At the Heart of the Matter (Vid of the Day)

This clip’s featured conversation between two, true blue Americans… Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt. should give freedom lovers, worldwide, reason to feel proud. Their frank discussion not only succinctly summarizes why Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky needs American aid, but why it was also so egregiously wrong for the self-serving, opportunistic, power junkie, control freak Donald J. Trump to thuggishly threaten to withhold such assistance.

Even if the outcome of the U.S. House Impeachment Inquiry proceedings does not result in Dickering Donny’s much needed, long overdue Constitutional ouster, We the People… who harbor a genuine appreciation for what America’s Founding Fathers had had in mind… have all felt our collective mood elevated. And we owe our undying gratitude to authentic patriots Vindman and Welch for affording us what could easily qualify as a uniquely American moment in recorded history.

This clip’s five minute PB will be time well spent… but… if you’d like to cut to the chase… FF to the 4:03 mark.







Fake Dr. Colbert’s Spot-On Diagnosis (Vid of the Day)

First and foremost… let’s all wish Donald J. Trump nothing but the best of health and the longest of life. Once the House impeaches him and the Senate convicts / ousts him, this will afford the fake ex-prez oodles of time to mull over his lifetime of crime. Perhaps, if it’s even possible… for the very first time in his life… he just might learn how to experience genuine feelings of remorse?

Secondly… had the White House Spin Doctors not issued such emphatic assurances that, physically speaking, Donny has a clean bill of health… I would’ve never posted the above YouTube clip.

Lastly… as for Donny’s state of mind… let’s all extend him our Get Well SOON Wishes, too!

Addendum… re DJT’s check-up, be sure to check out this 3 minute short Bonus Clip








Zone Out on this 60 Year Old Gem! (Vid of the Day)

In the Witching hour of this new day, I briefly nodded off before my TV… regaining consciousness just in time for the MeTV rebroadcast of one of my all-time fave Twilight Zone episodes… Time Enough at Last. It has to be more than happenstance that they opted to showcase this classic so close to its original 11/20/1959 air date.

Submitted for our approval… we find Rod Serling’s teleplay adaptation of a short story by Lynn (pen-name Marilyn) Venable. This is where we meet her farsighted protagonist, the banker / bookworm Henry Bemis (actor Burgess Meredith), a voracious reader residing within a society that flat-out hates to read (kind of reminds us of our present-day surreal world, where weirdos love to ban and burn books).

It’s during Bemis’ lunch break where, with book and newspaper in hand, he sneaks off to secrete himself inside the bank vault, only to soon be rattled back to reality by the seismic rumblings of kick-ass, nuclear explosions. Upon emerging from his makeshift bomb shelter, he soon discovers he’s the sole survivor and that, while there’s a limitless supply of non-irradiated canned food, there’s also limitless, unbearable loneliness and utter purposelessness amidst the rubble. His profound sorrow is only mitigated when he stumbles upon a Public Library… offering him a limitless (albeit strewn) stash of literature. However… just as he’s about to settle down to savor a really good read…

If you don’t have “Time Enough”… Zone out on this 0:53 clip…

If you do have “Time Enough”… Zone out and savor this 2:23 clip…








Our Vid of the Day’s 5 Minute Mission…

OK, OK, it’s fess up time. I am a Star Trek geek or Trekkie or Trekker or whatever. But, even if you’re not into Sci-Fi, you’ll still feel emotionally uplifted by this clip’s musical masterpiece. Hell, even an emotion denying Vulcan would regard this a feel good medley.

What we’ll be ear-witnessing, here, is a five minute retrospective… representative of this five-decade-old franchise’s small and large screen theme songs.

As the soundtrack to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision / his spirit of interstellar amity / diplomacy, this also serves as a reminder that we can apply such sentiments to our more down to Earth matters. Additionally, as is true with Gene’s own screenplays and those of his writers, too, this clip also functions on multiple levels.

Starting with the orchestra, we witness multiple hundreds of folks singing and playing in harmony.

Beyond that, Star Trek scenarios do remind us that no matter how formidable unfriendly adversaries may appear… no matter how fiercely they may wage their wars against humanity, the righteous, indomitable human spirit can and will prevail.

To e.g. that… if fantasy’s futuristic Earthlings have been able to repeatedly outwit the Borg, why shouldn’t we view our own reality’s worldwide, recalcitrant leaders as equally inept?

More to the point, humanity’s very survival depends on our ability to channel that Star Trek / Roddenberry winning, positive attitude:

Resistance is NOT Futile!








Don’t Stop Believin’ ~ Vid of the Day

This day’s YouTube clip amply showcases the genre crossover potential of a rock musical masterpiece, such as the Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon composition Don’t Stop Believin’… originally recorded by their band Journey.

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox performers turn in their vintage cover… jam-packed with superb singing, musicianship, storytelling and choreography.

And transcending all of these pluses is greatest plus of all… that lyrical motivational message to the masses… Don’t Stop Believin’…







A Lighthearted Teaching Moment (Vid of the Day)

ASIDE: Our Vid of the Day features an historic scene from yesterday’s Impeachment proceedings. That said, let’s bang this blog’s opening gavel…

Indeed, it is both dismaying and disconcerting to witness any apparent grown up, who is either unwilling or unable to grasp something so elementary as the relationship between Cause and Effect.

Alas, such is the case with the puerile, 55 year-old, U.S. House Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who earned a master’s degree in education from Ohio State University, no less, YET still fails to recognize that the Cause of Donald Trump’s impeachment predicament is none other than Donald Trump, himself.

Instead, Jordan actually believes the Cause to be the very whistle-blower who justifiably and patriotically reported Trump’s quid pro quo, perfectly wrong, “perfect phone conversation” with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

While yesterday’s impeachment proceedings showcased hours upon hours of staggering, rightwing group-ignorance, it took less than one minute for the genuinely grownup (72 year-old) U.S. Representative Peter Welch (D- Vermont) to provide Jordan some MUCH NEEDED and LONG OVERDUE tutelage.

One can only hope Welch’s lighthearted, one-liner lecture can serve as enlightenment for Jordan… as well as for any other intellectually challenged, rightwing congressperson… be (s)he a Representative or Senator.