then Copy and Paste each post over to the Editor and onto the Web.

Stated quite simply, my needing to jump thru even more hoops during 2020, an already challenging year, is just one more complication I do not need in my already pandemic ruined life.

Saving my biggest gripe for last, WordPress’s latest “innovation” doth fly in the face of my overall blogging philosophy:

If you need bells and whistles to grab your readers’ attention, perhaps, you never had anything of value to offer them in the first place.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!


Just a face in the crowd?

Preface: Although Tom Petty’s song applies to my circumstances, in title only, I’ve included the above video, replete with silhouetted cinematography, anyway. Maybe it’ll make your visit more worthwhile?

I recently changed the email address, which WordPress uses to notify me re my online interactions with you, who I follow and you, who follow me. Instantaneously, thru no known fault of my own, into the interwebs’ thin air my Thomas Paine avatar went POOF!

Nowhere within any, more or less,, orderly social network, does such a totally unrelated, undesirable and unorthodox outcome make one iota of sense.

My immediate reaction was to restore order… yet… I could not help but wonder…

What other unrelated, undesirable and unorthodox outcome(s) might await me, were I to try?

Might I wind up starting a nuclear war?

Anyway… as this week has dragged on, I’ve come to the following realization…

Seeing how I’m just a face in the crowd in the real world, already, maybe the featureless new me… represented by WordPress’s standard issue silhouette… is most apropos after all?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







NRA’s H₂S Plume or My Brain Fart?


I blogged, yesterday, about a politically turbocharged ad, which NRA gun nuts have shamelessly crafted for the express purpose of kissing Donald J. Trump’s ass… i.e., to help get said ass re-parked in the Oval Office for 4 more years. Or will that actually wind up being for an UnConstitutional 25 more years? I suppose only time will tell, huh?

Anyway, my having seen the ad only a couple of times, I was discussing it only from memory and, as such, I wound up incorrectly recalling the off camera announcer’s condescending voice as being male… wound up calling “him” out for mansplaining to the NRA’s main targeted audience… i.e. the women they intend to fear monger and demean.

Soon afterwards, I discovered that the gender of that ad’s announcer, in actuality, is female.

A sure sign my memory is falling me?

Or perhaps not.

I cannot help but believe that that ad’s overall, overpowering, odious vibe… i.e., the female announcer’s tone of voice, itself, had… at least to me… sounded too much like a mansplaining man.

Then again, why would it not? Consider the misogyny of those who breathed the hydrogen sulfide* into this ad.

I do deem it possible for women, employed by sexist men, to mansplain to women.

But, let’s momentarily set aside what I think…

How would you diagnose my blogging boo-boo? The NRA’s H₂S plume or my brain fart?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!



*“Hydrogen sulfide is the chemical compound with the formula H₂S. It is a colorless chalcogen hydride gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It is poisonous, corrosive, and flammable.” – – – Wikipedia






To boldly / baldly go… et cetera?


I’ve never been an exasperated, practically tearing out my hair parent. Hell, I’ve never been a parent, period. But, apparently, as a political blogger, that’s what I’ve become.

For better or worse… usually the latter… ever since January ’17, I’ve become the long distance, surrogate daddy to ne’er-do-well, mercurial, man-child Trump and the whole kit and kaboodle of his similarly inclined, juvenile delinquents.

My reason for saying so?

Well, upon rereading many of the blogs, which I’ve posted the past several days, I’ve oft seen a pissed off side of me that I hadn’t thought possible. In essence, I’ve been asking myself… “Did I really write that?”

I fully realize that my fury and frustration stem from knowing that, typically, the rebellious are unreachable, unteachable and, as such, rarely, if ever, respect authority figures. Furthermore, my being a relative unknown, my words will go mostly unheard. Consequently, my “scolding” serves no other purpose than venting.

Even so, I cannot help but wonder…

What would the seasoned parent do to maintain a cool head / full head of hair?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






The Power of 1


Is it possible for 1 person to effect positive, widespread, enduring, societal change?

Maybe even save humanity, itself?

If yes, how difficult an endeavor would it be?

Well, my blogging compatriots, we do stand upon a sturdy global platform. Here, @WordPress, alone, we are 60 million strong! What I’m about to propose would be quite EZ, too. So, why not give it a whirl? To e.g. that…

I end most of my posts with…

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!

