My Undying Thanks to Gov. Whitmer!


On 03/10/2020, one year ago, I walked the short walk to the polls to cast my vote in the Michigan Presidential Primary. Lurking in the back of my mind were the first two reports of Covid-19; mere counties away from my humble homestead. I even asked the poll workers if they were already planning, ahead, for the possibility that the pandemic would not allow us to vote in person. Short answer: They were!

On this same day, our Democratic Party Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, declared a State of Emergency. Within mere days she shrewdly shuttered all K-12 schools, banned all gatherings of 250 or more, and restricted visitations to residential, health care and juvenile centers; and, the rest, as “they say”, is history.

I have always taken Whitmer’s counsel seriously and it would not be hyperbole for anyone to state that had she been President of the United States of America, or, at the very least, had Donald J. Trump’s ear (and, of course, had that ear been connected to a fully functioning brain), our homeland would’ve never become the paradigm for:


Conversely, Whitmer’s cogent strategy centered on:


Granted, Whitmer does not know me from Adam; has never spent even a nanosecond reading my posts. Nonetheless, I would like to publicly offer up my undying thanks to this great Governor for mitigating the human suffering and death; for saving the life of every Michigander who took to heart her calmly presented, timely, science-centric medical advice.

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






What’ll Happen Tonight @ 23:59:59?


How apropos that, Stateside, our Halloween and Election Day are mere days apart.

What could be scarier than our electorate’s spooky entities, who don’t know what the real America stands for; namely, equality, liberty and justice for all. In their state of abject ignorance these hobgoblins and hooligans are sure to vote accordingly; so much so, that they’re hell-bent on re-empowering one Donald J. Trump, their, in title only, president; their zero hero from Hell.

These cultists cannot even begin to see him as the existential threat to Democracy that he is.

Truth is, science denier Trump has, SO FAR, willfully permitted Corona-V to go on a nine month (too) long, nationwide rampage. SO FAR, that psychopath has sickened 9.6 million Americans. SO FAR, that ghoul has the blood of the 237,000 COVID-19 dead on his hands. As for any of us who may, somehow, manage to survive the needless pandemic (of his own making), we will, eventually, face down a climate changed, uninhabitable world.

On Trump’s watch, he has flat-out refused to accept and articulate the three words, “Black Lives Matter”; has emboldened militant, racist cops, who gleefully crack open the heads of BLM protestors and BLM sympathizers; has ordered the teargassing and pepper spraying of these peaceable protestors, in flagrant violation of their 1st Amendment Rights; has figuratively danced in his blood splattered streets; has sadistically reveled in all the pain and suffering he’s wrought, up and down Main Street U.S.A.

Trump has done his damnedest to provoke Civil War-II, by winding up his toy soldiers; namely, his seething with preexisting hatred, domestic terrorists, a.k.a. Nazis, Klansmen, Proud Boys, Wolverine Watchmen, etc.; that last on the list faction recently FBI busted for plotting to abduct, torture and assassinate Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer; i.e., to punish her for her righteous, courageous, slow the spread of COVID-19, life saving, statewide lock-down and mask-up decrees.

Pre-pandemic Trump has kidnapped, traumatized, abused and caged asylum seekers’ infants and children; has flipped off a court order to reunite these families; has declared enemies of the people, the genuine article journalists, who’ve been justifiably critical of his deplorable words and deeds; has called for the devoid of due process, imprisonment of his (guilty of no crimes) political opponents. WTF will be next, coliseums where his bloodthirsty, mask-less, packed in, shoulder-to-shoulder devotees will gather to cheer on public stonings and executions?

Trump, Commander-In-Chief, no less, has badmouthed his own troops; called these selfless soldiers “losers” and “suckers”; has undermined their valiant efforts to rid the world of oppression; allowed autocrat Vladimir Putin to place bounties on their heads.

