Preserve, Protect and Defend AND Comprehend


On Inauguration Day in America, the Electoral College “graduate” is required by law to take the following Oath of Office…

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The law requires all new federal employees to swear / affirm to preserve, protect and defend, too.

But what does that Oath even mean when many of these peeps cannot even begin to fathom the intent / ideals of the Constitution’s authors… OR they mock them… OR flat out loathe them… OR, maybe, have never even bothered to read this literary work of art, at all?

Prior to anyone taking the Oath… HELL… prior to anyone even running for office or applying for a job at the federal level… they should be required to take and pass a test to prove they’ve read the Constitution and comprehend its deeper meaning.

Prior to becoming U.S. citizens, immigrants must take and pass a civics test. I’d not be going out on a limb to say they know far more about America than many peeps born in America do.






Lit Outta Shuck?


In a bygone era, whenever the overpowering stench of tyranny reared its ugly head, normally, the world could depend on a righteous American President to shrewdly, expeditiously deploy the selfless, courageous troops abroad. Indeed, these armed forces would all rush to the rescue and do their utmost to conquer / bring to justice the oppressor(s)… to shine America’s liberating beacon upon the oppressed. But…

What happens when nearly everyone is so close to such stench that they’ve gone noseblind? Would that mean we’re all lit outta shuck? Maybe not. I’d now like to rally those of us, who still have our sense of smell. Let’s try going through the proper channels.

Perhaps, we could talk House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into whipping out her trusty ol’ cell phone to alert the Oval Office Occupant to the problem.

OMG! That’s not gonna happen! That’s mainly because HE IS THE PROBLEM (so sorry for yelling). As such, the fake prez would either gleefully put her on hold or rudely hang up on her.

So, what about ding-donging the old doorbell, to pay a visit to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell? Might we prevail upon him to… at the very least… attempt an Oval Office intervention? An exorcism? Forget it! Don’t even bother knocking on his noggin because within his “high-rise” / “attic”, there’s nobody home!

So, who to alert next? Ordinarily a call for help could get placed to the go-to superpower nations. However, considering how Xi Jinping despises the U.S.A. (you know that trade war thingy) AND how Vladimir Putin and Little Donny T are… shall we say… ♥♥♥ An Item ♥♥♥AND (take a gasp of fresh air before reading on) seeing how autocrats “Pootie and Pingie” both live to see freedom die in America, anyway…

China and Russia would absolutely have to top off our Do Not Call List.

So… how about building a coalition of nations renown for championing freedom? UH-OH!

After nearly three years of the isolationist Trumpster tearing up treaties and making bitter enemies out of America’s time honored allies, would we not expect former allies to respond to our desperate pleas for help, thusly…

You broke it! You fix it, yourselves!

Well… long sigh… what next? As I roll my eyes skyward… Hey, wait a sec!

SKYWARD! OMG! THAT’S IT! EUREKA! This could very well prove to be America’s last hope for preserving sweet liberty!

Might the very survival of American freedom depend on the good people who staff the SETI Institute, headquartered in Mountain View, California?

They do have the power to send America’s outgoing distress call to the very stars! True, the chances that any benevolent extraterrestrials would even be listening are astronomical. But, seeing how the chances of any benevolent terrestrials listening to us are astronomical, too…

Hey SETI! Let’s give it the old college try. Are you listening? I mean, listening is what you guys do best, right?




Oh! What A Tangled Web Trump Weaves…

Video PB time = 9:23

If time doesn’t permit: Watch up to the 2:40 point

If time still doesn’t permit: Try the following summary

Read time = 0:30

• Trump’s lie about Hurricane Dorian / Alabama still persists.
• To morph his lie into the truth, he pits one government agency against another.
• These strong-armed underlings cave in / agree to lie… just to cover his ass.
• At risk is government credibility, public health / safety.
• Eventually, the lied to masses won’t heed any warnings from Trump / underlings
• People will needlessly die.

Sir Walter Scott said it best…

“Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive”







Psst… got a minute?

On Tuesday, a reporter implied that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is blameworthy for life saving gun control legislation failing to arrive on the Oval Office desk… uh…not that the NRA beholden Trumpster would ever approve it… but… let’s save that discussion for another day… another blog.

Suffice to say, I’ve rarely been more proud of an elected official’s totally appropriate indignation. In our representative form of government, most assuredly, she represents my identical sentiments.

I now yield my blogging platform to Ms. Pelosi to tell it like it is…






Yearning for a 9/10 World


Tomorrow it’ll be 18 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks… since nearly 3,000 souls needlessly perished. What that breech of national security had actually proven is that who sits behind the Oval Office desk really, Really, REALLY does matter. Let’s explore this further by time tripping back to events circa the early 2000s.

• George W. Bush ascends the throne, owing to a corrupt rightwing Supreme Court majority ruling, which flat-out denies presidential wannabe Al Gore his legal right to a Florida ballot recount.

• In the role of the illegitimate prez, W soon realizes that his desire to be POTUS pales in comparison to his lust for that title.

• With such a lousy, lazy attitude, W totally flips off his August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing. What part of its dire, alarming, headlined warning does he not dig? Check it out…

Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in U.S.

• The ne’er-do-well prez proceeds to squander five weeks… doesn’t even lift a pinkie finger to beef up homeland security.

• The post 9/11 prez… in political panic mode… on the pretext of capturing ObL… plods onward to wage two, too little, too late, in the wrong “theater”, no-win wars. Along the way he even resorts to torturing / waterboarding the enemies of his own making.

• Next, W and his like-minded, legislative, fascist cronies… on the pretext of beefing up homeland security… all conspire to trot out the U.S. Patriot Act, which, like a vampire, promptly sucks the lifeblood from the body… i.e., the body of the U.S. Constitution.

• W’s legacy in the making? At home we witness the loss of Americans’ precious, sweet liberty. Abroad we discover the stench of war crimes / crimes against humanity and genocide… as well as the oceans of spilt red blood and red ink to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq… battles that do not even bring ObL to justice!

• So successful are W’s handlers that, in the “minds” of too many voters, they deem the dullard / coward incumbent a hero… so much so… they foolishly grant him a second term while denying his opponent… genuine war hero John Kerry, his victory.

For them to have bogusly deemed W to be presidential, only proves that some Americans can be groomed into accepting / empowering any disreputable, deplorable dunce imaginable. To prove my point, one need not look any further than the present-day Oval Office.





Hurricane Donald vs. Hurricane Dorian

I don’t particularly enjoy raining on anyone’s parade. However, I’m sure you’d concur that public safety always comes first.

And what could be more dangerous than a man who likely envisions himself the immortal caped crusader… “the chosen one”… the one and only entity who can lock horns with the immutable, implacable forces of nature and, against all odds, emerge the triumphant superhero? Oh really?

To cut to the chase, what remains is Hurricane Donald vs. Hurricane Dorian.

Trying to wrap one’s mind around such an absurdly lopsided, delusional bout… such a stormy state of mind… to say the least… is disconcerting. Donald’s ongoing contention has been that Dorian’s path had been inclusive of Alabama… in spite of the fact that… right from the get-go… professional meteorologists had deemed his claim… Fake News!

Obviously, both sides to this story cannot be true. So, just what the hell IS going on?

Could debilitating narcissism be Trump’s occluded front to reality? Could there be a storm far bigger than Dorian a brewin’ within his noggin… one that could ultimately, utterly, unravel whatever remains of that unfortunate man’s mind?

Granted, we could indulge him were he “merely” obsessing / boasting about his Inauguration Day crowd size (nearly three years after the fact). But… at the risk of repeating myself…

Considering our world threatened by both meteorological and ideological perils, we simply do not have the luxury of ever compromising public safety. PERIOD!

To illustrate how externalized insanity could imperil / impact society, let’s consider two hypothetical cause / effect relationships…

• What if the effect of Trump’s erroneous weather report had caused a panic… one where running for their lives evacuees had trampled one another or they’d been mangled by a multi-vehicular expressway pileup? We’d now be talking about needless injuries / fatalities.

• What if there’s a lasting aftereffect, too, which has totally stripped Trump of all credibility? What if, the very next time he warns us of impending disaster, NOBODY believes him? The failure to heed legitimate warnings… once again… could cause needless injuries / fatalities.

Then, there’s the slew of unanswered questions, too…

Why is Trump doing this?
Who does he expect to fool?
What could he possibly gain?
Why won’t / can’t his handlers talk him down?
Why won’t / can’t he admit his fallibility?
Where is the attempt to restore credibility / dignity to the office?
When will he sincerely apologize to his compatriots?
When will he solemnly vow to never do this again?

Let’s momentarily hit the pause button to let this all sink in… to catch our collective breath, too…

Indeed, how tragic this all has become. Instead of this regime attempting to inspire confidence within Americans… indeed… within all caring souls… worldwide… all they can manage to awaken is our nagging, gut feelings that… as I type and you read these words…

One tailor is taking measurements for the inaugural tux and tails to soon be sported by the natty Mike Pence… while, yet, another tailor is doing the same for the straight-jacket to soon be donned by the nutty Donald Trump.






“LAFF… You know you want to!”

Earlier this week, I speculated over the possibility that world-weary humanity might be forgetting how to laugh. I suppose you could consider what now follows to be Part Two to that linked previous post.

I cannot say, with certainty, what had caused me to awaken from my slumbers on my living room sofa this early a.m. I dunno what even compelled me to reach for my TV remote. But, thanks to my digital converter box’s Artificial Intelligence / memory, I found myself viewing a local affiliate of the LAFF Network.

And this turned out to be a perfectly timed out, most welcome TV moment. For the next sixty minutes, I found myself watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, the 1996-2001 NBC sitcom. Even better, this involved the bookended series finale and debut episodes.

Series co-creators Bonnie and Terry Turner’s premise:

To showcase four extraterrestrial anthropologists who assume human form / go incognito to study Earthlings. They take on the role of the Solomons… an on the edge of “nuclear meltdown”, (a)typical, quirky (quarky?) family of four. It is the combined interstellar culture shock / cluelessness / faulty coping skills of High Commander Dick, Security Officer Sally, Information Officer Tommy and Communications Officer Harry, which never ceases to get all of them into hilarious predicaments (at times risking the revelation of their true identities).

The Turners wound up with a hit series on their hands, due, in part, to clever cinematography, consistently imaginative, storylines and superb character development. The phrase, “Every Tom Dick and Harry”, had to have been the basis for the name selection.

Nuff said? I believe so… save to say… I hope that above clip has afforded us all some much needed comic relief.

Indeed, the best Rx for a happier life can be found within that above-mentioned network’s own logo / motto…

“LAFF… You know you want to.”