As Seen Thru Dr. Xie’s Eyes

Dr. Shirlee Xie, Associate Director of Hospital Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare in Minnesota, tells CNN’s Ana Cabrera what it’s like treating Covid-19 patients day after day as her state experiences a surge of coronavirus cases.

Clip / intro blurb courtesy of CNN’s YouTube Channel • Dec 5, 2020 • 288,251 views


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Humanity must accept that the ferociously contagious, deadly coronavirus is as real as it gets. Partisan politics must NEVER, EVER downplay this public safety / public health matter; a matter of life-and-death!

Socially Distance / Isolate and:

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






How The Hell Doth He Avoid COVID-19?


The unmasked fake prez continues to hit the campaign trail… to even hit the COVID-19 hot spots… yet… purportedly… he remains physically healthy.

How the Hell has he managed to avoid coronavirus exposure / infection, while oodles of his own people (campaign advance teams and Secret Service) have been testing positive?

Let’s explore some possible explanations…

• Perhaps it’s just dumb luck?

• Might it be how each and every person, who gets within a light-year of violating his protective bubble, has been getting tested… Tested… TESTED?

• Could it be that his steadfast, fast food diet has resulted in a grease and saline based metabolism, which has been proving deadly to that deadly pathogen?

• Perchance, does his snooty, snot-nosed elitist status grant him access to some sort of secret, preexisting miracle vaccine / wonder drug?

• Maybe he’s been shooting up FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY disinfectants? (BTW, NEVER EVER DO THAT!)

• Is it possible that the Hydroxychloroquine he’s addicted to, in rare instances, actually doth act as a prophylaxis?

• Might he be an Operation Warp Speed lab rat who’s been gleefully following his mad scientists’ orders to snort, inject and/or shove prototype therapeutics up his ass?

• Perhaps his tanning bed has been frying his mangy carcass with hazardous to corona, UV radiation?

• Could it be his bygone Deal with the Devil includes legalese, which affords him immunity to all pathogens?

• Perchance it’s something akin to the Oscar Wilde / Picture of Dorian Gray effect?

• Might he actually be coronavirus in larger-than-life, macroscopic form?

• Maybe coronavirus eschews cannibalism… i.e., refuses to harm it’s own kind (e.g. Fascists)?

• Perhaps pathological liar Donald J. Trump and his like-minded handlers are simply telling whoppers… in other words, in actuality, he’s asymptomatic and testing positive?






Test… 1… 2… 3… 327 Million! Test! Test! Test!


PREFACE: This post is to specifically address Donald J. Trump’s density / derrière dragging… i.e., his flat-out refusal to act promptly, proactively and persistently to corral and conquer Coronavirus.


• The central problem with the Coronavirus’ MO is how its asymptomatic victims can spread the disease throughout the entire human race with an eerie ease and alarming alacrity.

• One needn’t have earned an advanced degree from a prestigious medical school to accept such carved in stone fundamentals.

• One would think that Trump would be able to grasp such givens seeing how a lack of educational qualifications certainly describes him to a T… to perfection (Hell… “perfect” is even one of his favorite words).

• He also needs to understand that We the reasonable People, have not only become recluses just to save our own hides but to also do our part to save the rest of humanity… i.e., just in case we have been infected.

• Unlike the Trumpster, we really do care about what happens to everyone else.

• Yet, in the absence of widespread testing, none of us can know, for sure, what our Coronavirus status really is. Trump should’ve ordered mandatory testing of everyone residing in America (at least three months ago).

• Is it not the general rule that the earlier a disease gets diagnosed and treated, the easier and speedier the recovery?

• Had Donald J. Trump done everything humanly possible to wipe out Coronavirus, by now, many of those who had been infected could’ve been isolated, treated and cured.

• By now, those who had not been infected would’ve already [1] returned to the land of the living, [2] resumed their lives and [3] reentered the workforce. They’d be fully engaged in doing, precisely, what Trump has wanted them to be doing… working diligently at resuscitating and restoring to good health, the U.S. economy.

IF it is not too late, already, Trump must start that comprehensive testing process… STAT!!!


To all who’ve stopped by on this day, I wish you well! To all who are ailing, my hopes and prayers for a full, speedy recovery. Please stay safe by continuing to heed the following common sense, disease fighting advice…

[1] Practice good hygiene (scrub hands often at least 20 seconds), [2] Cover our coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] Social distancing (remain 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] avoid large crowds or (ideally) just stay at home and [6] if ill, self quarantine.