Fortune Cookie Blog (freedom’s typo?)


Freedom will be forsaken whenever and wherever a F’ing Fascist
fools fools into feeling undue, unconditional, limitless love for him;
into professing to him their fervent, ferocious, F’d up faithfulness;
into even lavishing onto him a torrential flood of unearned flattery.
A hybrid word must be formed that’ll describe the lost llberty that
the fooled fools will be facing down; that word being FREEDUMB!






Fortune Cookie Blog (lust)


A loudmouthed, empty suit Fascist will resort to bluster to fabricate
his only skin deep, fake, illustrious image. Hmm… is it ONLY a fluke
that within both bLUSTer and ilLUSTrious, the word LUST is hidden?
After all, other than a LUST for power, what else can a Fascist claim?






Fortune Cookie Blog (deck the hauls?)


So, what was your holiday haul like? Did any gift giver disappoint you?
Unless there’s a defect or size issue, graciously thank them and keep it.
If you still don’t want it, be charitable; donate it to someone who does.
The lousy alternative would be to insult the gift giver; or far worse yet,
pester them for a receipt; so you can greedily pocket the cash refund.






Fortune Cookie Blog (allegory)


Once upon a time an ignorant little boy leader, who fancied himself
a space cowboy, established a Space Force to protect life on Earth.
Since he fancied himself a climate change denier, too, he could not
protect life on Earth. The space cowboy mucked up Earth. The End.







Fortune Cookie Blog (specifications)


It is inevitable that we humans will evaluate each other. However, do take
care not to judge based on race, ethnicity, language, religion, age, infirmity,
disability, station in life, sexual identity/orientation. All that really matters:
Is a Soul Good? Bad? In-between? Open to Redemption? Yes? No? Maybe?