Is there anybody out there?


This being, being a bedazzled, naked eye and telescopically enhanced sky watcher, I’m aware that even the light polluted night sky can still invite the “Big Q”…

  • Is there anybody out there?

Or another variation of this…

  • Are we the only “intelligent” beings within this vast sea of stars?

Well, however we may phrase the sentiment, a renown, bygone astrophysicist and moonlighting screenplay writer thrice scripted a most suitable “A”…

“The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”

Carl Sagan/Ann Druyan • 1997 film Contact • read the storyline synopsis, spoilers included, HERE
Line delivered (in scripted order) by actors David Morse, Matthew McConaughey and Jodi Foster

Building on that premise, the inevitable follow up “Q” becomes…

  • Why haven’t alien races made their presence known by… oh… say… paying us a visit?

Alas (long sigh) that “A” is inescapably obvious…

As ADVANCED as these extraterrestrials would need to be to have mastered interstellar space travel… well… it’s that very, in all caps, italicized A-word, which affords us the “Q’s” “A”.

I mean, what advanced, levelheaded civilization would ever opt to rub elbows with us (if they, indeed, have elbows)?

Not when they’d be fully aware of how too damned many Earthlings have abandoned:

  • Peace: by empowering insane leaders who’ll have access to nuclear arsenals
  • Liberty-Equality-Justice: by trying to install narcissistic, fascistic sore losers
  • Civility: by giving free rein to serial killers, who shoot up schools & churches
  • Public Health: by refusing to mask & vax-up during a deadly, global pandemic
  • Ecology: by letting corporations prolong our suicidal, fossil fuel dependence
  • Decency: by discriminating against, dehumanizing and alienating terrestrials

Even if interstellar travelers were invaders they’d still avoid us. I mean, why bother conquering the human race… ahem… when we’re doing a bang up job all on our very own, eh?


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Our Last Stand?


Many of us have been witnessing the legions of unhinged, alleged Americans, who’d even provoke a second Revolutionary War just to re-install their fascistic, narcissistic, parasitic, idiotic control freak idol; that bizarre anomaly in no need of any further, formal introduction.

Informally, let’s just refer to him as the deplorable has-been / ne’er-do-well, who compulsively dyes his mangy tresses haystack yellow and routinely spackles lurid orange, Bozo the Clown make-up onto his mug; and leave it at that.

Now, here’s the rub. Were OrangeMan to ever be re-empowered, he’d work not towards society’s betterment but to its detriment. His main mission would be to financially and morally bankrupt America; all for his own personal gain.

To see his plot to fruition, he’d resort to mind numbing the masses; his M.O. akin to the payola pocketing, sleazeball DJ, who, right on cue, repeatedly blasts some, no-talent, one hit wonder’s lyrically barren, trance inducing muzak over the radio airwaves / Internet streams or onto the shabby, rundown, smell the stale urine and vomit, night club dance floor.

He’d also brainwash, factionalize and marginalize our society; pit people against people; relentlessly belittle our charming physical traits, delightful accents and full bodied, cultural diversity; hard sell his batshit crazy, bigoted delusions that, in some way, humans worshiping anyone other than a Christian deity, being blessed with a robust skin melanin content and speaking in a non-English tongue present what? Some sort of threat to humanity?

How much more moronic could he possibly get?

Truth be told, it is he who’s the actual threat to humanity; he, who has yet to be held accountable / punished for his attempted overthrow of America, back on January 6, 2021.

His escaping justice, so far, is precisely what’s mucking up his alleged mind, too! That scofflaw wrongfully equates his never punished status with vindication / validation. At this juncture, there’d be no stopping him from seeing the following threat to fruition…

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”

Donald J. Trump / Dordt College / Sioux Center, Iowa / c2016 January

NO, IT’S NOT OK!!! Some fatherly advice is in order. Should you ever spot him on Fifth Avenue, RUN LIKE HELL IN A WILLY-NILLY MANNER AND, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT STOP TO LOOK BACK!!!

Fortunately, re January 6th, it’s still not too late to charge him with treason; haul his ass into court; convict and imprison (or institutionalize) him. At the very least, we must forever deny him all high elective office. Should we fail to do even that, he’ll remain an ever-present danger to America / our entire world.

That very problem could become evident, within hours of the polls closing on Election Day 2024. How so? Well…

Should VainMan emerge the victor, once sworn back into the Oval Office, that vengeance seeking, seething with anger psycho would [1] give free rein to the still rampaging, countless, coronavirus variants, which, in turn, would burn up citizens in sickening, deadly Covid-19 fevers and [2] allow climatic change to burn down the entire planet in one helluva catastrophic conflagration.

