Fortune Cookie Blog (who’d win in 2020?)


If a 35-year-old, native born American and lifelong U.S. resident,
came forth in early 2020 to announce He’s the second coming of
Jesus Christ and hopes to be America’s next President, were He
to receive the Democratic Party’s blessing as their nominee and
trump the dirty smear tactics of His wicked opponent, would the
Evangelical Christians vote for Him or re-elect You-Know-Who?









Fortune Cookie Blog (holiday light)


Why bother stringing up oodles of outdoor, holiday lights; bright enough to
be seen from the International Space Station; IF your own next-door neigh-
bor cannot see your heart aglow with love; your mind swathed in enlighten-
ment; sense your year-round, staunch belief that we’re all in this together!







Fortune Cookie Blog (highway harmony)


The know-how needed to navigate roundabouts is not innate.
Unwary motorists, who hazard such intersections, had better
be music lovers, too. They’ll certainly hear the cacophonous
“horn section” that’s far worse than an out of tune symphony
orchestra; maybe even hear the cop car’s, caterwauling siren!






Fortune Cookie Blog (Trickle Down’s Trick)


Trickle down economics is the premise where a government molly-
coddles the wealthy leisure class with lavish tax breaks; so, in turn,
they’ll create non-living wage, zero benefits jobs for working stiffs.
Ironic how this theory is so riddled with holes, it cannot hold water!







Fortune Cookie Blog (Bad Apples)


What do steroid juiced professional athletes, trigger happy cops and
war criminal soldiers all have in common? They muddy the uniforms
they wear, sully the image of the vast majority of their peers (who do
obey all the rules); can make it difficult for average folks to determine
who is honorable; who is not; who we can respect and trust implicitly.





Fortune Cookie Blog (True Believers)


The souls, who ardently seek parenthood; can see way beyond each day’s
dreary headlined news, are the personification of optimism; true believers
that love, eternal, is deeply rooted in our very DNA; that such good will be
triumphant over evil. They’ll boldly usher in the dawn of a brand new era,
where revitalized humanity finally, fully, lives up to its potential; soars, for-
evermore to, heretofore, only dreamt of enlightenment and magnificence!