Vladimir’s Lapdog Donny

Full disclosure, I’m a blend of pacifism and pragmatism. Alas… with long exasperated sigh… I must concede…

The rise to power of drunk on power, infantile egomaniacs is inevitable. Until we oust (preferably in a peaceable and orderly manner) those who masquerade as world leaders, the diplomats, alone, can never be expected to settle international conflicts. Which is a fancy-schmancy way of saying…

War is inevitable.

Troops will be deployed worldwide. They’ll wind up selflessly laying their very lives on the line to [1] liberate and secure a better life for members of our human family and [2] halt subjugation, dead in its tracks before it ever gets the chance to spread… not unlike a rampaging, global pandemic.

Such battles are honorable and I do honor and thank the troops who fight them.

One would expect the Commander-In-Chief… one Donald J. Trump… to honor and thank his own troops.

Instead, he honors Vladimir Putin, who’s been offering a bounty to the Taliban to kill American soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

Right on cue, Donny is now whimpering and whining out his ignorance… i.e., he wasn’t even briefed by anyone re this matter. Really? The President of the United States was, somehow, left out of the loop?? Re something as serious as THAT???

Hmm… maybe Donny was too busy preventing the spread of COVID-19? You know… keeping “his” numbers down? Uh-huh…

Seeing how his abject failure to promptly, proactively and persistently contain the coronavirus has resulted in the deaths of nearly 129,000 Americans… and still counting… he had better not even try to make that his excuse.

What we’ve actually got, here, boils down to wee, little Donny’s loyalty to his master, Big Bad Vlad. Power hungry Trump would never bite the hand that feeds him. Not when he owes his 2016 rise to power to Russian meddling… not when he expects that same outcome, come Election Day 2020.

As such, we could never expect Putin’s Pooch to even whimper…

“Please, oh pretty please, don’t kill my soldiers.”

Hell, Donny won’t even try to playfully nip Vlad’s ankle.

Now that I’ve had my say… if you’ve yet to play back the above clip… give a listen to retired U.S. Army intelligence officer / author Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters.








He’d never hurt the one he loves…


It’s an established fact that Donald J. Trump gets off on autocrats such as Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un. Why?

Because, these odious strongmen, just like him, all get off on trampling harmless, powerless people… be that our human dignity / human rights… be that snuffing out all signs of life from our physical bodies.

That’s why Trump gets off on police brutality, too. He’s been living, vicariously, through his reprehensible heroes… the sadistic, bristling with racism, storm trooper cops… who’ve been fatally gunning down and asphyxiating people of color.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to surmise that, Trump gets off on coronavirus, too. After all, that microbe has been snuffing out all signs of life from the physical body. When we factor in the grim reality that COVID-19’s victims, disproportionately so, have been people of color…

Well… it’d be easy to see how… for a hardcore Klansman such as Donny… that’d be the icing on his “chocolate cake“.

That could explain, at least in part, why the goosestepping, Donald J. Trump has been marching in lockstep with that pathogens’ deadly march across America.

Most assuredly…

He’d never hurt the one he loves.


Stay Safe!
Stay Home!
Stay Masked!
Stay Healthy!







Pandemic’s Panorama (vers libre)


Nightmares don’t awaken me. They greet my reluctantly opening
eyes at the dawn of each worthless, godforsaken, pandemic day.
Another groaned, “Oh gawd, not again”, best sums up my mood.

Damn it! Still imprisoned by that insufferable, infantile, narcissistic
ideologue, who walks hand-in-hand with a microbe. They set forth
on a whistle-stop tour thru the diseased nation of their own making.

Chronicling the passage of time are my rapidly growing lawn and
hedge; the clockwork-like blooming of the seasonal perennials: the
computer chronometer; the refuse / recycling trucks’ weekly arrival.

Throwing open the dining room curtains; that “Have a Nice Day”
scene aids and abets that unseen by the naked eye, lurking bio-
hazard. Even a minor miscue could mean it’s curtains! I’m toast!

Next up, the no motivation, no-frills food prep; that same old /
same old fare; all served up, piping hot, upon a table overlooking
the A.M., freeze frame, window to the world, that I no longer know.

From my front porch, I view my hood’s furloughed workers’ parked
grimy cars; windshields plastered by avian, avant-garde artists. The
once unnoticed, whooshing breezes, cast an otherworldly ambience.

Endless hours spent surfing the Net; gaining solace from my blogging
and perusal of the written and split-screen content posted by other
socially isolating souls. Will our noble efforts wind up all for naught?

At times, come the unavoidable, leave my protective bubble, masked,
ventures into town, to post remittances and lay in provisions. I cherish
the “Do you think it’s gonna rain?” chitchat with a grocery store cashier.

Such impromptu confabs inspire a stray tear of joy; ditto that, my home
repairs’ completed Hail Mary Passes; when my hood’s rabbits don’t fear
and flee me; when I pluck a lucky four-leaf clover they hadn’t scarfed.

By dusk, more no-motivation, no-frills food prep; that same old /
same old fare, all served up, piping hot, upon a table overlooking
the P.M. freeze frame, window to the world, that I no longer know.

Evening brings binge re-watching of ancient dramas / sitcoms; narratives
so familiar, verbatim delivery of the protagonists’ lines comes EZ. By the
stroke of 12, it’s one more calendar rectangle to “x” off; time to nod off.