Should VainMan emerge the sore loser, right on cue, he’d instantly bark out, “Sic ‘em!” to his sicko sycophants, who, in turn, would re-stage their January 6th attack and obediently, promptly burn America down to the ground.

Long Sigh…

I trust that I’m far from alone, here, when it comes down to rehashing the above content. But, such repetition is vital and not sans good reason.

You see, most critical thinker, liberally minded bloggers, such as I, identify with the burning passion of America’s Founding Fathers; share their vision for honest, level-headed, even-handed, liberty-based governance. There’s no way that I’d ever forsake these very ideals, which well up my eyes with joy, pride and even awe.

In other words…

  • I flat out defy damned near everything that that contemptible Anti-American anomaly stands for!
  • I will not stand down until that fascistic, narcissistic, parasitic, idiotic control freak stands down!



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
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Violence whets slayers’ appetites, like vile aperitif
Each “big shot” boy in blue, bigoted; robs black lives like a thief
Each gun nut shoots down the upright; that’s his M.O. cheap, chief

Like the pandemic’s virus, the butchers’ 3-D motif,
Is to Devastate, Debilitate, Decimate; beyond our belief
Sickos’ societal scourge, sickens survivors with grief

We, the preyed upon masses, have a legitimate beef
For we have nary a prayer, see no sign of relief,
How doth one quell minds, unwell? Deprogram? Debrief?




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
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Then they came for _________ !

What if, worst case scenario (from the perspective of We the Enlightened Inclusive People), Donald J. Trump’s boneheaded bigotry goes full blown Hitler… i.e., he commits genocide and America winds up lily white. Would that mean that he and his Klansmen and Nazi pals… from their perspective of course… could all live happily ever after?

Don’t count on it. If Trump had nobody left to vilify, how would that narcissist ever be able to continue drawing attention to himself / get suckers to suck up to him / get racists to rally around him / maintain his choke-hold on power?

Obviously, he would declare new Enemies of the State to “fine tune” HIS Master Race.

Little doubt he’d next target Democrats, Liberals, Intellectuals, Muslims, Jews, Feminists (and like-minded males), the LGBTQIA’s, the Aged and Infirm, the Left Handed and (factoring in his objectification of women / penchant for porn stars and playmates), perhaps everybody below a C-cup?

Hell, he could even order his underlings to hack into the data bases of genomics and biotechnology companies… i.e. to ferret out anyone who’s not a “perfect” 100% Caucasian?

If you find yourself saying, “Nah, that all sounds too farfetched. It’ll never happen!”… well… let’s just say that were theologian Martin Niemöller, still alive today, he’d shrewdly disagree by saying…

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”


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1619? 2020? WTF is the Diff?

Once again, police brutality has reared its ugly head, stateside. Jacob Blake has become the most recent (known) victim of bristling with testosterone, militant cops. Whenever these bastards unleash their bigoted hostility towards people of color… each time they use unwarranted, undue force… they earn the wrath of civilized citizens, everywhere, and, in this instance, that of Blake’s sister, Ms. Letetra Widman. In our above clip, she expresses her justifiable outrage and exasperation to expose a societal scourge, which gets backdated to August 20, 1619.

A Wikipedia essay further fleshes out America’s sordid past…

“In August 1619, the first recorded slaves from Africa to British North America arrived in what is now Old Point Comfort near the Jamestown colony, on a British privateer ship flying a Dutch flag. The approximately 20 Africans from the present-day Angola had been removed by the British crew from a Portuguese slave ship, the ‘São João Bautista’. They most likely worked in the tobacco fields as slaves under a system of race-based indentured servitude. The modern conception of slavery in the colonial United States was formalized in 1640 (the John Punch hearing) and was fully entrenched in Virginia by 1660.”

To state that in far less clinical terms, systemic brutality against people of color began when the first white asshole businessmen sold slaves to the first white asshole consumers.

The root word of consumer, consume, has several connotations but, check out the synonyms which best define the detrimental impact, which slavery had made on pre-American / present-day American society…

consume (verb): destroy, demolish, lay waste, wipe out, annihilate, devastate, gut, ruin, wreck

Daily Show’s anchorman / host Trevor Noah’s superbly nuanced, spot-on commentary says the rest…

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







10 Seconds of Near Lucidity

Five years ago, even Donald J. Trump had been able to muster a fleeting moment of lucidity re the Stars and Bars… even though, in my book, his chosen word “respect”, belongs nowhere near a discussion of the confederate flag.