For his own political gain, Trump has accepted dictatorial régimes’ meddling and mucking up of what used to be our fair, free elections; he has sabotaged the United States Postal Service to slow down the processing of sent and returned absentee ballots; has refused to accept any voting outcome other than the one that will re-install him; has flat out refused to accept a potential Biden / Harris victory; has not committed to honor an American tradition that, up to 2016, has always resulted in the peaceful, orderly transition of power.

Seeing how all the above is far scarier than Halloween, America might as well move up Election Day to October 31st. However, factoring in how there will never, again, be another Election Day if Trump screws over the voters; if long before all the legitimate ballots have all been counted, opts to prematurely / wrongfully declare his victory at 23:59:59 tonight, WTF would be the point? Right?


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





-30- ?

“Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke to the media after federal and state law enforcement officials announced the arrest of 13 people who allegedly plotted to kidnap her and try her for “treason” over the state’s coronavirus restrictions. Watch her remarks.” Quote and clip courtesy of the CBS News YouTube Channel • Oct 8, 2020 • 51,693 views

My commentary follows…

Back on Election Day 2018, we the savvy voters of Michigan had opted to empower, as our governor, the progressive Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

Ever since the earliest days of Donald J. Trump’s DIY pandemic, she has steadfastly remained in defiance of that notorious science denier and his incomprehensible and reprehensible disregard for human life; so much so that via her orders to shelter at home / mask up in public, she has mitigated COVID-19’s spread; minimized human suffering and death.

Indeed, her prompt and proactive approach to pandemic management may’ve even saved my very life. So far.

That qualifying “so far” is owing to the fact that Trumpian Republicans, (who dominate our State House, Senate and Judiciary), have all been doing their damnedest to undermine Whitmer’s authority. You see, Donny’s devotees believe their investment portfolios take precedence over public health / public safety concerns.

To say the least, Trump loathes all Democrats (especially when they’re female).

It has been Trumpian Tantrums and TweetStorms, which have been targeting Whitmer. His very words have not only enraged and emboldened the above-mentioned Republican sycophants, but also have infuriated and weaponized his psychotic, boneheaded, militant, always itching for violence supporters / domestic terrorists.

So much so that the FBI had to intervene, yesterday, to thwart the Wolverine Watchmen’s wretched plot to overthrow Michigan government; thwart their plans to kidnap and kill our heroic Governor.

We can judge the seriousness of Trump’s Terrorists and their threat to America by the following warped rantings of one of his goons:

“God bless our president! I would die for him! I will die for that man, happily! I will die for him! Anybody wanna mess with him, you mess with me first! He is a hero, that man!”

Unidentified Male among a throng of Trump supporters • Bethesda MD • 10/04/2020

News, such as this, has literally hit me where I live. And, from an emotional standpoint, I’ve been hit hard.

The fact that the FBI can still function properly is only slightly reassuring. I cannot help but wonder if their limited staffing would ever be able to keep up with subversive Trump’s resurrection and resumption of “our” 19th century Civil War and his concurrent overthrow of America.

Under such dire circumstances, what We, the true Americans, will wind up facing down will be stripped down to stark, fight or flight options. And what do you suppose will become of this pacifist with nowhere to go?

And how odd, indeed, it is to be typing these words in the chilly, October predawn hours; within what, once upon a time, used to be America; the finest, most stable, unconquerable nation our world has ever known; and may never know again.




Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!


A To-Die-For Economic Recovery?


Preface: Free Speech rights don’t allow anyone to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, if no such conflagration exists. To protest in public, while willfully ignoring a pandemic’s fundamental health safety protocols, is tantamount to yelling “Fire!” Under such conditions one should not expect Constitutional protection.

Yesterday, we, the reasonable people of Michigan, found just cause to feel disgust. Once again, malcontents… perverting their 1st Amendment rights and parading their insanity… swooped down on Lansing to occupy the Capitol Building’s steps.

A sizeable portion of them were deathly ill with Nazi, KKK, NRA and Trumpian ideology. Many of these braindead individuals were brandishing weapons, ranging from assault rifles and handguns all the way down to an axe. Some even dangled hangman’s nooses.

