Risky Business


Found in this afternoon’s snail mail was World Book Encyclopedia’s letter to announce that their learned historians had spent their precious time researching and authoring a book titled, The Road to the White House. Hmm, for starters, far more honest title choices would’ve been:

The Rocky Road to the White House OR America’s Near Death Experience.

Worse yet, the direct marketing department informed me that if I failed to opt out, STAT, they’d automatically ship this book to me for a no obligation, “free” 15 day perusal period. Hmm, for starters:

What’s free about my having to shell out shipping charges to send it back? I can think of far better ways to spend my bread… oh… say… by purchasing actual loaves of bread; some peanut butter and jam would be yummy, too.

Beyond that, why would I ever want to be reminded of how the 2020 election cycle ended on January 6, 2021; a.k.a., America’s Darkest Day; a.k.a. The Day of Infamy, where one Donald J. Trump, a.k.a. the (then) President of the United States of America had assembled his private army (a.k.a. his rightwing domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, psychotic sycophants, QAnon cultists, goons, thugs, etc.); commanded them to (on his behalf), storm the U.S. Capitol and overthrow the United States of America.

Why, each and very time I’d pick up such a book, I’d be instantly reminded of my righteous indignation regarding how that treasonous bastard has yet to be punished to the fullest extent of the law; and in all likelihood, NEVER WILL BE!

My gawd, for that treasonous act of his, alone, he deserves a life sentence in prison and eternal damnation in HELL! The only leniency he’d ever deserve would be to do his time within a maximum security mental institution.

However, to return to the book marketer created prob:

Initially, I thought I’d need to make a special trip to the Post Office to mail back the opt out postcard. And, factoring in the machinations of Trump’s appointed evil Postmaster General, one Louis DeJoy, and how he’s intentionally mucked up nearly everything postal, that card might not arrive in a timely manner; might never arrive at all.

Worst of all, I’d be risking my very life; the potential exposure to COVID-19’s far more communicable and deadlier variants by having to mask up to venture forth into Donny’s Diseased Dystopia.

Fortunately, in the fine print, the World Book folks had also included an opt out Toll Free phone number. That’s where I spoke to one of their reps who promptly cancelled the book’s auto mail out. I also requested she forward my comment to the powers-that-be, namely:

“Future offers such as these should be Opt-In NOT Opt-Out.”

And you know what? Sans any hesitation, she agreed with me. I thanked her and offered my stay healthy wishes.

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






A G-String o’ Hard/Soft “G” WordPlay


Once upon a time, there existed an egotistical, gargantuan, gluttonous, graceless, greedy, greasy, garish, gauche, gaudy, gilded, goldbrick, gasbag grifter / gangster, who transmogrified into a good for nothing General / general nuisance.

No student of History… HELL… no student of ANYTHING… was he.

As such, THAT ignoble, ignominious, inglorious, undignified, disgraceful, thuggish power grabber (likely unwittingly) patterned his disgusting régime after WW-II Nazi Germany; fully depended upon the Third Reich’s key goons (e.g., Hermann Göring) to ingrain into American society, something akin to a latter day Gestapo.

He also relied, a great deal, upon his Joseph Goebbels channeling, TV talking head, propaganda ministers to aid and abet his degenerate agenda; to totally warp the minds of his base, devotee voter base.

Six scant days into ’21, the degenerate General assembled his vast, savage legions of insurgents, goons and renegades; knowingly organized and energized this angry throng as his private army; rallied his gung-ho gang of gushing grovelers into such a ferocious frenzy that they stormed the Reichstag; destroyed, defiled and even publicly defecated within the U.S. Capitol!

Although this ragtag mélange of domestic terrorists / enemy combatants, fortunately, failed to prevail, even now (as I type and you read), these psychotic hangers on stand down / remain on stand-by; all gleefully, giddily chomping at the bit to hear their rabid, gruff, growling, mongrel General’s very next, foaming at the mouth barked out, “Attack!” command.

The End?


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Multidimensional Message (Acrostic)


Fascist flattery junkie, craves his lunatic fringe
Undue praise, from fans, fills up that addict’s syringe
Craven butt kissers, smooch his rear region’s dinge
Kudos from his TV toadies; on them, too, he’ll binge

Tyrant torches Democracy; won’t settle for singe
Rouses rabble & rebels; makes the virtuous cringe
Unruly ruler’s brain cells, both unravel; unhinge
Moneyed, yet bankrupt, sums up his selfish stinge
Pain in everyone’s ass, far exceeds the slight twinge


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






-30- ?

“Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke to the media after federal and state law enforcement officials announced the arrest of 13 people who allegedly plotted to kidnap her and try her for “treason” over the state’s coronavirus restrictions. Watch her remarks.” Quote and clip courtesy of the CBS News YouTube Channel • Oct 8, 2020 • 51,693 views

My commentary follows…

Back on Election Day 2018, we the savvy voters of Michigan had opted to empower, as our governor, the progressive Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

Ever since the earliest days of Donald J. Trump’s DIY pandemic, she has steadfastly remained in defiance of that notorious science denier and his incomprehensible and reprehensible disregard for human life; so much so that via her orders to shelter at home / mask up in public, she has mitigated COVID-19’s spread; minimized human suffering and death.

