Fortune Cookie Blog (who’d win in 2020?)


If a 35-year-old, native born American and lifelong U.S. resident,
came forth in early 2020 to announce He’s the second coming of
Jesus Christ and hopes to be America’s next President, were He
to receive the Democratic Party’s blessing as their nominee and
trump the dirty smear tactics of His wicked opponent, would the
Evangelical Christians vote for Him or re-elect You-Know-Who?









(V)idiot / Dumb Donald (Vid of the Day)

Fancy that… nowadays, we’re always hearing about the real Donald, who’s being paid handsomely to be the Fox & Friends, binge watching, couch potato. Hell… he could get far more useful information watching the _________.

Now… fancy the Seventies era Match Game clip, where we’ll discover more about the fake Dumb Donald’s viewing habits. Let’s see how contestant Linda, first, responds to emcee Gene Rayburn’s fill in the blank question and, next, how many celebs she can match.







Cohen’s Counterpoint (Vid of the Day)

The manner in which wealth gets portrayed / prioritized is what oft gives prosperity its bad name.

While viewing the first minute of today’s clip… the Trumpian portion… consider the greed-driven commander-in-chief’s barren of meaningful thanks, Thanksgiving message to his troops (stationed at Afhanistan’s Bagram Airfield-BAF).

Those in his captive audience, who had been totally zoning out on his self-serving, soon-to-be 2020 TV campaign ad, had had the right idea.

However, just imagine how demoralized the soldiers, who had actually been paying attention, must’ve felt upon discovering how they’ve been putting their lives on the line ONLY for the sole, soulless purpose of fattening stock market portfolios… rather than preserving, protecting and defending American freedom.

Following Trump’s words we’ll be giving a listen to Brian Tyler Cohen’s spot on, well documented political / psychoanalysis.







Dumb Donald’s Turkey ~ Vid of the Day

In today’s real world, the all too real character, Donald, has the presidential power to pardon turkeys… both Thanksgiving fowl and everyday foul peeps. In the Match Game universe… circa 1975… the playful staff writers’ character, Dumb Donald, had an entirely different Thanksgiving Day plan in mind… let’s listen in as game show host Gene Rayburn elaborates…

BTW, to all who are celebrating on this day, I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!






Fortune Cookie Blog (Riddle)


He is an under-educated, underhanded, small handed, big mouthed, big
headed, head of state demagogue; a dirty dickering big biz control freak;
the boss from hell; the flipping off rules ruler who idolizes dictators; gets
off, big time, on military parades; feels rapture for torture / lust for nukes;
pardons war criminals; arms the criminally insane; assaults, insults and
objectifies womankind; abducts, abuses, cages crying infants & children;
yearns for the adulation from his toady base / applause from hired hands;
blesses his propaganda ministers; threatens to gag / jail journalists; sup-
presses free press; silences free speech; nixes voting rights. Who is he?






Fortune Cookie Blog (A Rude ‘Tude)


There is no stronger, more compelling evidence of a leader’s bad attitude;
namely his mindless ineptitude & moral turpitude, than the flagrant lack
of his quietude; the absolute, sheer magnitude and snowballing plenitude
of his heated, repeated Tweeted & bleated denials of his character flaws!