They made their appearance in sycophantic deference to fake prez Donald Trump’s idiocy and in suicidal defiance of genuine Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s wisdom.

In essence… while bunched way too closely together… they were thumbing their collective, unmasked nose at her Stay-At-Home orders… i.e., her science based, concerted efforts to prevent COVID-19’s human suffering and death. Her naysayers’ overall message was as ass-backward as their ilks’ typical fashion-backward statement. As for the matter of the latter…

While nobody should ever encourage white supremacists to don such garb-age, it is hard not to point out that… purely in the interest of public health safety… these brownshirts could’ve reconfigured their swastika armbands into facial masks. As for the Kluxers, they could’ve donned their eyeholes-only KKK hoods as-is. Of course, who could ever expect such sickos to even consider doing anything for the common good of anyone?

So, here’s what we’ve got…

• In the process of screeching and spreading their sicko agenda, these dissenters were also spreading COVID-19… and will continue to do so once they goosestep back into their individual communities.

• The consequent coronavirus second surge will will bury hundreds of thousands… maybe millions… more.

• Ironically, they’ll further hamper the restart of businesses / delay their own return to work.

• An economic recovery where only morticians, coffin manufacturers and grave diggers will prosper.

And what the hell good is any of that?

Let’s hope they held onto yesterday’s axe. They’re going to need the blunt end to hammer nails into the economic and actual coffin lids of their own making.







No such thing as an EZ trip to the PO, anymore…


Yesterday, late afternoon, I decided to brave my way back into our Coronavirus infected world. Although I really did need to multitask (e.g., do some banking, gas up my seldom driven car and grocery shop), I did limit this excursion to a Post Office visit (i.e. to get three checks in the mail to keep my creditors happy). Yep, even during a deadly pandemic, life (such as it is) doth go on.

Normally, I’d have walked to my destination but, I wasn’t quite sure how the public would be reacting to our Governor, Ms. Gretchen Whitmer, having shut down even more business establishments, earlier that very day. Ergo, I drove the short distance.

True, I don’t command a military tank, but, I figured, were some unexpected war zone to erupt, my coupe’s metal body would offer up some better-than-nothing protection. And, interestingly enough, just as the stoplight changed from red to green, upon entering the intersection, I did spot an oncoming vehicle with a sign taped to the rear driver’s side window. It boldly declared: “IMPEACH GOVERNOR WHITMER!”

While I welcomed the lighter than normal traffic patterns, I rejected the too full P.O. parking lot and headed, instead, towards the nearby shopping center. As expected it was a ghost town with the very empty parking lot, which would make maintaining that recommended 2 meters apart “safety zone” a cinch.

However… it was while I was nearing the PO’s main entrance, that suddenly, I spotted another postal patron who was struggling with a sizeable package. Normally, I’d have rushed over to hold open the outer and inner doors. But I did not. And there was no way she hadn’t noticed me coming to a sudden, deliberate, dead-in-my-tracks, halt. But I did what I had to do. And truth be told, under the circumstances, I don’t believe she’d have appreciated my getting too close to her, either.

Once inside the building, what appeared to be a food drive was in progress. While altruism, in itself, is always admirable, I wondered. Had not the organizer(s) considered the potential for drawing too close for comfort crowds? Why hadn’t they simply dropped everything off at our community’s nearby Social Services center… scant kilometers / miles down the road?

Anyway… concerned that I’d soon wind up in the path of someone’s coughs and/or sneezes, I dropped my mail in the slot and hightailed it out of there. I don’t think I was overreacting, either. Considering my advanced years and upper and lower respiratory issues, how that made me an extra tasty treat for the Coronavirus to “love to death”, this left me no other choice but to look out for my own best interests.

I mean… when my homeland’s so-called POTUS does not shive-a-git about people like me, then that responsibility rests, squarely upon our shoulders.