Indeed, her prompt and proactive approach to pandemic management may’ve even saved my very life. So far.

That qualifying “so far” is owing to the fact that Trumpian Republicans, (who dominate our State House, Senate and Judiciary), have all been doing their damnedest to undermine Whitmer’s authority. You see, Donny’s devotees believe their investment portfolios take precedence over public health / public safety concerns.

To say the least, Trump loathes all Democrats (especially when they’re female).

It has been Trumpian Tantrums and TweetStorms, which have been targeting Whitmer. His very words have not only enraged and emboldened the above-mentioned Republican sycophants, but also have infuriated and weaponized his psychotic, boneheaded, militant, always itching for violence supporters / domestic terrorists.

So much so that the FBI had to intervene, yesterday, to thwart the Wolverine Watchmen’s wretched plot to overthrow Michigan government; thwart their plans to kidnap and kill our heroic Governor.

We can judge the seriousness of Trump’s Terrorists and their threat to America by the following warped rantings of one of his goons:

“God bless our president! I would die for him! I will die for that man, happily! I will die for him! Anybody wanna mess with him, you mess with me first! He is a hero, that man!”

Unidentified Male among a throng of Trump supporters • Bethesda MD • 10/04/2020

News, such as this, has literally hit me where I live. And, from an emotional standpoint, I’ve been hit hard.

The fact that the FBI can still function properly is only slightly reassuring. I cannot help but wonder if their limited staffing would ever be able to keep up with subversive Trump’s resurrection and resumption of “our” 19th century Civil War and his concurrent overthrow of America.

Under such dire circumstances, what We, the true Americans, will wind up facing down will be stripped down to stark, fight or flight options. And what do you suppose will become of this pacifist with nowhere to go?

And how odd, indeed, it is to be typing these words in the chilly, October predawn hours; within what, once upon a time, used to be America; the finest, most stable, unconquerable nation our world has ever known; and may never know again.




Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!


Who’ll Be Minding the Store?

That Joe Biden is LESS CORRUPT than Donald Trump is not the issue.

That LESS CORRUPT would ever need to become the qualifying words, IS the issue!

There is no getting around the truth that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, benefited, financially due to nepotism… by snagging his $600,000-a-year job on the board of Burisma Holdings. And that does beg some questions…

How could We the People ever entrust a President Biden to drain the Trumpian, overflowing DC swamp, when Joe failed to advise his own son to reject that job offer? Whatever happened to leading by example?

And that makes Joe a POTUS wannabe with a BIG problem. Let’s say he wins the Democratic Party nomination and goes head to head with Donald J. Trump. True, Trump has no head, but since bloggers, everywhere, have already discussed this ad nauseam, why say more?

Anyway, throughout the entire 2020 campaign, Donny (no stranger, himself, to allowing nepotism to benefit his own brood), ironically, will be successfully hammering in his talking point that Joe is soft on nepotism / corruption… that he reeks of it. The voters will catch a whiff of Biden’s stench and even vote for the far stronger stench of Trump, instead (go figure, huh?).

While I’d still have to oust Trump by voting for Biden (sorry… that’s a regrettable fact of life with a two party system), prior to marking my ballot, I’d either need to spray the voting booth with Febreze™ or bring a clothespin for my nose. One would think that to encourage a bigger voter turnout, our local election officials would supply both products.

So, do the Democratic Party big shots actually believe Biden to be the candidate most likely to succeed? If he’s the best man they can trot out, why not simply tell Joe to deliver his Election Night concession speech, right now, and get it over with?

No folks, most assuredly, I have not defected to become a Trumpian blowhole. I’m just being brutally honest, here, because we need to reject Biden while we still have time to nominate a far superior, hopefully progressive, (wo)man.

Look, even were Biden to get elected, unless he could snag up to eight long years of Democratic majorities in both the Senate and House, he’d wind up facing down his immediate impeachment / conviction / ouster, “courtesy” of his savagely vindictive, Republican foes. And he’d have no one else to blame but himself.

To regain some respectability, it might serve Biden well to [1] “crash” Trump’s Impeachment Trial, [2] admit nepotism is wrong, [3] deliver a stump speech that’d also expose Trump’s own corruption AND [4] challenge Trump to show up / fess up, too. Hell, figuratively speaking, Joe could probably mop the entire U.S. Senate’s filthy floor with Trump’s mangy mane.

Let’s now Fast Forward to Election Day 2020. It’ll likely be Biden vs. Trump. And whoever wins, the people will lose… namely… because Trump helps nobody but himself and, once the newly empowered Republican majorities within the House and Senate impeach, convict and oust Biden his VP turned President will be left cowering in the corner… even though that’d be impossible in a oval shaped room.