No Relief


Without fail, handlers fail, when they try to brief,
The automatic, autocratic commander-in-chief.

He denies science so densely, it defies all belief;
Mere microbe outwits that nitwit! We feel the grief.

He robs us of freedom, joy, dreams; just like a thief,
His clown make-up / hairdo, yield no comic relief.







Let’s all pause for a moment…

Less than 1 hour ago, humankind learned that 10 Million cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed, worldwide. Were everybody tested / evaluated, one wonders how much higher that stat would become.

At virtually the same time, another grim statistic became linked, forevermore, to coronavirus’ unchecked, deadly march across our planet.

In a mere, ½ year, ½ million members of our human family have passed through Earth’s Exit Signs… needlessly so… considering how too damned many leaders could not… or worse yet… chose not to honor, the time-honored science.

Further details are available via the real-time counter, which tops off this website’s homepage.

In consideration of the bedridden and to honor all who’ve perished… let’s all pause for a moment…








Pandemic Etiquette (1 Quick Limerick #102)


While Herculean, might describe our task,
Corona-V Must be Slain! How you ask?
Let’s scrub hands with persistence!
Shun large crowds! Social distance!
Last but not least: Make Damned Sure To Don Mask!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…







A Scottish Band Called Texas! (Sunday Song Series)

We have the alternative rock / downtempo / blue-eyed soul / trip hop Scottish band, Texas, to thank for their mellow recording, Sunday Afternoon… a.k.a. our Week #94 Sunday titled selection.

This Sharleen Spiteri and Johnny McElhone composition is a.k.a. track #4 from their certified triple platinum, 5th album, The Hush, which, back in 1999, debuted at #1 in the UK.

You’re cordially invited to click back here for our next Sunday Song… 7 days from now…


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…






What We Got / Wish We Got


The Trump Tweet we got…

“I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues – and combatting recent Criminal Violence. Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country!”

5:48 PM – 6/26/2020


The Trump Tweet we wish we got…

I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting all Americans and all others, who reside within/visit America – one which outlines my strategy for combatting CoronaVirus. In part, that means, from this day onward, everyone (including yours truly) must wear a mask when in public. This selfless act will help us all avoid long, future lock-downs within our homes and, ultimately, will lead to the restoration of tremendous physical and fiscal fitness to our Great Country!

6:55 AM – 6/27/2020





How The Hell Doth He Avoid COVID-19?


The unmasked fake prez continues to hit the campaign trail… to even hit the COVID-19 hot spots… yet… purportedly… he remains physically healthy.

How the Hell has he managed to avoid coronavirus exposure / infection, while oodles of his own people (campaign advance teams and Secret Service) have been testing positive?

Let’s explore some possible explanations…

• Perhaps it’s just dumb luck?

• Might it be how each and every person, who gets within a light-year of violating his protective bubble, has been getting tested… Tested… TESTED?

• Could it be that his steadfast, fast food diet has resulted in a grease and saline based metabolism, which has been proving deadly to that deadly pathogen?

• Perchance, does his snooty, snot-nosed elitist status grant him access to some sort of secret, preexisting miracle vaccine / wonder drug?

• Maybe he’s been shooting up FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY disinfectants? (BTW, NEVER EVER DO THAT!)

• Is it possible that the Hydroxychloroquine he’s addicted to, in rare instances, actually doth act as a prophylaxis?

• Might he be an Operation Warp Speed lab rat who’s been gleefully following his mad scientists’ orders to snort, inject and/or shove prototype therapeutics up his ass?

• Perhaps his tanning bed has been frying his mangy carcass with hazardous to corona, UV radiation?

• Could it be his bygone Deal with the Devil includes legalese, which affords him immunity to all pathogens?

• Perchance it’s something akin to the Oscar Wilde / Picture of Dorian Gray effect?

• Might he actually be coronavirus in larger-than-life, macroscopic form?

• Maybe coronavirus eschews cannibalism… i.e., refuses to harm it’s own kind (e.g. Fascists)?

• Perhaps pathological liar Donald J. Trump and his like-minded handlers are simply telling whoppers… in other words, in actuality, he’s asymptomatic and testing positive?






The Tales of Two Parodists (Vid of the Day)

In VJ/DJ-speak, our Vid of the Day is what’s know as a twin-spin. Two already accomplished vocalists and rising superstar leading ladies… Ms. Laurie Lehner and Ms. Julia Aks… à la actor Ms. Julie Andrews… perform parodies of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… as seen in the film, Mary Poppins [read more here]

We start out with StupidCallousFragileRacistSexistNotMyPOTUS (Trump Parody) penned by Lehner, followed by SuperBadTransmittableContagiousAwfulVirus (a Poppins Quarantine song) composed by Daniel Matarazzo.

Full disclosure… Some of you may’ve already viewed our second clip on this site, which I posted back on 05/17/20.

Granted, with a veritable universe of videos to choose from, normally, there’d be little need for encores… BUT

• What about our present-day lives is even “normal” anymore?

• Seeing how it’s especially noteworthy that two women would belt out one melody to drive home two Trump / pandemic era inspired, tell-it-like-it-is perspectives, who could ever resist Ms. Aks’ reprise?

And speaking of driving a concept home…

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!