IF that 1, mere message were to win over… oh… say… 1 reader… just 1 reader… convince her/him to consistently conform to these life saving pandemic protocols…

THEN, (s)he’d represent 1 life saved.

Naturally, once we factor in how that 1 person would remain uninfected and, as such, not be infecting others… who’d be infecting others… who’d be infecting others… well you get the idea.

By now, most of us know about the alarming ease of COVID-19 transmission. With that in mind, it’d not be an overstatement to claim that 1 blogger… just 1 blogger… opening the mind of 1 person… just 1 person… could save tens of thousands of lives… and more to the point…

We could help end 1 helluva pain in the ass pandemic!

My recommendation… regardless of what blogging platform we stand upon… each time we post… and in a manner consistent to each of our blogging styles… let’s all promote pandemic safety protocols.

Let’s hope our 1, unified message can spread, worldwide, faster than COVID-19.

At the risk of repeating myself…

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








My Heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude


I’d like to warmly welcome and sincerely thank the 60+ new WordPress bloggers / readers, who’ve deemed my content worthy of following, since the dawn of 2020. My apologies for not acknowledging you, individually… in a more timely manner.

However… there are ongoing, extenuating circumstances.

Were my ISP any more behind the times, they’d still be offering up dial-up… maybe even rotary dial telephones (actually my cellar’s phone is still such a model). They must’ve totally forgotten what their acronym’s middle letter stands for, too.

In all likelihood, their greedy CEO has pocketed more than his fair share of the profits, leaving little green to upgrade the infrastructure. Consequently, this blogger gets bogged down, daily, by tech woes, which no techies can solve (and I have sought out their help).

All of which negatively impacts my WordPress experience… thusly…

• Losing connection multiple times whenever I try to publish. This very afternoon I was offline for six freakin’ hours! My M.O. to work around this frustrating situation involves composing within word documents and then… during fleeting moments of connectivity… before my router’s red light flashes back on… frantically copying and pasting the content to this platform.

• When visiting your sites, I oft experience slow / incomplete loading (even minus the “Like” buttons) and posting comments / compliments proves iffy.

I have considered seeking ISP competitors… however… against the backdrop of the sickening, raging pandemic, justifiable civil unrest and reprehensible, impending Fascist overthrow of America… I find myself asking…

Of what Earthly use would a reliable Internet connection be, were that oval office autocrat to flip the Internet “kill switch” and/or march even more of his goosestepping goon squads down Main Street U.S.A. and/or allow his BFF, Corona-V, to bury whatever remains of humanity?

But, let’s end this post on a more positive note…

My gratitude to all 400+ of you, who follow / deem my content worthy of your precious time.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Then Profanity It Shall Be


For the first four years of blogging here, @WordPress, I’ve managed to pretty much steer clear of profane language or, at the very least, to sub in clever, reasonable facsimiles thereof… e.g. asshat / a-hole… WTF / effing / F’d up / mucked up… $#!+ / give a $#!+…. and spoonerisms such as “shive a git” and “fit hits the shan”, etc.

Keeping it reasonably clean has been more about maintaining a family friendly site than a reflection of who I really am. In other words, when sufficiently outraged, my offline barrage of choice words (both uttered and written) has been known to rival, if not exceed, the salty language unleashed by the proverbial sailor/salt and truck driver.

The rationale for my long overdue revision of my self-imposed, no profanity policy, is inexorably linked to humankind’s exponentially worsening (by the hour and minute), multiple societal crises. And sans any doubt, our downfall is deeply rooted in rotten Donald J. Trump’s rise to power. Worse yet, we oft witness other leaders of his ilk, worldwide, plagiarizing his wretched words and aping his deplorable deeds whenever, they too, devolve before our very eyes and ears.

Fleshing that out, our society is currently being plagued by a trifecta of catastrophes… namely… [1] the spread of COVID-19, [2] the eons old, cancerous growth of systemic racism and [3] metastasizing Fascism.

And now that these reprehensible leaders have gleefully (sadistically?) sent our human family careening / fast tracking towards endangered species territory, if not extinction, I ask…

What the fuck is so family friendly about any of that evil shit, huh? Is that not the far worse obscenity?

It goes without saying that swearing does lose much of its impact when used excessively / gratuitously. And while ugly times and vulgar leaders do warrant foul language, my use of profanity will be sparing. In other words, IF the topic is profanity appropriate, THEN profanity it shall be.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!