Indeed, be the victor Biden or Trump, nobody will be minding the store to effectively cope with a slew of national / worldly problems… namely… Vladimir Putin’s land grabs, a destabilized Middle East / North Korea, nuclear proliferation, foreign and domestic terrorism, unholy holy wars, domestic gun violence, a wealthy folks driven class war, corrupt Wall Street / business practices, non-living wages, racial / gender inequality, drug / opioid abuse, an ailing / aging populace and, last but not least, climate change that, left unchecked, will render Earth uninhabitable.










A Physical and Fiscal Hematological Study?


The Trumpian plan / plot to Make America Great / Grate Again likely entails arming (to the teeth), virtually anyone who can fog up a dentist’s mirror shoved beneath their nostrils. No brain establishing med-tech’s CT scan and no rationality establishing headshrinker’s evaluation required. Indeed, about the only restriction would be passing Donny’s nationality / WASP test.

OMG… were he to ever see such a reckless scheme to fruition, consider the costly impact upon the estimated 330 million souls presently dwelling within the U.S. borders!

Think of all the spilt red blood!

Hmm… to figure out where the alleged prez’s alleged mind might meander off to next, the following “enhancement” of Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion could come in handy…

For every absurd action there is an equal and opposite absurd reaction.

To elaborate, WHAT IF the Trumpian counter-terrorism plan involved providing suits of armor and round-the-clock Secret Service protection to all law abiding WASPs dwelling within the United States?

OMG… were he to actually trot out such a boondoggle, consider the costly impact upon the estimated 330 million souls presently dwelling within the U.S. borders!

Think of all the spilt red ink!

While my above commentary is totally fake news… when we factor in the Trumpian proclivity for mindlessly pissing away multiple billions of tax dollars on hair-brained schemes…

Today’s absurd WP post could easily become tomorrow’s absurd DC policy.






November BlogCast ~ Moments of Silence


Time again for another of our monthly musical get-togethers. This time around the video selections will reflect a melancholy mood. That’s about the most one could expect considering the recent, mere week apart incidents of domestic terrorism. More specifically…

• An anti-Semitic domestic terrorist, armed with Glock .357 handguns and a Colt AR-15 rifle, went on a rampage at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue (my heartfelt hopes that the 6 wounded folks recover as much as is humanly / medically possible. My wholehearted condolences to the families and friends of the 11 who perished).

∗ The USPS became the unwitting deliverers of a mindless, hate-mongering domestic terrorist’s pipe bombs… approximately one dozen IEDs designed to intimidate anyone who does not mindlessly march in lockstep with the mindless, hate-mongering, fake prez. Fortunately… none of these devices exploded.

In both cases that alleged prez refuses to own the violence which his willful hate-mongering has spawned amongst his devotees.

Considering how 11 gunshot victims have been silenced and factoring in how there have been multiple attempts to silence the Freedom of Speech of the liberally minded… well… the following imagery enhanced, somber selections are quite apropos…


Ernesto Cortazar ~ Piano Cover of Beethoven’s “Silence”

The Fall of 2018? The Downfall of America?

Shakira Elizabeth ~ Flute Cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”

“Silence like a Cancer grows!” We mustn’t let the rightwing media noise machine drown us out!

Luca Valenti’s Cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”

Never allow anyone to gag your mouth / silence your liberal views!


I thank you for your listenership and cordially invite you to click back here for my next monthly BlogCast… slated to hit the www during the first week of December 2018.

FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.


Message for Ideological / Meteorological Storm Survivors…


Preface: My tardiness in posting my heartfelt sentiments is based solely upon my uncertainty that any mere words appearing here, on my indescribably obscure website, can make any real difference to anyone anywhere. Nevertheless… and better late than never… here goes…

In our world besieged by relentless, horrifically devastating, manmade ideological and meteorological storms, I’m certain of only three things…

  1. Any direct attack that deprives even one kindly, innocent human soul of sweet freedom and/or precious life is an indirect assault against multiple billions of decent people… worldwide.
  2. We (potential victims all), who really do give a damn about humanity’s survival, would appear to be powerless in bringing about the necessary changes that could diminish / end those abovementioned disasters in the foreseeable future.
  3. Last but not least… be your attacker a freakish hurricane, tornado, rain/snow/ice/fire storm or drought… be your assailants Klansmen, Nazis, ISIS or a pseudo president traitor… I extend my profound sorrow and sympathy to each and every stressed out, suffering survivor AND my best wishes for a speedy recovery to the fullest extent that is medically, humanly and economically possible. My heartfelt condolences go out to all the good, heartbroken people whose family members, loved ones, dear friends and close acquaintances have perished.



Birdbrain Bigots (One Quick Limerick #022)


Far, far more brilliant than bigots are birds,

Fowl scolds foul, with no need for words,

Rebel statues of stone,

Birds will not leave alone,

They’ll fly sky high, “bomb” all rock heads with turds!



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