Must See TYT’s Ana and Cenk


Mere days ago, within gun sick America (insert my long, anguished, exasperated sigh), yet, another mass murderer reared his ugly head. That firearm toting freak ran amok in Uvalde, Texas; set his site on Robb Elementary School and went on a maiming and murdering rampage.

The (yet to be finalized) grim, Death Toll: 21 children and 2 adults

Yet to be reported is the number of wounded. However, what could count even more, is how humane humans, spanning that entire community / battlefield, have now wound up with lifelong, PTSD magnitude, psychological wounds.

While, instinctively, my compassion strongly motivates me to offer up thoughts and prayers to the survivors, intellectually, I know better.

What good would this really do? For starters, an obscure blogger’s words have little to no chance of ever being read by the grieving heartbroken; and, more to the point, I, alone, cannot expect to ever put an end to all of the inevitable, impending attacks; let alone, single-handedly, usher in an enduring civil society.

For America to evolve in that manner, would require courageous, conscientious leaders and legislators, who prioritize the protection of human life over the preservation of their rank, coveted. A+ NRA (National Rifle Association) ranking.

Alas, the long absent, much needed, courageous, conscientious politicians, if not already extinct, certainly do top off the endangered species list.

Regrettably, what we’ve got, instead, are the monstrosities, who value an imbued with excessive power life, over life, itself; who, down to the very core of their rotting souls, adamantly believe political immortality and immorality walk hand-in-hand.

Fortunately, still in existence are the courageous, conscientious political commentators, such as The Young Turks(TYT), Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur. On nearly a daily basis, this dynamic duo posts YouTube content; presides over no BS discourse, which, far more dramatically, can flesh out my above talking points.

HOWEVER, still in play is the matter of maintaining my YouTube boycott (backdating to January 1, 2021. This means that I won’t be WP showcasing this clip.

Yet, seeing how Americans, indeed, freedom lovers, worldwide, could benefit from tapping into that vid’s passion (in particular Cenk’s), in this rare instance, I find it necessary to grant special dispensation.

Hence, we’re hereby linked to that very vid, OFFSITE.

Now, in the event that anyone may be interested, my beef with YouTube centers upon the slew of moneygrubber, muckety-mucks who, think nothing over routinely, platforming fascistic, sociopathic, lying, armed to the teeth, insurrectionist Trumper Republicans; the YouTube powers-that-be claiming they do so for the sake of preserving freedom of speech.

The glaring conundrum: by mainstreaming / normalizing such hardcore righties, they wind up grooming each and every gullible consumer-viewer of Trumper garbage; i.e., end up lulling these severely misled misfits into blind acceptance of fascists, sociopaths, liars, shooters and insurrectionists.

And IF/WHEN that sorta fit-hits-the-shan, folks, that’ll be the downfall of America and our Constitution; ironically, inclusive of that document’s 1st Amendment, Free Speech Rights / Guarantees.




Be people vaxxed or unvaxxed, we
can still shed ‘n’ spread the batcrap
crazy contagious Corona-V; which,
in turn, generates new variants ‘n’
needlessly prolongs the pandemic!

Hence, this easy as pie, cover your
nose ‘n’ pie-hole / shelter advisory:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









UnAmerica UnCut


In the case open-and-shut
Witness UnAmerica UnCut
Plant kiss on polluter’s butt
Knee the lib voters in gut
Whip up prejudice glut
Grant obscene wealthy tax cut
Goad each subversive gun nut
Fall for the autocrat’s strut



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







NRA’s H₂S Plume or My Brain Fart?


I blogged, yesterday, about a politically turbocharged ad, which NRA gun nuts have shamelessly crafted for the express purpose of kissing Donald J. Trump’s ass… i.e., to help get said ass re-parked in the Oval Office for 4 more years. Or will that actually wind up being for an UnConstitutional 25 more years? I suppose only time will tell, huh?

Anyway, my having seen the ad only a couple of times, I was discussing it only from memory and, as such, I wound up incorrectly recalling the off camera announcer’s condescending voice as being male… wound up calling “him” out for mansplaining to the NRA’s main targeted audience… i.e. the women they intend to fear monger and demean.

Soon afterwards, I discovered that the gender of that ad’s announcer, in actuality, is female.

A sure sign my memory is falling me?

Or perhaps not.

I cannot help but believe that that ad’s overall, overpowering, odious vibe… i.e., the female announcer’s tone of voice, itself, had… at least to me… sounded too much like a mansplaining man.

Then again, why would it not? Consider the misogyny of those who breathed the hydrogen sulfide* into this ad.

I do deem it possible for women, employed by sexist men, to mansplain to women.

But, let’s momentarily set aside what I think…

How would you diagnose my blogging boo-boo? The NRA’s H₂S plume or my brain fart?


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!



*“Hydrogen sulfide is the chemical compound with the formula H₂S. It is a colorless chalcogen hydride gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It is poisonous, corrosive, and flammable.” – – – Wikipedia






Mansplaining Manipulative Ad


If you’ve yet to see the National Rifle Association’s latest, delusional, dystopian ad… one that’s shamelessly tailor-made to help reelect the absolutely non-electable Donald J. Trump… well… you won’t see it here, either.

Instead, let’s project and dissect this piece of… uh… work… upon our devices’ clinical, pure white screens. Do keep your airsick bags within reach… here we go…

The off camera, drama queen announcer smugly speaks in his menacing, mansplaining, manipulative tone of voice… words to the effect… she has two children, two jobs and because lefties took away her gun, tonight, she might not make it home, alive. Meanwhile…

The accompanying visual vignette showcases the nocturnal workplace parking lot, where we find a panicking, out of breath, young woman attempting to flee assailants. She’s barely able to unlock, enter and slam her car door shut, when, suddenly the driver’s side safety glass gets smashed to smithereens. Next, the tight camera shot refocuses, rightward, upon the gear shift console, where…. POOF… the conspicuously placed handgun, conveniently vanishes into thin air! In the end, the camera angle sort of suggests that her now lifeless body lays sprawled upon the asphalt.

YIKES… there’s so much to unpack here, I’m bound to miss a few points. Anyway, here goes…

• The fact that this ad’s victim would even need to work two (or more) jobs, serves not as a testimonial to womankinds’ work ethic. What this actually points out is how misogynist Donny, and his corrupt big biz cronies, not only insist on shit pay for the masses but even shittier pay for women.

• Were all of the vital-to-a-viable-society jobs paying living wages, would there even be a need for anyone to be working the graveyard shift and walking thru perilous, after hours parking lots?

• Need anyone remind that, against the backdrop of America’s gun sick society, no politician of any ideological stripe (inclusive of Trump’s rival Joe Biden), would ever piss off gun nuts by passing even the weakest of weak gun control laws.

• Let’s, once and for all, figuratively shoot the shit out of the NRA’s temporal anomaly! Although their intent is to distort what life would be like were Biden to become President, the bitter truth is that they are emphasizing what life already… repeat… ALREADY… is like on FLaw and DisOrder Trump’s watch!

Owing to the self-important, fake prez choosing not to promptly, proactively and persistently follow the advice of the pandemic averting experts, his resultant, DIY COVID-19 crisis has furloughed millions of hard working people and, for a substantial portion of them, their workplaces will wind up permanently shuttered.

Because Donald J. Trump failed to preserve and protect our lives and livelihoods it’s only a matter of time before the jobless, homeless and hopeless people, unable to earn an honest dollar, will resort to dishonest means to pay their bills! At that juncture, the resultant ugly scenes won’t be playing out on make-believe Hollywood’s stages and won’t involve NRA / Trump hired actors who can return… safe and sound… to their homes once the director declares, “That’s a Wrap!”


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Pyrrhic Victory?


When the godforsaken fool, who misleads my homeland, was duly forewarned re COVID-19 (early on and more than once), his malignant narcissism prodded him to pit his puny as a cherry pit brain against an entire medical community’s brain trust.

Most assuredly, he did not outsmart them.

Instead, his big head had caused him to blow it big time… i.e., to needlessly sicken nearly 2,000,000 of his compatriots (and still counting) and condemn 107,000 of them to a premature death (and still counting). His abject neglect has also killed off 44,000,000 jobs (and still counting).

Being true to his dubious talent for mucking up whatever he gets his grubby little paws on, he caused the robust economy (which he inherited from Obama) to go bust. Ergo, he can no longer win reelection by falsely claiming to be God (or at the very least), God’s gift to Wall Street.

Seeing how he has now alienated / pissed off the crass materialist segment of his voter base, who can he still count on to reelect him?

Why, that’d be Donny’s best buddies… the itchy trigger fingered, militant gun nuts and imbecilic bigots. In their role as snap-to-attention, chronic, sicko suck-ups, they also act as his wind-up toy soldiers, who, on his behalf, are ever-ready to shoot off their assault rifles and hatred spewing mouths. As of late, it’s been Trump’s Tweets and on cam barked out marching orders, which have been deploying them, nationwide.

Donny’s minions’ ongoing mission is to further infuriate minorities, who, justifiably so, have been taking to the streets to [1] call attention to the ongoing for untold generations, societal scourge known as police bigotry / brutality, [2] seek justice for its latest victim, George Floyd, who was killed by the homicidal Minneapolis cop, Derek Chauvin, and [3] call attention to a heedless, headless, heartless, soulless, fraudulent prez who, rather than enthusiastically join their fight against all aspects of racism, sadistically exploits it for his own political gain.

And true to Trump’s know nothing / do nothing “talents”, all the lazy bum need do to win… for society to lose… is sit on his fat Fascist fanny and laugh his ass off while white supremacist, a-hole chumps do all his dirty work for him.

Alas, racist Donny has all his bid for re-election bases covered, too.

Seeing how non-masked and non-socially distancing protestors (many of them non-Caucasians), have been and will continue to be exposed to COVID-19, when they get sick and die, that means lower liberal voter turnout.

Even if the Klansman and Nazi turnout is too low, he can always fall back on the unrest, itself.

The insurrection in America, of Donald J. Trump’s own making, would certainly give him unjust cause to declare Martial Law, suspend the November Elections and remain in power until his sparked off, Hellish conflagration burns America down to the ground.








For What It’s Worth (Vid of the Day)

Our Vid of the Day features the remake / reinvention of the Buffalo Springfield folk/rock classic, For What It’s Worth. The song starter verse…

There’s something happening here
But what it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware (read full lyrics here)

Seeing how the ideological landscape worsens globally as I type / as you read this… has been deteriorating at varying rates since time immemorial, now, more than ever, singer / songwriter Stephen Stills’ lyrical admonition still applies. And Oui 3’s acid jazz, hip hop, trip hop cover amply updates / translates his sentiments into the Nineties. Little doubt, as I type / as you read this, someone may already be building upon / updating / ushering all of these above sentiments into the Twenty-Teens… into the rapidly approaching, roaring Twenty-Twenties.





Psst… got a minute?

On Tuesday, a reporter implied that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is blameworthy for life saving gun control legislation failing to arrive on the Oval Office desk… uh…not that the NRA beholden Trumpster would ever approve it… but… let’s save that discussion for another day… another blog.

Suffice to say, I’ve rarely been more proud of an elected official’s totally appropriate indignation. In our representative form of government, most assuredly, she represents my identical sentiments.

I now yield my blogging platform to Ms. Pelosi to tell it like it is…






A Physical and Fiscal Hematological Study?


The Trumpian plan / plot to Make America Great / Grate Again likely entails arming (to the teeth), virtually anyone who can fog up a dentist’s mirror shoved beneath their nostrils. No brain establishing med-tech’s CT scan and no rationality establishing headshrinker’s evaluation required. Indeed, about the only restriction would be passing Donny’s nationality / WASP test.

OMG… were he to ever see such a reckless scheme to fruition, consider the costly impact upon the estimated 330 million souls presently dwelling within the U.S. borders!

Think of all the spilt red blood!

Hmm… to figure out where the alleged prez’s alleged mind might meander off to next, the following “enhancement” of Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion could come in handy…

For every absurd action there is an equal and opposite absurd reaction.

To elaborate, WHAT IF the Trumpian counter-terrorism plan involved providing suits of armor and round-the-clock Secret Service protection to all law abiding WASPs dwelling within the United States?

OMG… were he to actually trot out such a boondoggle, consider the costly impact upon the estimated 330 million souls presently dwelling within the U.S. borders!

Think of all the spilt red ink!

While my above commentary is totally fake news… when we factor in the Trumpian proclivity for mindlessly pissing away multiple billions of tax dollars on hair-brained schemes…

Today’s absurd WP post could easily become tomorrow’s absurd DC policy.






Political Expediency & NRA A+ Grades Trump Public Safety


Considering how 2019 has been averaging more than one incident of domestic terrorism per day… most recently in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH… it defies belief that the powers-that-be are doing nothing… absolutely nothing to rein in these reigns of terror. To date, their tough talk of restoring and keeping the peace has gone flaccid. Indeed, their promises made / promises broken record remains unbroken… and society remains broken.

Just how can that Oval Office Occupant and U.S. Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell even claim to represent the will of the people, when they whip their middle digits at…

• 60 percent of Americans, who favor stricter gun laws
• 97 percent of gun owners… gun owners mind you… who support universal background checks

• How is it that the National Rifle Association (NRA) always gets to call all the shots (oft literally)?
• What ever happened to representative government and majority rules?
• How the hell did we ever wind up with such a dysfunctional government?

Such present-day woes can be traced, in part, to two recent betrayals…

• The Electoral College dropouts failed to do their patriotic and Constitutional duty to prevent an amoral, autocratic, corrupt tycoon from getting sworn in on Inauguration Day 2017.

• The U.S. Senate remains loaded with right-wing extremists who shamelessly prioritize partisanship, political expediency and their NRA “A+” report cards over public safety. Compromised and co-opted, they, too, flat out refuse do their patriotic and Constitutional duty to remove the fake prez.

Ergo, here we stand by, helplessly, as we watch the unchecked, brown-shirted, white robed and white hooded ersatz prez galloping off on his high horse… going off an his rampaging racist crusade… sowing the seeds that can only sprout into a crop of unfit for human consumption hatred… i.e., the KKK and Nazi magnitude hatred that can only breed domestic terrorism.

So there he stoops… the soft on domestic terrorism “prez” who muddies the collective American conscience… who rips the heart and soul out of a once-upon-a-time great nation.

Election Day 2020 does seem to be America’s last chance to restore respectability and accountability to the Oval Office and U.S. Senate… but… seeing how an unregistered, un-American, “voter”… one Vladimir Putin… remains unchecked, too…