No Bull Tish! All the Way Real!

8 Second Wonder Gap Refilled

Yesterday, I posted a CNN video of Motown music legend, Stevie Wonder, presenting his NO Bull Tish, wake-up call TO / calling out OF Washington’s wishy-washy, washed out, washed up Senators, who’ve been debating / dickering over whether or not to protect Voter Rights.


Whether or not to protect Voter Rights…


As most critical thinking champions of sweet liberty would remind…

“WE are all entitled to Fundamental Human Rights; regardless of our race, hue, creed, national origin, gender identity, age, infirmity, station, résumé, zip code and credit score. WE are speaking of birthrights that… dammit… are Inalienable and, as such, are ABSOLUTELY Nonnegotiable; NEVER open to Debate!”

CommonSenseTom • January 18, 2022 | 8:20 am | Post Title: “They Dare to Haggle o’er Human Rights”

And, YES, the Right to Vote is just one of those Inalienable, Nonnegotiable, Never Debatable, Human Rights!

As bad as it ALREADY is that moronic Senators have the audacity to question, whether or not, we should secure our elections; i.e., to prevent partisan, fascistic Trumpian hacks from gutting Election Days of all freeness and fairness, this gets even worse.

You see, for reasons only CNN and various other news airers / streamers know (and we can only suspect), they had opted to expurgate 8 seconds worth of Stevie Wonder’s worthwhile message.

First, let’s review what they did allow him to say…

“Any Senator, who cannot support the protection of voting rights, in the United States of America, cannot say that they support the Constitution. Stop the Hypocrisy. Cut the Bull Tish! If you care and support our rights, do the hard work. You can’t please everybody but you can protect all of us.”

Now, let’s check out the video footage that wound up on somebody’s editing bay floor…

“And to keep it all the way real, the Filibuster is not working for Democracy. Why won’t you?”

See how the omission of that key segment drastically debilitates Wonder’s vital to Democracy’s survival message?

So, let’s…

  • now head back to the editing bay to retrieve and e-splice these two segments
  • experience the full impact of Wonder’s wondrous words as originally intended

“Any Senator, who cannot support the protection of voting rights, in the United States of America, cannot say that they support the Constitution. Stop the Hypocrisy. Cut the Bull Tish! If you care and support our rights, do the hard work. You can’t please everybody but you can protect all of us. And to keep it all the way real, the Filibuster is not working for Democracy. Why won’t you?”

Stevland Hardaway Morris (Stevie Wonder)

Hey Trump Sucker Republicans, WHY WON”T YOU?
Hey DINOs Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema WHY WON”T YOU?




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
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Stay Healthy!









As Seen Thru Dr. Xie’s Eyes

Dr. Shirlee Xie, Associate Director of Hospital Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare in Minnesota, tells CNN’s Ana Cabrera what it’s like treating Covid-19 patients day after day as her state experiences a surge of coronavirus cases.

Clip / intro blurb courtesy of CNN’s YouTube Channel • Dec 5, 2020 • 288,251 views


View our must see video above or over at YouTube.

Humanity must accept that the ferociously contagious, deadly coronavirus is as real as it gets. Partisan politics must NEVER, EVER downplay this public safety / public health matter; a matter of life-and-death!

Socially Distance / Isolate and:

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






The Prez Sez “Nobody likes me” (Vid of the Day)

Chris Cuomo’s tough love lecture / fatherly chat will likely go in one ear and out the other of “the son”… a.k.a. the un-schoolable, problem child / man-child… a.k.a. the empty suit, empty-headed head of state, who’s holed up in the Oval Office.

Nonetheless, it is both reassuring and refreshing for us to know that there are still learned journalists / professor-types, who will try to get through to the truculent, truant Trump.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






White House Whitewash

In recent weeks, Donald J. Trump’s handlers / spinners / image consultants have all been frantically slapping on a liberal coat of White House whitewash to rebrand the Charlatan-In-Chief into some sort of Coronavirus Conquering Superhero.


They even managed to coax the man-child into briefly wearing a mask in public. And God only knows how many exorcists it took to stop his head from spinning… as in… long enough for some brave soul (who drew the short straw) to sneak up from behind to [1] coverup his snooty snout / massive mouth and [2] run like a bat out of HELL!

Indeed, for a fleeting moment, it did seem that Trump had finally stepped into the real world and could now embrace the epidemiology. Well… that is… until yesterday’s press briefing.

Donald Trump Reality Check:

• reports of his eureka moment / newfound mental clarity / gravitas have all been greatly exaggerated.

• his sick ego is why America won’t be getting well in the foreseeable future. Future? What future?

Since I’m too pissed off and frustrated to go on, scroll up and give a listen to Anderson Cooper’s commentary…



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Trumpian Temper Tantrum ~ Vid of the Day (Monday)

I’ve just returned from viewing YouTube’s CNN channel. Our above clip trots out a textbook example of fake prez Donald J. Trump’s all too real racism and sexism, which oft taint his “beefing” sessions.

NO… I did not mean to say “briefing”. YES… the one who was beefing is none other than that very entity who… considering his allowing the Coronavirus to [1] rampage all across America and [2] prematurely end the lives of (so far) 81,378 Americans… has absolutely no legitimate reason to be angry at anyone… well… other than himself.

To better set up this clip’s particulars, I now yield my virtual dais to CNN’s webmaster…

“President Trump told CBS reporter Weijia Jiang to ‘ask China’ in response to her question at a White House press conference and refused to answer questions from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.”

I also yield to the following YouTuber Virtuous Women, a 4th grader, who posted this comment…

“How rude talking to a reporter like that; the president knows it was spreading and he did nothing and now 80,000 people are dead because of his lies and money.”

My brief op-ed…

How astute of an Elementary School student to spot-on assess the POTUS… the non-world leader who should be… yet, never has been… nor shall ever be… her / our intellectual superior. With clearheaded, refreshing voices, such as hers, humanity, indeed, does have a chance for a bright future.

It’s high time that the White House Press Corps expands upon today’s show of professional solidarity. The very next time Donny gets on his high horse, THEY should be the ones to walk out on him… shut him down… saddle up and ride out of “Dodge.” Hell, it’s not like the news consuming public would be missing out on anything of value he has to say… mainly because…

Donald J. Trump has (nearly) never had anything of intrinsic value to say about anything to anyone!


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy







Is Anybody @Home @1600 Pennsylvania Ave?


Speaking on behalf of his worried sick compatriots (I among them), Jake Tapper, earlier this very day, summarized the Coronavirus Pandemic’s multifaceted issues (for the edification of Donald Trump) and concluded his impassioned plea / wake-up call (directed at Donald Trump) thusly…

“The American people, right now, need someone to explain, what is going to be done to get us out of this? It’s a moment that requires leadership. It requires honest information. It requires empathy. And it requires a plan.

Do you have one?”

My question: Will Trump [1] hear Tapper’s alarm clock going off and [2] finally take charge and do something that’s LESS “Me Oriented” and MORE “We Oriented”?








Oh! What A Tangled Web Trump Weaves…

Video PB time = 9:23

If time doesn’t permit: Watch up to the 2:40 point

If time still doesn’t permit: Try the following summary

Read time = 0:30

• Trump’s lie about Hurricane Dorian / Alabama still persists.
• To morph his lie into the truth, he pits one government agency against another.
• These strong-armed underlings cave in / agree to lie… just to cover his ass.
• At risk is government credibility, public health / safety.
• Eventually, the lied to masses won’t heed any warnings from Trump / underlings
• People will needlessly die.

Sir Walter Scott said it best…

“Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive”