Fortune Cookie Blog (OS version 1.0)


In life’s grand scheme, our brain’s operating system, version 1.0, normally
leaves the factory preprogrammed with a default setting of benevolence.
We can consider ourselves blessed by good luck, if the post-partum hack-
ers fail to retrofit, reprogram & corrupt the mind with nasty malevolence.







Fortune Cookie Blog (It’s the Pits pt. 2)


To get life’s really tough work done, it’ll sometimes require a strong
leader. But, if this deteriorates into strong-arm tactics, it’ll be the pits.
Such an eventuality will stink of metaphorical armpit odor. Eewww!







Fortune Cookie Blog (cast your ballot)


Let’s compare / contrast two vastly differing ideologies and temperaments.
Exhibit A: The robe and sandals garbed, long bearded saint who frequents
the Round Freeway Off Ramps. Exhibit B: The dressed to the nines, clean
shaven sinner who frequents the Oval Office. Who’d be a better president?







Fortune Cookie Blog (u break it / u own it)


The warlord must abide by the Pottery Barn Rule: “you break it, you own it!”
When war breaks out, it’s his duty to minimize collateral damage within the
civilian populations; to maximize his warriors’ safety whenever it’s possible.
Once hostilities cease, it is his moral obligation to clean up his whole effing
mess / rebuild the war-ravaged countryside; to nurture any fledgling peace.






Fortune Cookie Blog (What the Hell?)


Why do hell raiser, wicked men tend to live unusually long lives?
That’s because God is delaying their arriival, out of His concern
they’d try to crash the Pearly Gates. That’s because Satan, too,
is doing his damnedest to back-burner them. He wants no part
of evil bastards hellbent on staging their hostile takeover of Hell.







Fortune Cookie Blog (3-D Spirituality)


To profess spirituality is as E-Z as photographing a blessed house of worship.
But, do make sure such a claim isn’t as thin as a smartphone screen’s image.
Adding that third dimension starts with being attentive to the cleric’s homilies;
putting into practice the truths (s)he preaches; uplifting the day to day lives of
who we meet; offering a helping hand to the aged / infirm; being charitable to
the less fortunate; offering enlightenment to all who may dwell in darkness.