With that in mind, I’ve expanded on this timely, related issue…

The early colonists / citizens of America, who had the audacity to enslave people of color should never escape history’s harsh judgment… be they American military geniuses, presidents, framers of constitutional passages or Confederate generals, plantation owners and secessionists.

Considering how enslavement is a crime against humanity, let’s all take the following one question multiple choice quiz…

What would be sufficient posthumous punishment for those who enslaved humanity?

a. scrubbing their names / stories from our history books
b. toppling and melting down their monuments
c. stripping their names off our maps / military bases
d. laundering paper currency to wash off their mugshots
e. all of the above

Hmm… let’s factor in the following wisdom…

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” – – – George Santayana

With that in mind…

Let’s promptly expose the inhumane within unflattering, tell-all history books, rebrand their statues “Monuments To Stupidity” and move them into Halls of Shame museums. As for maps, bases and currency, there’s no shortage of virtuous people, who’ve graced society throughout history. Let’s commemorate and venerate them, instead.

Re that aforementioned currency issue, let’s see what happens when fake prez Trump (who idolizes Andrew Jackson), experiences one of his all too frequent fits of bigotry and misogyny… so much so that he delayed the Treasury Department’s redesign of the $20 bill. Their original plan had been to replace slave owner Jackson’s mug with slave abolitionist Harriet Tubman’s countenance by 2020. Oh, btw, Trump believes the $2 bill would be more appropriate for Tubman. That suggests what? That Klansman Donald devalues her / deems her a 10% person?









Fortune Cookie Blog (Help Wanted Ads)


Why do Fascism’s vines choke out freedom? Why does bigotry suffocate
brotherhood? Why do clenched fists outnumber handshakes? Why does
contamination discolor clean green? Because informed electors, goodwill
ambassadors, diplomats & environmental stewards are oft in short supply.







Fortune Cookie Blog (ignorance)


Each day we witness destruction snuffing out Creation, militancy defeating
Diplomacy, bigotry trumping Brotherhood and hostility snubbing Amity. That’s
because ignorance swings the wrecking ball, tugs at the itchy trigger finger
and bedecks the body in white hooded robe, brown shirt and/or boxing gloves.






Donny CrappleSeed ~ 1 Quick Limerick #090


Dense Donny CrappleSeed, sows hatred’s seeds,
That germinate into invasive weeds,
Barbed with antisemitism,
Thorned with white supremacism,
Which choke out human and equal rights needs!




Political Expediency & NRA A+ Grades Trump Public Safety


Considering how 2019 has been averaging more than one incident of domestic terrorism per day… most recently in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH… it defies belief that the powers-that-be are doing nothing… absolutely nothing to rein in these reigns of terror. To date, their tough talk of restoring and keeping the peace has gone flaccid. Indeed, their promises made / promises broken record remains unbroken… and society remains broken.

Just how can that Oval Office Occupant and U.S. Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell even claim to represent the will of the people, when they whip their middle digits at…

• 60 percent of Americans, who favor stricter gun laws
• 97 percent of gun owners… gun owners mind you… who support universal background checks

• How is it that the National Rifle Association (NRA) always gets to call all the shots (oft literally)?
• What ever happened to representative government and majority rules?
• How the hell did we ever wind up with such a dysfunctional government?

Such present-day woes can be traced, in part, to two recent betrayals…

• The Electoral College dropouts failed to do their patriotic and Constitutional duty to prevent an amoral, autocratic, corrupt tycoon from getting sworn in on Inauguration Day 2017.

• The U.S. Senate remains loaded with right-wing extremists who shamelessly prioritize partisanship, political expediency and their NRA “A+” report cards over public safety. Compromised and co-opted, they, too, flat out refuse do their patriotic and Constitutional duty to remove the fake prez.

Ergo, here we stand by, helplessly, as we watch the unchecked, brown-shirted, white robed and white hooded ersatz prez galloping off on his high horse… going off an his rampaging racist crusade… sowing the seeds that can only sprout into a crop of unfit for human consumption hatred… i.e., the KKK and Nazi magnitude hatred that can only breed domestic terrorism.

So there he stoops… the soft on domestic terrorism “prez” who muddies the collective American conscience… who rips the heart and soul out of a once-upon-a-time great nation.

Election Day 2020 does seem to be America’s last chance to restore respectability and accountability to the Oval Office and U.S. Senate… but… seeing how an unregistered, un-American, “voter”… one Vladimir Putin… remains unchecked, too…